Chapter 30

Episode 1. Book 3: Escape – Chapter 10

The sky and ground turned red as the sunset.

The red light spread forebodingly in the tense atmosphere. Within the confines of the mountain ranges that surrounded this space, fires blazed across the landscape. Smoke emanated from all corners.

The flames seemed to follow a set path, spreading rapidly throughout the forest and the main square.

The widespread flames caused a strong updraft, scattering leaves all over the space. If one looked closely, a string of animal tendon-like rope connected the separate piles of dried leaves.

The fire rapidly advanced to various places following the lines, sparking new fires.

The monsters and beasts rushed towards San and Biyeon. Those in the front burst through the smoke. Low-flying beetles and poisonous lizards shot forward like bullets.

The larger monsters and beasts spread to the left and right, making an inverted V shape, before moving forward. Those with long-distance propelling stingers followed behind.

The stingers hissed as they passed San and Biyeon. Some of the stingers stuck to their thick clothes.

The beasts were meticulous and sophisticated in their movements as if they were commanded by someone remotely.

“Intelligent chunks of flesh! This is how it should be. Alright! Let’s bring an end to this fucking living hell!”

The two jumped into the violent swarm of monsters and beasts. They had to contend against them in one way or another. They needed to breakthrough. It was a magnificent struggle for freedom, for survival, for self-esteem, and for the choice to decide how to live their lives.

It was a war in the truest sense. They planned for war under their own free will. Now, the operation must be carried out.

San and Biyeon controlled their own destiny. Whether their opponents were humans, monsters, demons, or gods, if they stopped them, they would find a way to breakthrough.

San entered the fray from the right while Biyeon took the left. This battle would surely be an entertaining sight to see.

It was the first large-scale hunt in this space. The power and speed exhibited by both sides were something never seen before. San and Biyeon were also interested in the extent of their combat power. They needed to know their limits. They wanted to know the reality and extent of their combat strength. So, they agreed beforehand that this final war would be a regular war rather than a war through guerilla warfare.

It was the first ‘war’ they would fight based on their own free will.

Their opponent was the strongest ever in this experiment’s history.

The strongest monsters and beasts, the greatest number, and the inclusion of 13 summoned pairs… this was the strongest force seen in this place. 

Everything was mobilized to take their lives. There was no more experimentation. They threw everything, whether they swam, ran, or flew, at the two.

Poison, chemical warfare, medium and long-range weapons, etc.



San leapt into the air like a lion. Biyeon quickly changed directions like a small bird, kicking and turning to the side.


The 10 Algons in the front line instantly fell to the ground with their knees slashed below them.

The cone-shaped Alpin heads scattered into the air all at once as a blade slashed through.

San continued forward without hesitation, stepping on the heads and torsos of the beasts while jumping from one location to another. With every step, the heads started exploding like firecrackers in his wake.

Their brilliant movements spread across all directions. They hit their enemies with the hilt of their swords, cut with the tip of their blades, and crushed with their elbows, knees, and toes.

Heads burst due to severe kicks, and spines broke due to the tips of their toes. Torsos started tumbling over as their legs were taken out underneath them.

Blunt forces crushed the monsters and beasts’ heads and bodies while quick slashes dismembered them. When one person slashed horizontally, the other slashed vertically.

The two moved from left to right and then from right to left, crossing each other vertically and horizontally. In a narrow passage, a group of beasts grouped together to block San and Biyeon’s advancement.

They hadn’t seen these monsters before. The monsters were set to only appear after the 250th mission.




Behemoths and monsters appeared on all sides, surrounding San and Biyeon. The two didn’t hesitate. They advanced forward.

Their tremendous speed caused hissing sounds to ring in their ears. Their slashes revolved brilliantly around them as they moved.

They swept 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, attacking all directions like a sprocket rotating on an axis. In their surroundings, beasts fell down helplessly like straw.

Huge chunks of flesh flew into the air and fell onto the ground. A river of purple blood flowed in the battlefield. From all four corners, the roars of newly summoned monsters and beasts combined with the screams and last gasps of the fallen.

They still had plenty of stamina. The two constantly ran. They killed whatever they saw, shattering heads and dismembering bodies.

All of these fake lives… these fake lives that seemed to breathe… these cursed things that came back to life after being killed over and over again… they were now disappearing.

They could see the end of their despair. Today’s the day. The day of days.

They took a curious course ahead. It looked as if San and Biyeon were moving based on a predetermined course. In the midst of slaughtering the beasts and advancing, they were following the places marked with number marks and arrow signs.

Upon reaching the target location, they ignited a batch of bamboo spears.

The cloth tied at the end of each bamboo spear ignited immediately, making a ‘chee-’ sound like striking a match. 

Dozens of bamboo spears flew like rockets with a roar. Some stuck onto the upper parts of the bamboo forest, some penetrated the monsters and beasts, and some were stuck in other marked areas. The ringing sounds of explosions rang across the entire space. Branches swung violently or were blown off completely while leaves fell to the ground.

The heat created more wind. The fierce heat was consuming the entire forest.

Blood flowed on the ground. The various fuse lines were still burning on the ground, splitting in various directions, and spreading throughout the forest.

The two slowed their pace. On the narrow road leading to their pit, thirteen pairs of summoned humans blocked their way.

Their faces were stained with madness. The nectar they drank beforehand had fully engulfed their spirits. Thirteen pairs of combat machines encircled the two.

While holding their weapons up in a battle stance, their eyes burned with the desire for blood. The two hardened their expressions. These were people like themselves, with familiar, recognizable clothing, but they possessed a non-human atmosphere.

The first pair smiled and stepped forward. Others blocked San and Biyeon’s retreat. The first pair’s attack began without prior warning but was unrushed.

Both sides were exploring, using delay tactics. They were all pros in battle.

While avoiding the first pair’s attacks, San and Biyeon’s expressions hardened again. San’s eyes flashed with anger. Biyeon clenched her teeth.

They had met other humans for the first time in this world. How did these humans change so much? Did they really want to give up their will and live for others?

Biyeon looked at San with a gruesome expression on her face.

He shook his head. The energy of the two changed rapidly.

The two stepped back. A halo formed around their bodies. The opponents jumped back before lunging forward at the two.

San countered their attack easily and lunged forward. He grinned at them.

“Now, rest…”

His sword arched towards his attackers. The torque and destruction of his sword was tremendous. His swing smashed their opponents’ blades and continued toward their bodies.

San’s sword entered into the other’s shoulder blade, passed his shoulders, and continued down his chest until it finally exited the bottom corner of the other’s body. The enemy fell to the ground with purple blood gushing everywhere.

The fallen enemy was looking at the sky and blinked his eyes. The enemy turned its head and looked at San. The enemy opened and closed his mouth as if trying to relay some parting words. However, the focus quickly disappeared from his eyes. It looked like he was smiling.

Biyeon muttered while looking at the woman she had cut in two.

“Silly bitch. In the end… to be like this…”

The two were now walking slowly.

Extreme anger could be seen on their faces. A tear was forming in the corner of Biyeon’s eyes.

“Sons of…” muttered San.

“Go to hell!” shouted Biyeon.

In front of them, the remaining summoned grouped together. The two walked towards the group. A group battle began. It was 12 against 1, a seemingly one-sided battle. 

The summoned were walking to their deaths.

It was like two enraged lions slaughtering twelve newborn puppies. In terms of speed, destructive power, and flexibility, they were no match for San and Biyeon.

Their swords moved slowly. Their attacks had nothing behind them. The summoned individuals had their swords, armor, and body ripped apart at the same time. San seemingly attacked all twelve in the blink of an eye. It was like the twelve were struck by a bomb, dismantling and disintegrating instantaneously.

Biyeon freely rotated 360 degrees with incredible speed. She dismembered the opponent by going up, down, left, and right. It was like the opponents were walking into a meat slicer. She beautifully danced around, spinning like a top.

In a very short time, all the summoned were scattered around, waiting for Nil and Null's resurrection. At least… if the fire didn’t get to them first and burn their bodies…

The day was getting dark. San stood tall on the narrow path.

A large shadow blocked the light. Something huge was approaching. He raised his head. Biyeon tilted her head and muttered,


“The Hawk mentioned that it was the strongest monster in this place, right?”

“Yes. It looks terrible.”

“It’s definitely not a pretty sight.”

In front of them was a giant centipede with crustacean-like armor and long hairs spiking all over its body. It was over five meters tall and thirty meters long. There were two heads in the front and one in the back. The heads were spewing a poisonous cloud. Its legs were long, and the body was extremely flexible. Each node on its body seemed to be able to rotate 360 degrees.

Hundreds of sharp legs and whip-like tentacles moved brilliantly in sync, occupying a space thirty meters wide. It blocked any progress forward. Apparently, the tentacles were poisonous.

It was the ultimate boss monster.

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