Chapter 212

The two ran across Sirid Square. They were headed for Siluone’s nest. The ground below them shook furiously. The landscape was changing before their eyes. Here and there in the square, structures started coming through the ground.

Freed from his restrictions, Loki shot up towards the air and roared aloud. In the brief time that he was attacked, he lost one eye and critically injured his heart. His heart had undergone a chemical change. Regardless, Loki brought up all his energy as he raised his hands above his head.

The Original Being’s endowed skill, magic. It was the first time he was using his given skill within this world. Two spears suddenly formed beside him. One was enwrapped in flames while the other was enwrapped in ice. The ice spear instantly took off after it was fully formed and crossed the distance towards Biyeon using dimensional movement. It exploded onto Biyeon’s backpack. Like a kite that had its string cut off, Biyeon lifelessly tumbled onto the ground. The fire spear moved towards San with condensed, pressurized wind propelling it forward. It soon landed on San’s back. A large shockwave reverberated outward from the strike. As the shockwave passed his body, San’s bones started to break and shatter. San’s body was carried forward by the aftershock. His body soon crashed into the ground. However, San hit the ground and flung himself towards Biyeon.

The second and third waves of spears were also sent out. An ice spear had landed squarely on Biyeon’s left leg. Her leg swung like a rag doll as the bones within her leg were broken. With both hands on the ground, Biyeon started crawling forward. San, who was rushing towards Biyeon, was struck with another fire spear. Sparks of blue and red shot out from his back. Like a lifeless doll, San started tumbling on the ground. The two had already expended all their energy, so they did not have any remaining options or choices.

San got up. He stumbled his way towards Biyeon and sat down beside Biyeon. He held her hand. Biyeon’s entire body was frozen over. She shook from the freezing cold as fire plumed from San’s body. The two met eyes. Biyeon’s blue lips parted a little as she gave a weak smile. San was using all his strength to push down the lump of blood that was coming up his throat.

“It’s… really… cold.”

“I’m… pretty toasty…”

Loki, who was about to rush towards the two, momentarily stopped and widened his remaining good eye. The ground below the two started to lift as a door appeared. Nakun and Siluone made their appearance. They had frowns on their faces. Nakun was tensely observing Loki as Siluone quickly approached the two.


Loki roared out with frustration and anger. However, he was no longer able to bring out any more of his energy. He looked down onto his chest. From the center of his chest, a web of cracks, like a crumbling cookie, spread out. With a tired expression, Loki slumped onto the ground. The life in his eye was slowly dimming. For a moment, he met Satan’s eyes. Satan was shaking her head. Loki’s arms fell to his side.


A scream like thunder roared across the square. From the air, Senun and his side’s sages were plowing through the line that was formed by the magic dragon side’s sages. Siluone looked at Loki and then Satan before she gestured something with her finger. The ground opened beneath San and Biyeon and brought them downward. The two were still firmly holding hands.

The entrance of Siluone’s nest closed behind her. Her defenses were up and running at full power once again. Now, no one would be able to enter her nest. Right when this was happening, Senun arrived at the square and shouted out at the top of his lungs. Nakun stood in front of Senun, blocking his way forward. A ferocious fire roared within Senun’s eyes.

“I asked you constantly, Nakun, Siluone! You fools! You’ve ruined everything!” Senun said with an exasperated expression.

“Senun, everything has been concluded. Did you really want to create a vaccine?” Nakun coldly replied.

All the sages gathered around the two. The square had turned into a staring contest between the two sides. However, everyone knew that the war was over. With the two humans entering the magic dragon’s true body, no one would be able to do anything. There was nothing to be gained from the two sides fighting against each other.

“You’ve fallen for their trap!” Senun shouted out in utter frustration. His eyes were still reeling with anger.

“What?” Nakun unconsciously asked. He didn’t know what Senun meant.

“You’ve cleanly lost, foolish friend.”

“To who?”

“To who? Of course, to those two humans. Now, we must all make our choices, like what those two wanted from the start. I told you from the start, those two humans are tricky and subversive. I didn’t imagine that they’d forcefully go through Loki and rush head-first toward Siluone.”

“Can you explain clearly?” Satan asked from Senun’s side.

“Satan?” Senun narrowed his eyes.

“Yes. I’ve changed my appearance and body shape, so you probably didn’t recognize me. It’s been a long time, King of Sages, Senun.”

“You were here, too?”

“This affects me as well. Shall we discuss in earnest now, Senun? Or shall I call you Master!”

“You already knew?”

“It wasn’t hard to tease it out. It must have been hard for you to have both feet in different camps. You were the one who started the evolution process. And you were also the one who was vehemently against evolution. You’re also the restart system that the Creator put in place,” Satan calmly stated. Senun gave a bitter expression.

“The Master was someone who had to balance the forces of the world. If I recall correctly, I’ve helped your side out tremendously throughout this time as well, no? I did all the live experiments, and I also developed the Nectar and the distribution channels. I also relayed all the information about those two over to you guys, right?” Senun coldly retorted. Satan’s lips curled upward.

“Then, why did you try to stab us in the back? And why the secrecy…” Satan asked.

“Do you think I have some overwhelming power that allows me to jump through dimensional space?” 

Even if he was the Master…

“Since you possess the Sage’s Book, you probably can if you wanted,” Satan said, cutting Senun off mid-sentence.


“Personally, I always thought that you’d be our greatest enemy. Though you had directly created hardships for the Creator, you acted as if you were trying to make it up as the Creator’s dutiful servant sage,” Satan continued.

“Thanks for the compliment,” Senun said with a condescending smile. Satan shook her head.

“Alright! Since we’ve brought each side’s identity and intentions to light, let’s continue our discussions. We don’t have much time. Turn back! If we fight amongst ourselves, it doesn’t help or serve anyone. We both know that you have positive sentiments towards evolution,” Satan stated.

Senun exasperatingly shook his head as he spoke, “It’s like you say. We’re too late. Furthermore, I no longer hold any decision-making power in this matter.”

“Then who does?”

“The two humans that just entered Siluone’s stomach.”

“What are you going on about?” Satan asked as she scrunched her face together. Senun looked at Satan with a bitter expression before stating, “You weren’t the first to state that I’m the Master.”


“Those two already had that idea three years ago. They said they had their doubts when goddess Diana was on their tails as soon as they left Pian. Furthermore, they were sure of their presumption when they were pushed towards entering the Forbidden Grounds. Afterward, they entered the capital and gained substantiating information and knowledge to prove their guesses. Once they knew, they acted swiftly with resolve. They’re fearless. They’re also highly unpredictable. They chose to attack while everything was in the full swing of a building phase.”


Senun continued, “Their first target was me. Thanks to that, the structures and processes that I developed and cultivated over the past thousands of years were lost in the blink of an eye. They also destroyed all my labs except for one. Hence, I had to reach a compromise with them. If not, all my sages would have been killed. If my mobile base was destroyed, it would take me at least two hundred years to get something operational up and running again.” 

Senun spoke while grinding his teeth. Satan’s eyes grew round. Nakun’s jaw dropped down. With a shaking voice, Nakun asked, “You went through all that? However, even if that is so, what could those two possibly do now? Based on the readings we have, they’re on the cusp between life and death. If they’re a problem, we can just end their lives right now, right?”

“You’ve succumbed to so many of their attacks, yet you still think so simplistically? That’s why… they’re tricky, subversive humans. They planned out a chaotic gamble that would allay the fears of even the most cautious magic dragon, Siluone.”

“Then…” Nakun stuttered.

“Furthermore, they even forcefully brought me here to stand as if I was part of their side. Do you think all this happened by chance?” Senun asked.

“You mean, they planned all of this?”

Nakun could not truly believe what he was hearing. His expression was also filled with doubt.

“I believe so. Let me show you the information those two sent me twenty days ago. I originally didn’t believe them but seeing as how they used their powers to dominate over Loki, I have no other alternative but to believe what they say. Look at this and conclude for yourself.”

Senun took out the message that was sent to him through a spirit. It was a form of video. Through Senun, the gathered could clearly see and hear what was being conveyed in the message.

The image they saw was of a mountain in the northern hemisphere, near the north pole. The two carried a small bottle that held a little bit of their blood. The bottle also had a bit of Nectar and the vaccine that they had manufactured. They then spoke a few words to a spirit that was on the back of one of their hands. Then, the image changed. The next scene was of an enormous explosion. Satan and Nakun’s jaws dropped.

“A mushroom cloud… a nuclear bomb!”

“This is high divine level… magic!”

“Now do you understand the predicament that Siluone is in? If the two detonate themselves from within her stomach, Siluone will be no more. It wouldn’t be safe for us either. Whether you choose to believe me or not is your choice.”

Senun stopped speaking. A gentle aura emanated out of Senun. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on him. The spirit’s aura remained on the back of Senun’s hand.

“This was the message that they left behind. It’s probably a call to force us to come to the negotiating table, right?” Senun said in a flat voice.

At that moment, the spirit on the back of his hand relayed another message. A clear voice rang out from the back of Senun’s hand.

[Master? Did you eat the shit I sent over to you?]


[Now that you all know what we have… I’ll be stating my requests. Make sure to clean out your ears and listen carefully.]

“Ugh…” someone groaned as another coughed aloud.

[First, Siluone will relinquish control over the Nectar that she’s placed in our bodies. Second, you will provide us with the dragon’s medicine to extend Biyeon’s termination deadline clause for the next fifty years. Third, we shall sign an agreement ensuring each other’s safety and a procedure to verify that each other’s safety is maintained. We’ll consider all the information that you’ve collected from our recent battles as our payment in full. You have thirty minutes to decide. After thirty minutes, we’ll automatically explode.]

“No way…” Nakun said with a groan.

[If the latter is chosen, then Senun and this good for nothing slithering bitch will be vaporized along with us. We have no regrets. Just so you know, we titled this operation “Dragon Ball”. Don’t feel bad that you didn’t come up with the name.]

As if an abyss had opened, total silence ensued. Occasionally, one could hear someone audibly gulping.

“Why didn’t you warn us earlier?” Nakun asked with a meek voice. It was as if his soul had left his body.

“I did tell you. Didn’t you question my intentions? Didn’t I tell you that I’d be here to protect Siluone?” Senun said with a cold chuckle.

“That…” Nakun said before drifting his words.

“I think our race lacks trust,” Senun continued. 

“Can’t we send them out now?” Satan asked. Her eyes were lit with fury.

“Do you think Siluone would agree? I would agree to all their requests. But do you think those tricky bastards would act so straightforwardly?” Senun explained.

“So, what do you propose?” Satan asked.

“I know what I’ll do. I need those two,” Senun responded.

“Do you think we’ll agree to that?” Nakun said as strength returned to his eyes.

“Then you leave me no choice but to settle this through violence. Anyway, in the end, the conclusion will be the same.”

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