Chapter 210

“The problem is time.”

“They can’t wait for reinforcements, either.”

“Everything will end by tonight or, at the latest, tomorrow morning.”

The day was growing dark. A dark cloudiness was also growing on the human warriors’ expressions. They felt utter despair. Hanyoung felt that the human forces needed to make a final stand. Was he about to forgo the Porato citizens and city to set a line further back? For someone who had to consider the empire and emperor’s well-being, Hanyoung could not easily decide. In the end, Hanyoung understood that he himself had to fall back. He had no other choice. A sickening sense of powerlessness and humiliation swept over him.


Hanyoung’s eyes started to glimmer. Donghwee stood straight up. Gihoon had already made his way to the top of an outlook tower.

“Are all the enemies retreating? Why?”


Satan observed the development with her arms crossed. Nakun was also observing the larger picture. Siluone silently stared at the two human figures on the main screen without saying a word.

All three were relatively quiet, exchanging only the fewest of words. Perhaps the three were still in shock regarding what just happened. The newfound reality and common sense that they established just a few days ago was blown away in an instant. Their initial curiosity was now turning into dread.

“I thought they were just a blip, but they’re the real thing. Aren’t they tremendous humans? They've already passed the 8th Stage of Acceleration.”

“I can’t see the limit of their combat power. They may have reached the limit of their physical stamina, but I’m not sure if I should even be confident about that.”

“Loki… what are you thinking?” Satan murmured as she shook her head. A clear expression of irritation was written all over her face. The two humans had virtually flipped the entire chessboard. Satan could no longer pursue her previous plans, so she was flummoxed. Her plan, which she had been developing for hundreds of years, had a giant hole poked through it and was now essentially rendered useless. Beside her, Nakun stated in a low voice, “We’ve taken on too much damage.”

“What did those two do during the 48-hour window when we didn’t know of their whereabouts? And why did the gods create communication static during that time…?”

“Senun… that fucker! Why did he… at this critical moment…” Nakun said while audibly grinding his teeth. For someone who was always calm and collected, for Nakun, this was an emotional outburst of the first order.

On the dragon’s side, roughly 20% of their two thousand sages had been killed in the last few days alone. Another 10% was currently being eliminated. This was all due to San and Biyeon. Even if they went against one of the most powerful Awakened warriors in the world, their sustained loss wouldn’t be even close to this figure. They were literally being ‘routed’. How did it come to this!

Nakun gazed at the developments in the west. Heartbreakingly, roughly 50% of all the dragon side’s sages were held up in that location. Senun was already in that area. Next to him were six hundred sages that had not chosen to evolve. They were closely looking at the developments occurring in Sirid Square and were prepared to jump in at any moment if need be. Senun and his sages all wore blue and were lined up next to each other. Opposite Senun’s forces were another group of sages, all wearing purple. These were the magic dragon’s sages, who were cautiously holding the line against Senun and his forces' movement toward Sirid Square. 

Nakun made a bitter expression. He had not had any success with his old friend, Senun. Satan’s expectation was correct in this regard. She had stated that Senun would fight to the bitter end to maintain a balance in the world. As such, rather than joining forces with Nakun, Senun officially stated that he and his forces would intervene against Nakun if the situation became too one-sided.

As a co-leader of all sages, Senun stated that he had the right to make his own decision. Thus, he requested three things as a condition for him to join Nakun’s side.

First, any and all actions against the two humans, San and Biyeon, had to be cleared by Senun. Second, Senun requested to receive the same information that Siluone had access to regarding the two humans. Third, after full reviewing and analysis of the data regarding the two humans, they should be captured alive and handed over to Senun. Of course, Nakun and his side had no reason to accept Senun’s requests. Furthermore, they were requests that could not be accepted. No matter how powerful a leader was, one was not supposed to intervene in another’s actions. It was an unspoken rule among the sages and other higher-level beings in the world. 

However, Senun stated that his offer of assistance wasn’t to fight with Nakun and his side but to protect Siluone and keep her safe. Senun was stating that the magic dragon Siluone, and her true body at that, needed protection? At that time, Nakun thought Senun was outrightly lying to his face.

Nakun had been greatly puzzled by Senun’s actions, as Nakun knew that Senun, a sage, shouldn’t be able to tell any lies. Thus, after hearing what Senun had to say, Nakun had immediately approached Siluone to convey what he had heard. Where did Senun get the idea that the two humans could be able to hurt Siluone? How did he come to that conclusion? Nakun also wondered why the always calm and collected Senun had rushed to him with these requests. Senun had acted as if he was at his wit's end. At that time, Nakun could not understand Senun’s behavior at all.

Nakun turned his head towards the various monitors. His precious followers and children were being slaughtered. He ground his teeth. However, Nakun slowly closed his eyes and tried to forget what was happening. Nakun could hear Siluone’s shouts and cries next to him. Though her cries were brutal, they were also very honestly conveying her true feelings…

“This doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe this! See! I told you! They’ve been hiding their true powers all along! Oh! This data is the best present for our future sages! It’s better to sacrifice the sages now to collect this data! We can always make more sages!”

Siluone was constantly reviewing the stream of incoming data. Her body shook as she scanned the data with excitement. She was crazily excited.

An unimaginable amount of data had started pouring in once the two humans started their fight with the sages. The flood of data came in through her various network channels. She was able to gain how the two had created their new skills, what foundational principles were used to create the skills, how their Awakened statuses increased their combat and other powers, and thousands of small changes that occurred to allow their bodies to conform to the requirements of awakening…

This was only the tip of the iceberg. The two had already gone beyond the 7th Stage of Acceleration and were entering into the 8th Stage of Acceleration from time to time. It seemed that their powers had no upper limit or boundary. The data collected from the two’s advancement through the Acceleration stages were something that the dragons had craved for the last ten thousand years. Siluone felt that she had now found the key to open up an entirely new world.

Though Siluone was excited, the dragons were not. They knew that the sages had an upper limit of the 7th Stage of Acceleration, so the sages would be no match for the two humans. This was the exact reason why the dragons had entered into an agreement with the Original Beings. However, with this newfound information, the dragons would be able to develop a much more formidable and powerful force. Though a dragon’s true body possessed formidable defensive capabilities, it could not easily move. Additionally, the mobile sages, who worked under dragons, were increasingly growing useless, as they were comparable to the humans’ Awakened Warriors. Thus, the dragons had never succeeded in overwhelming and taking over the world from human society. However, now, finally, they had obtained information that would allow them to transcend the barriers and rules that the Creator had implemented into the world.

“It’s not enough to just have this information! We need to get their physical bodies! Bring them in alive at all costs! We can’t lose them to Senun!” Siluone shouted out.

Satan continued to nervously monitor the development of the ongoing fight through the various screens. Siluone immediately ordered the retreat of the sages and monsters that were not slated to attack San and Biyeon. She had decided to consolidate her forces and focus on dominating San and Biyeon with everything she possessed. 

Thus, the battle between the humans and monsters had abruptly stopped. This moment of retreat gave the human side a breather and allowed them to reinforce their defenses and troops. Senun did not budge. He remained in his westward position with his forces. The magic dragon side’s sages that were opposite to Senun had also not moved. 

Everyone’s eyes naturally turned towards one place, a place where two humans seemingly danced with the sunset’s red rays shining down upon them. It was a beautiful yet desperate dance. The eastern skies were filled with dark rain clouds, as if it would rain at any moment. 

A question suddenly popped into Satan’s head. It was such an obvious question, but she had not considered it before now.

‘They’re fighting an uphill battle with no chance of survival. They should also know what a dragon’s true body can do… However, why are those two desperately fighting for their lives? Why did they come here? Was this their only choice? What did they want to convey to Siluone?’ Satan shook her head before continuing her thoughts, ‘It must be their pride as warriors. That would make the most sense for those two.’

Satan glanced at the chart that Siluone had unraveled and placed before them before the start of the fight. She then nodded her head. Satan could clearly see how the human consciousness would understand and process what was happening to them at this moment.

‘A warrior’s pride, sacrifice, thankfulness and comradery, love between the two…’ Satan then moved her gaze towards the two humans fighting on the screen. Satan gave a tired yet satisfied expression.

‘Loki… I guess the remaining last bit of work won’t be too hard on you. That’s a relief.’

However, Satan had just missed a string of data that had momentarily blipped on the screen, which related to a certain pattern… the chaos at the beginning of time and rebirth…

Confrontation – Chapter 9

“Are those… the two?” Donghwee asked. Though he quietly spoke, his voice quivered. Gihoon turned his gaze towards the direction Donghwee was referring to. 

“Yes, it’s them.”

The two of them could easily make out the two humans and why they would be the ones they were referring to.

At that place, another, hidden, war was breaking out. It was a war that went beyond the comprehension of Donghwee and Gihoon, the pinnacle of the human side’s Awakened warriors. Including Hanyoung, the three opened their senses to the max. They quickly realized that there was no way for them to intervene in the war. The war was too violent and overwhelmingly powerful. It was also beautiful. However, it was too late.

The entirety of humanity rested on the shoulders of those two, who were encircled by an army of powerful beings and monsters. The monsters that Donghwee and Gihoon had been fighting were now surrounding the two humans. 

For Donghwee and Gihoon, there was no way to approach San and Biyeon. The path had already been. Blocked by a wall of monsters. The two were forging their own path. They were sweeping away whatever was in front of them and cutting down all that were pursuing them from behind. 

As the sun set below the horizon, as if being consumed bit by bit, the two were fighting against their salted fate and creating their own path. However, their path was blocked by a plethora of beings, from monsters and sages to blood demons and Councilors. The two were crushing through these beings and slowly advancing forward.

“Who the hell said they were at the 7th Stage of Acceleration?” Gihoon mumbled.

“There’s no way they’re only at the 7th Stage of Acceleration. I’ll bet anyone!” Donghwee commented as he shook his head.

The two, San and Biyeon, captured everyone’s attention. 

Their movements had structure, form, and power. There was prestige yet wildness in their movement. However, no matter where they moved or how they got there, their movements seemed fluid and continuous.

San and Biyeon were using everything in their arsenal. They weren’t holding anything back. It was a justifying action to the last battle that they would face. 


With a Whoosh sound, everything within a 5-meter radius around San and Biyeon instantly started wobbling. It was as if they had been struck by lightning. Six sages and five Councilors lifelessly crumbled onto the ground. Their bodies swayed forward together, as if they were all caught by an ocean’s wave.


With a slicing sound, the six sages were instantly beheaded and fell helplessly to the ground. Nine different blades swung inward from a ten-meter radius towards San and Biyeon. The sages that were just outside the radius widened their eyes with surprise and fear. The two humans had swung their swords outward, but the sages had been beheaded from the backs of their necks. What kind of skill was this?


San turned round and round as he sent sword strikes upward. Purplish, wine-colored sword strikes started appearing above him. With the sunset’s last rays hitting the sword strikes, rainbow colors started to emerge. The sages caught within a twenty-meter radius of San instantly had their limbs chopped off. Twenty-three enemies were instantly immobilized. San and Biyeon were using the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions to find the shortest distance to attack their enemies. They had calculated the vectors within these dimensions and sent out the most effective attacks. 

Like tiny ants being crushed by human hands, the sages and Councilors were eliminated easily without being able to put up a fight.

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