Chapter 201

“The seed itself is a sad existence as it is created with the fate of opposing itself. It exists in the deepest and darkest places. It rips itself to pieces and destroys its own ego. As if that wasn’t enough, it seeks to destroy its own existence. It tries to become something other than it is. It’s a little different from the properties of Nectar, right?”

“It’s written with the codes of ‘suicide’ and ‘variation’?” Siluone asked in a mumble.

Satan shook her head. She then looked at the group of data sets that Nakun had previously stated as ‘trash’.

“Let me tell you the true name of that pile of ‘trash’. It’s a critical component of the system that the logical world operates under.”

Satan instructed Siluone to bring up the other summoners' data on one part of the screen and the collection of ‘trash’ data on the other.

A variety of status windows popped up. Satan picked out four patterns. The four patterns weren’t previously named.

“That line of code is called ‘sacrifice’. Can you make out the difference between this and that summoner’s code who chose to commit suicide?”

“That is ‘forgiveness’. Can you differentiate this code from unfairness and irrationality?”

“That is ‘pity’. Try to differentiate that with ‘pride’ if you can.”

“That is ‘insemination’. How come you guys didn’t differentiate it with ‘falsification’?”

Nakun and Siluone focused on the patterns Satan was referring to.

“Alright. You’ve seen and heard what I just said. Why do you think I named these properties as such?”

Nakun and Siluone stood speechless while blinking their eyes. They looked like students who were being chewed out for not completing their assignments.

“Wait, I don’t see a difference in patterns between the two parts of the screen. Are you making fun of us?” Siluone cried out. 

Satan coldly chuckled before responding, “That’s right. There’s no difference. Both properties possess the same essence, so they can't be differentiated.”

“Then what’s the issue?”

“The difference doesn’t lay in the essence but the reason for taking on those actions. For the benefit of others? Or the benefit of oneself? I believe the human data collected by sages mainly fall in the realm of self-centered and self-benefiting humans.”

“Are you then saying that the reason for those two to live is for the benefit of others?”

“Yes. It’s very rare. It’s like seeing a crumbled, used up human. They have made a mockery of themselves, sacrificed themselves, and have donated their own lives. They’ve entered a phase of ‘rebellion’. In that phase, they’re producing a tremendous amount of stress, and thus, energy.”

“For what purpose?” Siluone cried out. Nakun shook his head.

“For others to be happy,” Satan simply replied. Another round of deep silence fell upon the room.

“What do they obtain? Isn’t it something that makes them feel good anyway?”

“It’s the path that they chose. Do you think it’s an easier path to feel good than the alternatives?”


“Close your eyes and open your heart. Focus on the essence. This is what an existence does in essence when transacting with another existence. The effect and reward are larger because nothing is expected in return. That’s the rule to this world’s stupid Awakening game. This world’s Awakening game is a feedback system where one is recognized as much as one recognizes others. However, what the two of them have done is do this on a perpetual loop. Furthermore…”

Satan switched her attention to a chart on the screen.

“If things continue in that fashion, the monstrous and destructive energy levels that can’t even be gauged will come about. The heavens and earth will be flipped. No one can stop that. Those who are only concerned about themselves can never even consider that level of power. Those selfish people have invested in ‘possessions’ rather than ‘existences.’ That’s why most humans can’t Awaken, let alone enter the Creator’s world. Their ‘existences’ have already been crumpled beyond repair. No matter how much they pray or cry, they’ll never be able to connect with the Creator. Humans throw money to try and resolve this issue. Stupid humans…”

Satan stopped speaking for a moment and focused on the screen.

“However, those two named San and Biyeon…”

She gulped down hard as if she felt her throat suddenly become parch

“Surprisingly, those two humans knew the rules of the game. Look! There’s ‘trust’… look, ‘distrust’ is quantified as zero. Is that believable? Even I could never…”

Satan stopped speaking once more and rubbed her eyes. The corners of her eyes were beginning to get wet. A deathly silence ensued.

“Then, is there a chance that they’ve already connected with the Creator?” Siluone cautiously asked.

“It’s possible…”


“The Creator may arrive earlier than what we projected. Also, he’d be in possession of a foolproof vaccine to our Nectar.”

“Then our Nectar…”

“The Nectar will either follow Siluone’s plan or succumb to those humans’ will. It’ll be a war of wills.”

“A war? You jest.”

“So, you’re that confident, Magic Dragon Siluone?!”

“I’ll agree that those two humans are a bit special. However, they’re no match for me who has existed for the last 10,000 years. Also, the Nectar that is contracted to me has a tremendous amount of potential power. The Nectar will follow my will.”

“Is there about 90 days left until the termination deadline is reached? How much time do you need?” Satan asked.

“It’ll be too late if we wait after the termination deadline takes effect. I need you to bring them to me within the next 30 days. Any later than that will be too late. Also, it’s impossible for me to connect with her after the termination deadline clause takes effect.”

“Do you need to connect with her directly?”

“That’s what it’s come to. Dam and Tuk died, so I’m having to do a lot of their work.”

“Are you sure you’re secure and safe?”

“I’m not stupid.”

“That’s reassuring.”

Before leaving, Satan looked at Siluone one last time.

“What, do you have something more to say, Satan?”

“Since I’m already here, I do have one request…”

“What is it?”

“You said that there’s a child born from the genetic material of those two humans, right?”

“Yeah. His name is ‘Hon’. Why?”

“Give him to me.”

“That child is an important specimen in our experiment. Don’t you know?”

“I know. That’s why I need him. It’s not good if he doesn’t socialize, right?”

“Well, as long as you bring him back whenever we need to conduct our experiments, it should be fine for you to take him.”

“I promise. Thank you. And… once you capture those two, are you planning on creating more offspring from their genetic material?”

“Of course. The evolutionary level of their cells is far in advance from the time we created ‘Hon’. I’m expecting that the Nectar fueled evolved cells may be their perfectly evolved form. We may also find surprising antibodies as well.”

“Among the blood demons, are there any that can procreate? Are they still not able to?” Satan asked. Siluone’s expression crumpled.

“No, insemination doesn’t even work. Also, the blood demon’s body itself is too unstable.”

“I guess there’s no other way to increase their population than to capture more humans and evolve them through Nectar.”

“We’ll be able to round up a lot of humans through this war. We’ve already collected over 100,000 human slaves in the southern cities.”

“Regardless, we need results soon. We need a race that can procreate and fight against any antibodies or vaccines. I believe that ‘Hon’ might provide hope in this endeavor. His genetic material may become the new version of humans that we desire. I feel like the chances are high. He is a boy, right?”


“Good,” Satan said with a smile.


“It's pretty badly damaged. It’s hard to even make out the outlines.”

“Is this really the place? No matter how I look, this place seems to have been ravaged by something like an earthquake…”

“Then, was it that other mountain…”

Biyeon tilted her head as she scratched it. San, who had been following close behind, slowly hinged back and forth as he stopped mid-air next to Biyeon.

The two had climbed to the top of a large mountain in the northern tip of the continent. They were at least 7,000 meters above sea level. Amongst the year-round snowcap and ice, they started looking around. Below them, they could see thousands of other mountains.

The problem was…

“It’s too vast…”

“There seems to be no end.”

“Do you really need to find that place today?”

“We need to do it when we have the time.”

“Hmm, the day’s already getting dark. Why don’t we rest a little?”

“Let’s look around that area over there first.”

Biyeon rushed down the side of the mountain. Though the oxygen levels were low in this rarified air, her movements were quick. San clicked his tongue as he followed close behind.

San’s eyes were still full of energy, but his body gestures and movement seemed to allude to a general sense of tiredness. A shade of black still hung around his eyes.

‘I’m scared of the night.’

Though they were joking around and pleasantly conversing with each other, they were constantly on the lookout for their target with a fierce vigor and focus. They knew that the other side already had the means to trick their vision with holograms and other such technology.

Whenever they stayed in place, even for a moment, they would leave a few ghosts and spirits around the area. They were placing a bunch of spirits and ghosts that would confuse the gods’ senses.


The cemetery in Sirid Square, where Siluone resided, was under heavy construction. Due to the sudden earthquake and typhoon winds a while ago, much of the cemetery had been uprooted or its structures toppled over. An area the diameter of three kilometers had become a complete disaster zone.

People had trembled in fear at that time as they considered the disaster as God’s wrath. Thanks to this, the various temples’ apostles and priests were busy visiting the public and engaging in relief and evangelism activities.

There was a strange tension in the northern city of Porato City, which sat adjacent to the east of Sirid Square. A large whirling tornado had deposited a fine layer of gray dust, a mix of ash and dirt, on the entire city center, which turned into a gray city, and the vast surrounding mountains.

“It’s almost become a city of death,” Dongye commented as he clicked his tongue. He was fully armed. On his shoulder, a bronze coat of arms indicating the mark of the Dong-Myung Clan was shining brightly.

“It is said that all the drinking water has become polluted and epidemic diseases are spreading. Additionally, more than half the population has fled the city. It’s a terrible landscape. How did a city so beautiful get to this point?” Dongyoung stated in agreement.

“What is the situation above Porato City?”

“According to those who escaped, it has become a paradise for monsters. Almost every city and territory in the north has been destroyed.”

“What about the Essen estate?”

“I heard it’s better over there. Their defenses are so sturdy that they won’t easily collapse, but the problem will be food. I think it will be difficult even for them to hold on for more than three months.”

“Are they short on food? Aren’t they the richest place in the North?”

“The refugees are constantly coming into their area. Count Essen has been accepting and accommodating all of them.”

“Wow, that’s an unenviable situation,” Dongye said as he sighed and looked around.

“Is that the Ki-Jang Clan’s unit over there?”

“Yes. They came about a month ago. Almost every day, we are excavating new drinking water sources and conducting training sessions with them. The size of their army is about five thousand.”

“That’s like us. What about the Han-Sung Clan?”

“I heard the Philosopher’s Sword, Hanyoung, will personally be leading the troops. I heard that there were also about 5,000 regular soldiers and 15 Awakened Warriors.”

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