Chapter 197

Biyeon also raised her hand and apologized. The four were still huffing and puffing.

Their intense discussion continued for a long time after that. The Outsiders were concerned the power structure that they had painstakingly built over the centuries would come crumbling down all at once.

On the other hand, San and Biyeon wanted the ‘survival tools’ and martial arts skills they had developed to be spread widely, even if it was to create a new power struggle and structure.

“How about this compromise?” Biyeon asked as she glanced at San.


The discussion continued for three more days. A compromise that all six could agree on was reached.

The new skills and weaponry would be disclosed and distributed to representative armed groups according to the Outsiders' opinion, and in the future, the number of organizations would be expanded.

However, all these groups would have to enter into a licensing agreement with the imperial family and would be required to perform operations according to the emperor’s orders.

“It is an alternative that gives everyone no choice but to compete with each other in the long run while acknowledging the superiority of the Absolute Clans. The old order will naturally disappear and reform into something more equal.”

“Since the warrior clans will have no choice but to comply with the emperor’s mobilization orders, they will have to actively take the lead in times of war.”

“We have well-established detailed procedures and action plans, so we will be able to respond if there is a problem.”

“In the end, it’s a pretty good alternative.” 

The plan was approved.

“Okay then, that’s it for these matters…” San said, rubbing his palms together. He then continued, “… now, let’s talk about some other matters. We have a lot to ask. We’re a bit ignorant. I have a few favors to ask of you all as well.”

The Outsiders had gathered many fun and eccentric people together. San and Biyeon felt that they could rely on these wise members who had lived such desperate and extraordinary lives in this foreign world.

“In return for the devotion you have shown us, let me tell you a magic story. You will need it very much,” Miri said.


“Yes, the state of creating something out of nothing. People here call it a miracle; we call it a fantasy.”

“Is magic really possible?”

“It will be possible from the 9th Stage of Acceleration. You both have achieved up to the 7th Stage of Awakening, right? If you must fight against the Fallen, you’ll have to know this.”

“The Fallen?”

“Yeah, they are the beings who use magic. A terrifying power possessed only by those who can lay judgement down on the world. We call their power magic.”


“The four members of the Outsiders are the true intellectuals of this world, don’t you think?” Biyeon said.

“They are delightful seekers of truth. They are enlightened people,” San said in agreement.

“They’re really knowledgeable mentors. I’ll have to constantly reflect on what they said.”

Biyeon touched a small box. It was a gift given to them by the Outsiders. Inside the box was something the size of Biyeon’s hand.

The item within the box was shaped like a conch with a conical spiral wound inward and buttons attached to various parts of the shell.

Biyeon pressed a button. The item made a noise. The sound was surprisingly clear.

“Compared to Earth, Episode 285, the logical law superstructure in this world has a stronger effect than the physical law superstructure… right?” Biyeon murmured.

“Yeah, that’s our conclusion. Thus, ‘magic’ is possible here.”

Confrontation – Chapter 3


The sound of garden shears trimming the hedges could be heard through the wooden wall.

Biyeon was writing something down in her notebook, and San was lying down with his arm as a pillow while shaking his legs.

It was the leisurely morning scene of two people who had nothing better to do this day.

However, these short breaks were always not enough for those who had to prepare for a long trip. The break seemed even shorter as they acknowledged that there was no guarantee that would return. Furthermore, since they were resting to recharge, it would seem even shorter.

Biyeon closed her notebook with a slightly sullen look.

What did it matter if they didn’t possess all the information? As long as they could guess the grand order and flow of things that made the world go round, that would probably be enough.

Knowing more wouldn’t necessarily make one happier.

“It seems like everything’s been organized in your mind?” San asked.

“Regarding Acceleration?” 


“There are a lot of frustrating things. If this world is made up of 12 dimensions, then there are 12 Stages of Acceleration. I guess there is an end.”

“If we go to Stage 12, will our problems be solved?”

“I don’t know. The problem is that we don’t have much time.”

For a moment, an awkward and heavy silence fell in the room.

Biyeon looked up at the sky. There were white clouds in the sky, making the sky look even more blue in contrast.

“The Fallen are probably strong, right?”

“We can think of them as walking nuclear power plants. They conjectured that a magic dragon’s body was even more powerful than that. I heard that ten magic dragons would be strong enough to cause terrain-changing typhoons and move continents…”

“That’s scary.” 

“Yeah, scary.”

San narrowed his eyes. A large bird was spinning round and round in the distant sky. Its belly was white, and its wings were blue.

It was probably looking for food. It seemed to be scanning everything on the ground but couldn’t locate any prey on the ground.

“The Creator probably operates on 12 dimensions, right?”

“Possibly higher than that? Maybe he’s an extra dimensional being.”

“What do you think his purpose is?”

“I don’t know. Since he’s a ‘creator’, it must be a work of art.”

Biyeon imagined the ultimate masterpiece that the Creator of this world wanted to achieve.

What was it? It would probably be the last piece he would ever make. What was the last thing that was made in every creation myth or religion?

Biyeon followed the San’s eyes to the same point in the sky. The bird was nowhere to be found.

San stretched his body. The current discussion topic was interesting, but not to his taste. He was a person who believed that simplicity was the epitome of beauty.

However, Biyeon liked discussing the abstract, so they clashed occasionally.

“Why did the Creator make such a complicated system? What more does an omnipotent being have to gain?” San murmured.

“Perhaps…” Biyeon said as she yawned.


“Perhaps he was lonely. So…” 

San rubbed his ears as if he wanted the conversation to stop before muttering, “Well, I’m suffering.”


“Do you want to see the end of this world?”

“I’m curious. Although, I’d much rather have an ordinary life.”

“But we still need to see the ending, right? Will we be able to see it?”

“There’s no guarantee.”

“Nothing was guaranteed in the first place.”

“There’s not much time left.” 

“Yeah, the time has finally arrived.”

The two stopped talking. However, the warm and tender love they had for each other continued deeply into their being. A light breeze blew between the two. As if the relationship between the two were naturally entangled to create an even greater power and being.

“Thank you.”

“I’m more appreciative of you. Let’s see this to the end.”

The two had been together for a very long time. Would they be together in the future? Could each of them imagine a life without the other? Biyeon brushed her hair up as she lay on San’s lap.

‘There are things I can’t even begin to imagine…’ 

‘And things I hate to imagine.’


It was late spring. The two went on a trip. Spring days were suitable for travel. The sun was quite hot. All living things were filled with life.

The energy of life rose as if in excitement. Colorful wildflowers spread like paint on the canvas of deep green meadows.

It was as if someone was waving a huge brush and drawing a beautiful picture.

Biyeon looked back. Things that would be left behind. She felt a mix of feelings as she left behind many people who were important to her.

The wind blew coldly.

Her long hair scattered in the wind, covering her eyes. It was as if the wind was urging her forward… Biyeon shook her head, flipped her hair behind her, and stepped forward.

She urged herself to be strong and to not leave any regrets.

‘If I leave now, will I ever be back?’


San was running. Biyeon followed closely behind. She jumped into the air like a kite launching into the sky. San continued running below her.

The two made their way across the meadow, over rocks and trees.

They ran faster and faster as their hearts followed the beat of their pace.

Everything on the ground shook as if a storm was passing. The wind rushed past their ears and screamed.

Broken blades of grass fluttered wherever they passed, and flower petals were chaotically scattered in all directions before fluttering down peacefully.

Both had happy smiles on their lips. They continued onward with reckless speed.

Through the world, across the world… to the ends of the world. 

The two now stood on the southern edge of the continent. A distant cliff with nowhere else to go. The cliff was a thousand meters above the surface.

Below them, a vast expanse of the open sea spread out with a beautiful view of the horizon.


Where all life began. They could smell a salty and familiar scent. 

The sea’s breeze was refreshing. It was the same as it was on Earth. The memories of their long forgotten past came rushing forward, causing their eyes to swell with tears.

San looked at Biyeon with his back to the cliff. In front of him, three or four steps away, Biyeon smiled brightly with her head slightly tilted to the side.

San slowly rolled his body backward and fell down the cliff.

He entered a place so dark that the bottom could not be seen. Biyeon rolled her feet and ran towards San’s outstretched arms. San spread his arms wide in the air.

A woman with a bright smile on her lips fell like a gentle flower petal on her man’s wide chest. The salty sea breeze whipped up her hair without mercy.

San’s eyes turned to the distant sky. The edge of the cliff gradually moved away from his view. Biyeon leaned comfortably into his chest as she rested her chin on his shoulder.

Their faces were so close that it seemed their noses would touch at any moment. San smiled.

Biyeon lowered her head and lightly pressed her lips onto his. San’s eyes blinked. Their Acceleration began. The wind blew around them.

The rate of their descent gradually decreased. The two bodies were hovering leisurely in mid-air, waving to-and-fro like a feather…

“Where should we go next?” San asked.

“The northern end,” Biyeon whispered. She kissed San once more. A sweet scent blended with a moist feeling as their lips touched.

Where we came from?”

“Where there is a cause, there is an effect…”


Their honeymoon was flowing in such a simple way.

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