Chapter 191

Winds of Fortune – Chapter 9


You’re going to send ‘Dam’ and ‘Tuk’? Aren’t they the strongest of your combat sages? Moreover, you’re planning on sending out two sages? What are you thinking?”

Sage Nakun had come to see Magic Dragon Siluone. His face was hardened from frustration. Why did Siluone suddenly call for him?

“First, would you like to look at the latest data?”

A voice’s reverberation resounded in the space. However, the location of the voice source was difficult to guess. This place was where Siluone’s body was located.

This dragon, which nested itself in a huge cave deep underground on the outskirts of Porato City, was too large to be seen in its entirety with the naked eye.

Nakun was currently in a spherical space twenty meters in diameter. It was Siluone’s reception area.

Before long, a huge three-dimensional image unfolded before Nakun’s eyes. At the same time, Siluone provided an access terminal for Nakun to connect his body to.


A moan came out of Nakun’s mouth as he stared at the projections and data visualization models that were popping up in his eyes. At this moment, he was observing a scene where a man was training in a simulation scenario.

Within the man’s body, colorful three-dimensional wave-like patterns were constantly shimmering and moving.

The simulation was faithfully reproduced based on all the data Siluone had collected from San, such as the state of his body, the flow of his brain waves, the strength, and energy intensity exerted when conducting certain acts, his core temperature fluctuations, and the impact of surrounding variables on San’s body.

The patterns and forms that Nakun were observing were the direct language that the dragon and sages used to communicate. In this form of language, meaning and will are integrated. What Nakun was observing wasn’t just a virtual simulation, but a metadata message that could be used to replicate capabilities and state information.

Nakun was hungrily taking in the information Siluone provided in complete silence. Ten hours passed in this manner.

Meanwhile, Nakun’s surroundings brightened and darkened. 

Siluone’s voice rang low, “Do you understand now?”

Nakun nodded his head and then asked, “The woman… She's the same?” 


“I have nothing to say. If this is true, it’ll be too difficult for a single combat sage to handle. Have you been able to clarify the principal component of their development to counteract it?”

“It has been interpreted and analyzed. As you have done now, there’s no problem in reproducing them, to some extent. However, the problem is that they haven’t fully released their powers, so I’m unsure whether my modeling truly reflects reality.”

“What about the woman?” 

“It’s similar.”

“There are ten different skills that I recognized, but you’re saying that there may be more? Even with just this…”

Nakun did not hide his surprised expression. He heard Siluone laugh.

“Well… I’m thinking they could bring out ten times as many different skills.”

“Surely not…?”

Nakun's eyes widened even more.

“You don’t know how clever they are. They never show their hand. It was only those ten skills that they allowed me to observe. I can come up with conjectures regarding the other skills that they may have at their disposal, but they haven’t actually brought them out yet.”


“I’ll have to drive them to the brink. I need to push them to reveal all the skills they have.”

“However, if two combat sages are mobilized, the combat sages would definitely be killed, right? You may actually permanently lose them, no?”

“I’ll try to keep them to a state where I can bring them back, but even if they die, there’s nothing I can do about it. We don’t have much time, right? Didn’t you say that it’s time for us to make a choice? Where do you stand? Don’t you want to find out how to get rid of the termination clause? Or do you want to acquire their various novel skills?”

Nakun grimaced. Siluone was teasing him with sarcasm.

“How long before her termination clause deadline?”

“It’s still ticking. However, they managed to bring out another card… I say, the more I look at them, the more tricky those devils really are. They’ve prolonged the termination deadline using the Dragon’s Medicine. The gods have reported that they visited Senun in the Forgotten Kingdom. Thus, they were able to extend her termination deadline.”

“Senun? Where was he able to obtain the Dragon’s Medicine? I don’t believe it’s time yet for him to be able to collect it.”

“He must have sacrificed another sage. Regardless, the extension is at most for one year. Furthermore, no one is ever sure how effective the medicine is.”

“Senun even sacrificed one of his own sages…? What was he so desperate for? Was the will of the Creator involved…”

Nakun stared at Siluone’s image with a stiff face. A three-dimensional image of a woman was projected on the wall. This was the image provided by Siluone for their conversation.

“I don’t believe Senun will be able to obtain anything. Eventually, I will get everything.”

“Why?” Nakun asked.

“Do you think I planted only one termination clause? The fate of those humans is within my control. If Senun conducted any experiments and tests, he should know as well.”

“What did you plant?”

“Nectar. Nectar that possesses an ego. The one with the fastest evolution…”

“Didn’t you promise them security through a contract? So, did you lie to me too?”

“What does that matter? Those two are dangerous. They threatened me and even stole control over my body. Do you think I will leave such a disturbing thorn in my side?”

Nakun looked at Siluone with cold eyes. She was a dragon that was strong enough to contend against him for the King of Sage position.

But what about now? She had knowingly overturned the sacred covenant she swore upon. She had become a being who enjoyed lying and fomenting misunderstandings.

Nakun felt a sense of displeasure as he traced Siluone’s changed appearance. She was someone he had been visiting for a long time. As if a foreign gel substance was coating his body, Nakun felt a disgusting, wretched feeling creeping all over his body.

‘Was the Magic Dragon inherently so evil and conniving?’

He knew that she recently mutated and had undergone large fundamental changes. He started feeling an instinctive rejection of this new rule and premise that Siluone was operating under. Maybe Senun felt the same way? Maybe that’s why he took such drastic action?

“Do they know this?”

Nakun’s eyes were staring at Biyeon on the screen.

“Perhaps. They touched the ego-possessing nectar multiple times to dismantle it. Her effort has been pretty good, but a pitiful human dare…”

“What about the man?”

“I couldn’t plant the termination deadline on him, but other than that, the inclusion of the ego-possessing nectar is the same as the woman. The woman seems to realize the danger, but the man doesn’t seem to know. For some reason, the woman doesn’t seem to be talking about it with him… So he still has hope that she’ll be able to survive. What do you think? Isn’t this all so fun?”

“What did you do to that human woman?”

“I gave her a choice. Either both die or one is saved.”

“That’s pretty brutal. Do you enjoy doing that? Ever since you mutated, you’re becoming more like a human, no?”

“Do you think you, who has never mutated, will ever understand me?” 


“I have never seen people with such strong affection for each other. Now I want to see what happens when that trust is strongest, and when it collapses all at once like a house of cards. It’ll be awesome. What else will be revealed? She’s a smart woman, so she’ll understand what I mean.”

Nakun shook his head.

“This is not like you. Do you want to see only chaos and hatred? You, who was more rational and intelligent than anyone else? Have you gone mad?”

“What do you mean? Do you think this world is fair?” Siluone replied sharply. She then continued, “I have developed a strong conviction over the years after observing these two eccentric humans. These guys have never been rational. Rather, they’re reckless. But look! They’re breaking all the records and limits. They’re solving what wise dragons weren’t able to solve for the last tens of thousands of years!”

Nakun looked at Siluone with an uneasy expression.

“So, what are you saying? Becoming irrational is the answer?”

Siluone laughed softly after hearing Nakun’s comment.

“Then is chaos nothing? Are you saying that only rational phenomena that are interpreted as postulates in your head are worthy of existence in this world? Chaos is real. Disorder is a more fundamental substance and existence than order.”

“Okay, what did you see in that chaos?” Nakun asked sarcastically.

“Craving. A future beyond anyone’s control…” Siluone briefly answered.

“Something no one can control. So, what can you do with uncontrollable chaos?”

“We might see something different.”

“That’s too vague. Chaos only produces more chaos.”

“Poor Nakun, you still don’t understand. Seeing the world in a different light after mutating, and observing the changes that happen after mutation… Why must you see things for yourself rather than listen to my words to understand? Anyway, you will see it soon.”

Nakun fell deep in thought. For a long time, only silence occupied Siluone’s reception area space.

Sages didn’t consider the time when in conversation. They constantly contemplated and enjoyed the logical flow of conversations.

“Do you regret mutating?” Nakun asked.

“Surely not! What reason is there to feel regret? You haven’t felt what I felt, so the conversation isn’t progressing as smoothly as you want.”

“What am I not feeling? Did you develop any new sensations after mutation?” 

Siluone shook her head.

“Kindly, the Creator gave dragons knowledge and wisdom, but the Creator didn’t allow us to contemplate the states of irrationality and absurdity. That’s why dragons and sages alike are afraid of the uncertain and cannot tolerate logical contradictions.”


“Well, this limitation is fine in its own way. Why? Because there was never any need to worry about nonsense topics like humans. All we had to do was dutifully carry out the Creator’s orders. No problems up to there. However, do you know what happened to me during the mutation?”


“I’ve realized that what I needed was exactly what the Creator had never given us. From a cold, objective judge to suddenly becoming a hot-headed competitor. Even if I have to break the rules, I need to win. Do you know how bad this feels?”

King of Sages Nakun narrowed his eyes. The atmosphere of the Magic Dragon Siluone was changing.

Her voice was getting lower and becoming gloomier. To be exact, she seemed a little sad.

“Therefore! I’m confronting a strange problem after entering this new life. Will you listen to my troubles? What am I experiencing?”


Siluone began her story. The story was like a monologue, and even the rhythm and cadence of her words read like a lyrical song.

“Nakun, King of Sages! I have faithfully made every attempt according to your request. I mutated myself using my body as a piece of material, and I have provided data on what has changed after my mutation to all my people.”


“The strength of the Creator originates from humans. I have followed the path paved by humans at your request. There was no problem for our sages to reproduce the Awakening attained by humans and the skills that they use. No, we have gone above and beyond and made those skills much more sophisticated and beautiful than the ones used by humans. Ours are superior to those used by humans. So far there have been no problems.”


“But… no matter what I did, I couldn’t quite figure out what the missing piece was. I still don’t understand the process by which the human’s unstable mind and its fragile body are combined to generate such tremendous power. How do you get such valuable properties out of trash? Why do we have to wait for humans to make something? Why can’t we be the creators? Can you answer me, great sage?”


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