Chapter 167

The main difference was that, in this world, the work week went on for five days before one rest day was given. Biyeon felt that the creator of this world probably wasn’t happy with the whole ‘resting on the seventh day’ concept. The people here probably used their hands as a reference to count the days. Although the servants didn’t say much when Biyeon changed their workdays and schedules, Biyeon and San had a difficult time getting used to this world’s system, so they created their own calendar. They didn’t want to give up something that they’d been used to all their life.

Furthermore, the two worked on developing a specialized communication method that only they would know. They were still using the Morse code that Biyeon had insisted on using when they first came into this world. However, they had upgraded the simple Morse code so that they could send much more sophisticated messages to each other. Although Awakeners could transmit their will without verbalization, these communication lines were still vulnerable to gods, sages, and other higher beings, so San and Biyeon had to develop a communication line that would circumvent this weakness. They included hand motions, eye shapes, breathing rhythm, and even their changing heartbeat count to their unique system of communication.

Truthfully, there was another reason why they needed their own private communication method. They wanted to know more about each other, and they needed to work together to realize their shared goal. It was another adventure.

‘To reflect and appreciate the other!’

From some point onward, they were constantly in communication with each other, a never-ending flow of information. Conversations did not have to be verbalized for them to know what the other was thinking at any time. Imploring eyes, a warm touch, a small gesture, humming sounds, and the blended smells in the atmosphere were all conveyed to each other and broken down into parts to relay the status, ideas, and emotions of the other. They were sharing virtually everything about each other in real time.

They were constantly reinventing a new symphony. The harmony and ensemble they were creating could one day become the universe’s polyphony. Who would have ever thought that the universe’s laws and rules could be interpreted in such a way…

Additionally, as if their initial presumptions and choices were correct, they were slowly harmonizing with the overall structure that the Creator had laid down regarding the universe. The concepts of ‘Awakening’ and ‘Termination’ were probably something that they could find within the system. Thus, the two slowly trudged forward to lay one note after another. In essence, what they were doing may become the guide for all humans in the universe to Awaken and resolve the Creator’s question that the other higher beings had yet to solve. Once San and Biyeon became one, they would be able to connect with the universe and know the truth. This whole process of crafting ‘music’, one note at a time, could become the symphonic masterpiece that unlocks the secrets of the universe. The two firmly believed that this was the case.

“We’ve finished everything that we set out to do in the last six months,” San said as he brushed his hands together.

“I guess the only thing left is to meet the gods now, right?”

“How are the Essen people doing?”

“They’ll probably rise from first class to special class status. Yekin has already gone past the last of the Dark Warrior stage, so if he’s lucky, he should be able to become an Awakened Warrior soon. Yeria has also reached the Dark Warrior stage.”

“That should allow them to not get pushed around wherever they may go. I guess the new training regimen that we implemented was effective?”

“Looking at the results, yes. We should be able to codify it and make it into a manual now.”

“Are you planning to hand it over to the Han-Sung Clan?”

“What? We must sell it! We can’t continue living on our measly monthly salaries. We need to buy some land as well…”

Biyeon raised her chin. San was startled for a moment. Biyeon’s fluid S-line had momentarily overlapped with the image of a hustling Gang-Nam middle-aged woman.


“Hahaha- just wait. I’ll take my revenge.”

Yuren’s eyes shone. White condensation flowed out from his mouth whenever he breathed out and his hands constantly crackled as his muscles flexed. Under his armpits, he carried the opponent’s flag.

“Argh- to lose at the last moment…”

Bishin ground his teeth as he got up. His body was covered in mud. Drops of mud and cool water were dripping from him onto the ground as he got up. Next to him were six other group members who were all in similar states. They all looked ahead. It appeared all of them had rolled around in the mud performing some exercise. White steam wafted from their open mouths as they breathed heavily.

“I wonder if it’s that fun?”

Sera, an information specialist, whispered to the person next to her as they went up a flight of stairs while looking at the training group. Though she had a smile on her face, it seemed she was tired of seeing the same occurrence day after day.

“Yeah. But sometimes I feel envious of them.”

The information specialist next to Sera answered while adjusting her clothes. The daily scene of seeing young people exerting energy and tiredly smiling was something uplifting and refreshing.

“What? You want to roll around in the mud like them, too?”

“Don’t even joke about that. I don’t think I could even stand three days of that regiment.”

“You’re probably right. Anyway, did you hear the recent rumors that are making their rounds?”

“What rumors?”

“I heard the secretary general seat will change…”

“Shush! Hey! Are you trying to get us in trouble? Hmm. Anyway, I think the two captains won’t have to worry about their status and footing.”

“Yeah. We’re like stretched leather… we’re just being molded to whatever is needed. I guess that’s just our lot in life…”

“Yeah, but I think our current situation is much better than before,” Sera’s coworker cautiously stated.

“I agree. The organization has become a lot more transparent and open. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so fulfilled with the work I do every day. I can understand what purpose my work has. I can’t deny that.”

“That’s right. If we follow the rules, there’s no freer place than here. Oh, and did you notice? We’re commanding greater respect from others outside our organization. I heard that the other deputy departments are looking over at us and trying to get into our second deputy department. I heard that the great families are trying to put in their own members as well…”

“That’s probably true… everyone is working tirelessly just to hear one comment of approval from Captain San… especially the women!”

“Are you talking about others? Are you sure it’s not you?”


“Anyway, that’s weird. I don’t see Captain San or Biyeon anywhere today.”

“I think I heard that they were going on a business trip for three or four days… was today the day they were planning to take off?”

There were twelve Essen members that were assigned to the information department. However, these twelve individuals had different roles from the other information specialists. The two captains had grouped these twelve into a special independent unit and assigned them special tasks. Though this division from the main group was partly due to the difference in social class and background of the specialists, the main reason was that the Essen members requested this division.

No matter who it was, anyone who entered the imperial courts would be filled with nervousness and fear. The lofty titles of the people who walked across the imperial halls, the presence of extreme specialists, and the rigid processes and suffocating atmosphere initially led many new officials to feel nervous and small. However, the Essen members always stood upright and directly spoke with whomever they came across. They never lost their sense of purpose and individuality. They knew how much they worked and what they had given up to get to this place. No matter what happened, they recognized their own value based on their own assessments of themselves…

The day after they arrived in this place, the Essen members started their own special training regimen. It was something that they requested themselves from the captains. If there wasn’t anything special to do, they would spend one hour training in the mornings and two hours in the afternoons. Their regiment had many different processes. San and Biyeon also made sure that there was no waste in any training session. Based on what they learned from each other, San and Biyeon would set out the most direct approach to convey their learning to the Essen members through these training sessions.

Eventually, the Essen members were able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Absolute Han-Sung Clan special warriors. The world wasn’t aware of their tireless pursuits and expended effort. Even the Essen members were probably unaware of their rapid development…

Change – Chapter 2

An unsettling atmosphere swirled around the imperial courts. The atmosphere wasn’t just confined to the imperial courts, many of the large clans, great families, and other powerful organizations were also busily and nervously moving about. Every official department, even those that took care of half the empire’s everyday administration, was busily preparing for something unexpected. Soon, most of the empire’s lands and neighboring countries would soon enter uncharted territory.

The initial gust of change had slowly seeped into every corner of the empire. However, this slight change soon turned into a larger movement that would reform the entire empire itself.

The constant, daily reforms that were implemented by the empire caused many older officials to discuss the validity and efficacy of the changes. They all knew that these changes and the reasons for them would all be forthcoming from the second deputy chair, Rain’s, upcoming report.

On the day the report was to come out, everything seemed relatively calm. However, as the day went by, everyone started to realize that the forthcoming changes were drastically different from what they expected. Once the emperor approved of the changes and was passed by the imperial court without any objections, the weight of these new changes started to take effect. As the effects and intentions of the changes were slowly revealed, a sense of nervousness and fright started swirling around. It was only after a month had passed with the new changes that some people in the great families and near the emperor understood the lasting impacts the changes would have on the administration of the empire. However, once they realized it, it was already too late to react.

“This is a headache…”

The elderly Jaejun muttered under his breath as he paused between flipping another page of the book he was reading. He was the leader of the most powerful great family within the empire, the Joong-Ha family. He was close to the presumed emperor in-line, Junkyung Dera, and operated the macro-administration of the empire.

“She’s a cunning bitch. They say she’s a genius. She sure knows how to make life tough for everyone…”

In front of Jaejun was Baya, who was currently biting down on her lower lip. Officially, she was the second daughter to Jaejun and the third wife to Junkyung Dera.

“So, what do you plan to do? Under these conditions, I don’t think it’ll be possible to continue our plans. Things have progressed beyond my control,” Jaejun said to Baya.

“That’s why we need to come up with a plan. Are you not the empire’s Taeshin of Finance?”

“It’s too dangerous. If Rain’s new administrative processes are fully implemented, our plans will be out in the open. Do you want to see me hanging out to dry? The empire’s emperor isn’t a foolish fellow.”

“Then what will we do? We have to follow the schedule we initially set out. Whether you sell your lands, your reputation, or whatever…”

“Are you serious? Are you telling me that I should give up our family? Do you know how we’ve gotten to this position? Furthermore, I don’t think losing our position is going to be good for you either,” Jaejun remarked as he stared at Baya.

“All I’m saying is that you need to find a solution. Are you saying that we should just roll over and give up? Shall I just do everything myself?”

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