Chapter 144

“Ahem- If the risk was low, you would stay, right?” asked Chan as he shifted his gaze back and forth between Rain and Biyeon.

“There are a lot of people who are risk-takers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the answer I wanted, so I will not follow Your Highness.” Biyeon smiled a little. 

Chan’s face suddenly turned red. 

He bellowed, “You nasty little wretch. There has to be more than a hundred answers. Do you think that the reasons in your head are the only ones? So, what is the reason?” 

“Your Highness is right. The ones in my head are the only answers, because it is entirely my choice. Do you want me to tell you where I lived? If people were treated well, they would stay. If they were treated badly and still stayed, it was because there was something worth learning. What if they were treated badly and there was nothing left to learn, but still stayed…? To be honest, that is the most important reason to me, however…” 

Biyeon paused for a moment and stared at Chan’s face. 

“But still stayed?” 

“It was because of the affection and trust that existed among the people, as well as the fact that it was fun and rewarding. They wouldn’t move even if they were underpaid, and physically and mentally exhausted.” 

The look in Biyeon’s eyes changed again. This time, it was very strict and resolute… 

“That is my choice. Power and tranquility are not my cup of tea. However, I greatly appreciate Your Highness’ kind intentions.” 

Biyeon bowed. The man next to her grinned. Chan was at a loss for words. He had never experienced such a situation before. Most of them were just antsy people who could not keep up… In any case, he realized that she was not a country bumpkin after their conversation. She outsmarted him. Whenever he found an opening, she always found a way to counter it. He was somehow pushed into a dead end. Besides, he had missed the timing to get mad, as they had an equal dialogue from the start. However… 

“I don’t resent you at all. What is going on? How should I respond in a situation like this?” 

“Ho ho- It’s still incredible… Even the Taeshin official who controls the entire empire’s finances is overpowered…” said another voice. 

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the voice. Another group of people was walking towards them. He was a powerful figure who made even the princes and princesses nervous. 

“Warrior Han, why…”

“Ahh~ I have some business I need to discuss with those people. Aye- It’s because they are bad people…”

‘Han Young’, the most powerful person after the emperor, smiled brightly. He was looking at San and Biyeon. He did not even look at anybody else. 

“If I called for you, you should have dropped by to see me. That’s courtesy, isn’t it? How come after a month…” 

That was the first thing Han Young said when he saw them.

“We didn’t really want to see you, though? We weren’t exactly involved in each other’s affairs as well…” Biyeon replied curtly. 

“I couldn’t have any fun because I had to take out the trash…” San, who was next to her, grumbled. However, he was smiling. 

Rain was standing next to him. She widened her eyes. 

“Were you this close to him?” 

Her head started spinning violently. She saw a new perspective that she had never thought about before. Events from two years ago up until now started playing in her mind - being appointed by the emperor; the harsh ordeal; the warrior who encouraged her and sent her to these people; the second prince; the Jung-Ha Clan; Gun; those two people; last but not least, herself… She had a feeling that there would be some connection… 

Chan and Chung felt a chill down their spine. The warrior was a person who the emperor had complete trust in. He was known as the ‘Philosopher’s Sword’. He was a man with formidable military power and remarkable ingenuity, and a record of being unbeatable even in large-scale warfare, as he had excellent strategies and tactics. He came from a powerful background - the Han-Sung Clan, where no single force could overwhelm it. 

“Is he supporting Rain? In that case, what about His Majesty?”

“How dare you, old man…”

Behind them, a commotion had just begun due to other reasons. 

Investigation - Chapter 6

The princes and princesses were staring blankly at the scene in front of them. There was a strange sense of incompatibility between them that no one here seemed to care about… 

“Meanwhile, it looks like you have made another achievement,” said Hanyoung, shifting his gaze between San and Biyeon. 

His keen sense detected a smell from the both of them that was different from before. The more he saw them, the more he did not know about them. 

“I was on the brink of death a couple of times and it happened. You have changed too, though? You look a lot younger. You must have taken some good medicine,” replied San calmly.

“I have been having some interesting experiences lately. By the way, how do you feel about it? 

“Well… It’s just a feeling. Your energy seems to be a little milder compared to before, but it’s gotten deeper.

“Ho- You can tell?” 

Han Young looked at his surroundings with a calm and composed expression on his face, and his hands behind his back. On the right, the princes and princesses, as well as their party, stood there blankly. People continued descending the stairs on the left, but many of them were looking at this side, as it piqued their interest. Behind, the teachers of Han-Sung Clan, who had followed Han Young here, were watching them engage in their conversation with curious eyes. Among them were the people they met in Porato City - Hanya, Hanjun, as well as the two brothers, Han Soun and Han Sohun. They were the immediate descendants of the Han-Sung Clan, who were treated like royalty. 

“Is your job manageable?” 

“It’s just the beginning. We’ve only got the outline,” replied Biyeon.

“How do you think things will turn out to be?” 

“I don’t know. I thought several people would get hurt. The numbers are unusual. I can see loopholes everywhere.”

“No external pressure?” asked Han Young playfully, as he glanced at the royal family. 

“They are just insignificant beings, so there is no external pressure. However, the one that I have just received was the biggest. Would you like to hear it?” 

“Hear it?”

Han Young cocked his head to the side. There was an unknown anxiety around those wrinkled eyes. Biyeon smiled and took something out of a small leather bag that was attached to her belt. It was a tiny square object. She pressed something that was protruding on one side. After a brief moment, a voice could be heard coming out of the object, loud and clear. 

[...There has been a lot of resentment and complaints about what you’ve been doing these days. It has also caused me quite a headache. Clumsy swordsmanship can hurt your opponents, but bear in mind that you will be the one hurting yourself. I’m saying this because you don’t seem to know your limits. It’s quite a sight to see when lowly people gain power…]

Chung, the man behind the voice, was turning pale. The hall was surprisingly quiet. Biyeon pressed the next button. 

[There’s a rumor saying that you’ve been fooling around outside?]

[Aren’t they lowlives? How did the royal palace become such a mess…]

The recording of a different voice continued to play. 

[...If this girl has some talent, why don’t you send her over to me first, since she does not have any practical experience? I assure you that she will certainly become familiarized with her duties. In exchange, I will send a very competent person to you. Wouldn’t that be fair?]

Chan’s face was turning red. 

In the midst of total silence in the audience, a murmur was heard, “Oh my gosh! This must be witchcraft…!”

"What should I do? It has my voice.” 

“For all you know it might be an evil black magic that is used to keep souls!” 

“If His Majesty finds out, we will be doomed… How…”

Biyeon looked at the crowd once and smiled. Biyeon looked at the audience and smirked, before putting the device back into her bag. Everyone’s eyes were fearfully following Biyeon’s fingertips. Their faces were filled with terror that could not be hidden. Han Young widened his eyes before narrowing them again. Biyeon looked at San, who stroked his chin and slowly took a step forward. The gentle but stern energy was gradually being released. Chan subconsciously took a step back. 

“What are your thoughts on it? The reality of the apparent external pressure… It is very refreshing for me to see a pack of dogs push a person into a corner and intimidate them.” 

San looked at the crowd indifferently. The waves of the gulping sound of people swallowing their saliva could be heard over the dead silence in the hall. 

San calmly continued, “For a moment, I doubted my eyes and ears. I never could have ever imagined myself seeing a bunch of uncivilized thugs in such a grand and elegant place. I’d like to ask you a question, sir. Was the royal palace originally like this? A place where even trash that has thrown their pride and self-respect away could live in?”

His voice was extremely calm, and his gaze was focused on the members of the royal family. The members of the royal family momentarily grimaced at his bold and straightforward attitude. It was as if a sharp blade of ice had risen from hell and swept through the place. Their hearts pounded hard. The force they were dealing with was so stern and terrifying that it broke their will to fight back. Rain’s mouth hung open as well, due to his unexpected aggressiveness. The teachers and nobles of the Han-Sung Clan were also staring at San with their eyes wide open. Fear took over them before their anger could erupt. 

Han Young clucked his tongue, “If they had criticized what His Majesty has permitted this strongly, they must have been very confident. Reorganizing personnel is also a major breach of trust, right? What do you think, Taeshin?”

Han Young looked at the Taeshin official of finance. He had a kind expression, but there was a chilly air of dignity buried within it. The presence of the figures representing the power of the empire was sinking heavily. 

“It was just a joke. I could never do anything that goes against His Majesty’s will,” replied Chan calmly.

Sweat was glistening on his forehead.

“It sounded like persecution to me. Are there a lot of things you want to hide?”

“It’s an internal affair. It’s not something that Warrior Han needs to worry about.” 

“Hmm… Is that so?”

“It’s not a big issue.”

“I hope His Majesty feels the same way too.”

“I’ve spent too much time here. It’s time for me to make a move.”

Chan hurriedly picked up the pieces and walked off as fast as he could. Chung and the rest of the royal family followed him hastily in a daze, repeatedly glancing to the back. 

“I can see that you have brought some very talented people here.”

“Rain, you cunning bitch. You’re going to get in huge trouble if you’re as reckless as you used to be in the past…"

“The Han-Sung Clan supports her. Even so, the warrior should take care of himself first…”

That was the first impression that was deeply engraved in their minds. 


“I will no longer put up with any more persecution,” said Biyeon, as she smiled at Rain.

“ was exactly like you said. Both of you never cease to surprise me.”

Rain stroked her chest. Her heart was still beating fast.

“From now on, we will be more subtle and discreet. I’ve barely bought some time. By the way, that narrow-minded Taeshin must be holding a grudge against me. My life here is going to be rather difficult.” San chuckled.

“Looks like I arrived just in time. Anyway, your jobs seem really fun. By the way, what device was that?” asked Han Young, bursting into laughter. 

“It’s a device that can store sounds. It’s a very common device where we used to live. You can also use it to store and view images you see with your eyes too.”

“Both of you are like people from a mythical world. There are so many things I cannot comprehend, despite already seeing so much of the world. Maybe that is why I wanted to meet with you at any cost. What do you think? Do you want to meet the empress with me?”

“No, thank you. Underlings like us should stay here and help many people.”

“Didn’t the contract include any clause about escorting the princess?”

“With you around, who will dare to do anything to the second deputy?”

“Well...If that’s the case, there’s nothing else I can do.” Han Young smiled.

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