Chapter 988: Suppression

Chapter 988: Suppression

“It seems like I have kept you all waiting.” Li Qiye glanced at the dozens of gray-haired ancestors and smirked with a relaxed attitude.

These ancestors all harshly stared at him. Without a doubt, they all came from the Blood-devil Tribe with the majority being from the Wang Clan.

“It’s better to get rid of the enmity rather than keeping it alive.” The leader among the ancestors stared at Li Qiye and gravely spoke: “If Daoist Li is willing to let them go, we’ll pretend as if nothing had happened.”

Li Qiye stared at Chi Tianyu and the Skybearing Monarch, who were pinned to the ground, and grinned again.

The monarch was both angry and afraid at this moment. Not even in his wildest dreams would he expect his plan to fail like this. He thought that his assassination would be a definite success. Who knew that Li Qiye would still be alive and well, completely unscathed, even after being pierced by the Godslaying Crossbow?

The monarch simply couldn’t grasp this reality. The crossbow was the Wang Clan’s supreme weapon. He understood its power full well, making this even more difficult to accept.

Chi Tianyu, on the other hand, was lying there quietly without struggling. He seemed to have accepted his fate; he thought that struggling would be futile, so he chose to give up.

Li Qiye was amused by this scene and spoke: “You are speaking as if you are doing me a huge favor, as if your Blood-devil Tribe acting as if nothing happened is the biggest showing of benevolence in this world.”

Another ancestor spoke in an awe-inspiring manner: “You can think of it like that.” He sneered: “You should be thankful that our tribe won’t pursue your crime for murdering our disciples. Otherwise, there will be no peace for you in the Barren Earth. Even if you run to the edge of the world, our billions of disciples will still tear you into pieces.”

The majority of the cultivators on the other peaks were holding their breaths. Anyone would feel apprehensive when facing so many ancestors from the Blood-devil Tribe.

“No peace in the Barren Earth?” Li Qiye smiled and looked at the ancestors: “Do you know that I have a really bad habit? If others prostrate before me to beg for forgiveness, I will feel soft and forgive them. However, for those who provoke me? There’s no need to think twice, I love to antagonize others the most!”

“If you claim that I will never find solace in the Barren Earth, then very well, I want to see what your tribe is capable of to declare such a threat.” Li Qiye grinned.

With that, he gently flicked his wrist and the Blood-devil Saber looming next to the monarch’s neck flickered.

“No!” The monarch knew what was going to happen in this moment. His frightened soul yelped, but it was all too late. The moment the sound came out of his mouth, his head was already flung up high with blood spraying out.

His eyes were still opened as his head rolled far away on the ground. He died an indignant death for his great ambitions and aspirations were unfulfilled.

“No—” The ancestor in charge shouted as well. He wanted to tell Li Qiye to stop, but it was too late. Everything happened too quickly. Li Qiye took action right after declaring his intention without a care for the many ancestors present.

This scene shocked many people. Some gasped and felt a chill down their spines. Li Qiye still killed the monarch under the pressure of dozens of Blood-devil ancestors. He didn’t even bat an eye — from this, one could easily imagine just how vicious he was.

Someone couldn’t help but murmur: “So fierce, this is the Fiercest! Not giving the ancestors from the Blood-devil Tribe any face in public and killing the Skybearing Monarch… this is only something the Fiercest would do!” [1. Fiercest is Li Qiye’s new moniker. They added number one before “Fierce”. This is why Fierce is such a nice choice even though it didn’t completely fit certain English narratives. Fiercest actually makes a good title.]

The ancestors present were slightly dumbfounded. They didn’t think Li Qiye would dare to actually kill the monarch. It was as if he wasn’t scared of their threat!

They quickly glanced at each other. The ancestor in charge angrily shouted: “Little animal, you deserve death!” With that, he threw out an item.

Several other ancestors threw out their treasures as well.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Eight imperial pikes, seemingly cast from gold, were thrown out and embedded themselves at eight different junctures. They emitted an imperial aura that instantly sealed this area.

Li Qiye’s surroundings were instantly locked down. This place had turned into an imperial prison that could trap even godfiends!

“Clank—” A series of metallic rattling appeared. After the seal activated, imperial chains instantly coiled around Li Qiye.

It was way too fast for visual perception. When everyone figured out what happened, they saw Li Qiye’s limbs being locked down by these thick chains just like a prisoner.

“A bit interesting.” Despite his imprisoned state, Li Qiye did not panic and only smiled while looking at the chains.

“Little animal, we will grind you to dust today and let you taste a fate worse than death!” The Blood-devil ancestors roared. The dozens of them worked together to attack in unison.

“Boom!” After a heaven-shattering blast, an imperial seal appeared above Li Qiye’s head and carried with it an invincible suppression.

The seal contained the force of countless divine mountains that pressed downward. Even a godfiend would be crushed to a pulp!

“Two imperial weapons!” More than half of the cultivators watching were aghast.

This time, the Blood-devil Tribe came with dozens of ancestors and even two imperial weapons. This kind of lineup could only be described as being overly extravagant!

Someone murmured: “The Blood-devil Tribe wanted to kill Li Qiye from the start.”

With a group that consisted of so many ancestors in addition to two imperial weapons, the plans for this day must have been in the making for many nights.

“Open!” Li Qiye shouted and resisted the imperial seal with his bare hands. Even though these chains were locking his limbs, images of countless hands appeared behind him. These hands carried the sky and myriad worlds and their inhabitants. They aimed to stop the suppressive imperial seal.

Even though all cultivation was limited at the Godwar Mountain, the combined efforts of dozens of ancestors still carried a frightening might.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Waves of shattering noises resounded. Despite using his Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds technique, he still couldn’t stop the imperial seal pressing and crushing down on him. His hands started to shatter one after another.

“Die!” The ancestors roared after seeing Li Qiye still managing to hold on against two imperial weapons. They no longer held anything back and poured all of their blood energy into the weapons.

At this moment, even if they had to waste longevity blood, they still had to kill Li Qiye. Otherwise, there would be no place for their Blood-devil Tribe at the Barren Earth.

The countless hands instantly broke into pieces under the might of two imperial weapons. Even Li Qiye’s wondrous technique couldn’t withstand their might. The imperial seal directly suppressed Li Qiye at this moment.

“Clakkkk—” Right when the seal met his body, crisp sounds of bones breaking were heard by everyone, causing them to shiver.

The spectators in the distance saw Li Qiye being trapped in the imperial prison then being suppressed by the imperial seal. They felt a chill and thought that opposing the Blood-devil Tribe would end very badly.

An ancestor spoke in a mighty manner: “Little animal, this date next year is your funeral!”

“Is that so? But I believe it will be your funeral.” Despite his bones fragmenting with blood staining his clothes, Li Qiye was still as leisurely as ever. He smiled: “I hope that your children will still be alive on this date next year. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you all won’t have anyone to worship you on this date next year when I destroy your entire tribe?”

“Little animal, still not repenting before death. We’ll finish you off then!” The ancestors were enraged by his retort. They roared once more. Some ancestors directly spewed longevity blood on the weapons. The two empowered weapons became even more radiant.

“Clannkk!” Under the stronger pressure, cracks appeared all around Li Qiye’s body. He was like a broken vase. Just a soft touch would completely break him.

“Yes, just like this.” Li Qiye loudly laughed after his body was crumbling into pieces: “This is more like it. I actually thought that all of you were too old and wouldn’t be able to exert the imperial weapons’ power. Muster all of your strength to take me down!”

The ancestors almost vomited blood from anger. Their cultivation was suppressed so they couldn’t exert thirty percent of the two weapons’ power!

After hearing this provocation, they couldn’t tolerate it any longer. A few more ancestors spewed their longevity blood onto the weapons. They swore in their minds that they would smash Li Qiye into a meaty paste.

“Clakkk—” More cracks appeared on Li Qiye’s body. His chest was opened and his beating heart was visible.

“Yes, this is the sensation that I like.” He appeared to be enjoying this very much despite the damage.

“What a man, he’s still able to laugh on the verge of death!” All the races here were admiring his courage and perseverance under the attack of the two weapons.

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