Chapter 987: Sneak Attack

Chapter 987: Sneak Attack

“Whoosh!” Before Li Qiye could finish his words, a powerful arrow pierced his body and pinned him to the ground as well.

This development was so sudden that no one could react in time.

Li Qiye had just defeated Chi Tianyu and nailed him to the ground. Chi Tianyu had no way of fighting back, so Li Qiye was at his most vulnerable state.

No one saw where the arrow came from. It was extremely fast, a hundred times faster than lightning. Even Li Qiye couldn't avoid it in time.

Someone eventually calmed down and asked in a daze: “What happened?”

A human expert from the previous generation had a dark expression and spoke wryly: “Someone performed a sneak attack!”

At this time, anyone could guess that it was the Blood Race who performed this ambush.

“Lowly slime!” A young human gritted his teeth after seeing this, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The arrow struck Li Qiye with frightening speed.

“Finally dead!” Countless Blood experts felt great relief after seeing Li Qiye’s death. In their eyes, this devilish guy was simply too much. He was even able to blow away an imperial weapon with his bare hands! He would be a big threat to the entire Blood Race if he continued to live.

Even though it was not very honorable to kill him via ambush, this was still much better than leaving him as a future threat.

“Is he really dead?” A few humans couldn’t accept this sudden development. Everyone held Li Qiye in high regard, but he was ultimately assassinated.

It was fine to die in the hands of enemies in a direct confrontation, but to die via assassination... this was the most frustrating way to go for a genius!

A big shot took a careful look and murmured: “I’m afraid he is. This arrow was most likely shot out from an incredible crossbow.”

Even Chi Tianyu, who was lying there, awaiting his death, became stunned. He found this unbelievable as well.

Finally, someone dressed in black slowly climbed to the summit under the eyes of all the spectators. After seeing Li Qiye pinned to the ground, he finally heaved a sigh of relief and took off his black hat.

“Brother Sky!” Chi Tianyu was ecstatic after seeing this person clearly and cried out: “Thanks for saving me!”

Returning from the verge of death couldn’t have made him happier.

“Skybearing Monarch!” When people finally saw this person’s face, they took deep breaths and felt a chill inside.

“So shameless!” Another young human felt indignant: “The leading successor of the Blood-devil Tribe is only an ambushing slime.”

“The victor becomes the king while the losers are vilified as bandits. For so many years, countless brilliant geniuses had been assassinated.” A young Blood immediately mocked him: “If Li Qiye was truly strong, he would have been able to dodge that arrow.”

“The Skybearing Monarch is worthy of his title and being the future leader of our tribe. The moment he took action, he was able to get revenge for our fallen disciples!” Another Blood applauded.

One more Blood quickly joined the fun: “That’s right, this Li guy’s hands are stained with our Blood disciples’ blood. The Skybearing Monarch dispatching him today is still not enough to atone for all of his sins!”

The victor becomes the king while the losers are vilified as bandits — this phrase was not wrong at all. After killing Li Qiye, the monarch became the hero of the Blood-devil Tribe. It was no longer important which method he used to kill Li Qiye.

Although many human cultivators were unwilling to accept this, there was nothing they could do. They glanced at each other and felt a cold chill. The Blood Race was too unified, especially the Blood-devil Tribe. They always stood on the same side to fend off outsiders no matter the circumstances!

The monarch stared at Li Qiye’s corpse and boldly uttered: “I will kill anyone who murders members of my Blood Race no matter what!” His voice echoed across the entire Godwar Mountain.

In fact, he felt very relieved at this moment. Finally, he was able to kill Li Qiye; if he didn’t, the guy would have always been a thorn in his side.

Many Blood disciples chanted in unison: “We will kill anyone who murders members of our Blood Race no matter what!” Some were even shouting the Skybearing Monarch’s title in jubilation.

His feat today immediately propelled his position in the tribe like a ship on water. Many people now supported him, and this would pave the way for him to eventually lead the entire tribe.

The monarch sonorously declared: “Today, I will take Li Qiye’s head and hang it outside of the Holy City so that people will know the fate of those who kill our race’s disciples!”

His declaration was heard by a lot of people. Many Blood disciples cheered in response. Earlier, the Blood Race felt very repressed due to Li Qiye’s actions, but now, they could hold their heads high again.

The monarch smiled after seeing the positive response from the Blood disciples. This event was enough for him to become famous in this world. His position in the Blood Race would soon be unparalleled.

The monarch came closer to Li Qiye’s body to chop off his head so that he could hang it outside the city. Only by doing so would his fame spread even more; this way, others would know that it was him who killed Li Qiye.

“Pluff!” Blood spurted everywhere. When everyone thought that the monarch had chopped off Li Qiye’s head, they were completely stunned by the actual unbelievable development.

The monarch took several steps back. His chest cavity now had a terrifying bloody hole. His heart was ripped out from his body.

“What is going on?” Many people jumped from seeing this with widened eyes.

At this time, they saw Li Qiye — who should have been dead — stand up. There was a heart still beating in his hand, the monarch’s heart!

The crowd gasped from seeing this. Who would have thought that the supposedly dead Li Qiye would actually manage to claw out the monarch’s heart?

“Yes, well done!” The human cultivators became relieved after seeing this. Some of them even cheered in response.

“No, this can’t be…” The monarch could no longer stand straight. He stared at Li Qiye in disbelief while mumbling: “No… no one has ever survived the Godslaying Crossbow!”

Li Qiye tightened his grip and the heart in his hand turned into a bloody mush. He smiled and slowly pulled out the arrow from his body: “Not a bad arrow. Unfortunately, it is still far from being able to kill me.”

Having said that, he looked at the monarch and said: “I have been waiting for this for quite some time.”

He casually threw the arrow. “Whoosh!” The monarch couldn’t dodge it and was pinned to the ground by the arrow.

The truth was that Li Qiye knew people were watching him even before he entered the Godwar Mountain. He was only playing dead to lead the snakes out of their nest. He wanted to see how many people from the Blood Race actually came for him.

“Haha, the leader of the Blood-devil Tribe is only a wretch. He’s not worth mentioning before our human race’s ‘Fierce’!” A human cultivator excitedly shouted after seeing the reversal.

The majority of the Blood disciples had ugly demeanors. They couldn’t help but become speechless. They were very excited about the monarch’s success earlier, but now, it was just another slap to their faces. Even a sneak attack couldn’t kill Li Qiye!

“All of you, come out now or else I’ll slowly flay his flesh. I want to see the people in this world hear the pitiful screams of the Blood-devil Tribe’s future leader.” Li Qiye held a saber in his hand and gently slapped the monarch’s face with it while leisurely smiling.

His voice was not loud, but many people could hear it easily.

Not long after, a group eventually reached the summit. Although their cultivations were suppressed on this mountain, they still emitted an aura that would cause others to tremble.

The spectators were startled after seeing this. Someone murmured after seeing this group dressed in black: “The Blood-devil Tribe came prepared, they didn’t try to kill Li Qiye on the spur of the moment.”

Li Qiye looked at them and leisurely said: “Since you are here, take off your masks and be direct. Your tribe shouldn’t be acting like rats that don’t even dare to show your faces.”

Someone snorted among the dozens of black-clad men. Eventually, they all took off their masks and revealed their faces. Every single one of them was a famous character unafraid of showing their true identities.

“An ancestor from the Wang Clan, Second Ancestor of the Blood-devil Tribe…” Many people were astonished to see the faces of these old men. They were all famous ancestors of the Blood-devil Tribe. Some of them had been reclusive for a long time, yet they actually came out today!

“Two eternal existences, eight legendary masters, twenty-seven ancestors…” Someone quietly counted the people in this group. After finishing the tally, even the Virtuous Paragons here shuddered.

The Blood-devil Tribe actually sent out this many ancestors to the Godwar Mountain! They were only short of God-Monarchs, but this was still a mobilization of epic proportions.

Even a fool would understand that it was a grand scheme. The tribe had wanted to take Li Qiye’s life long ago!

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