Chapter 985: Too Weak

Chapter 985: Too Weak

“Clang!” The saber rang. In the blink of an eye, everyone thought that it had slashed Li Qiye.

However, after this sound came about, the sea of blood disappeared and the evil affinity moldered. Li Qiye remained there in the same spot as if he didn’t even lift a single finger.

At this time, people finally had a clear view of them. Li Qiye’s hand was pushing down on the blade in a carefree manner.

The Blood-devil Saber beneath his palm was completely immobilized, as if his palm weighed the same as countless divine mountains. Once stopped, even a godfiend wouldn’t be able to escape, let alone a mere saber.

Feng Zhicheng’s complexion was flushed because he couldn’t pull back his saber from Li Qiye’s leisurely grasp. It felt as if his saber and Li Qiye had fused together. He mustered all of his strength, yet he still failed to move the blade even a tiny bit.

“Like I said, someone of your level wouldn’t even be able to withstand one blow.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Under the Hell Suppression Godly Physique, Feng Zhicheng’s puny cultivation couldn’t reach the apex. Although the Blood-devil Saber was a supreme evil blade, it was still suppressed by Li Qiye’s hand.

“Junior, do not be so presumptuous, die!” The other geniuses here saw Feng Zhicheng in trouble and all shouted at the same time. They summoned their treasures and attacked Li Qiye with their most powerful moves.

“Things should have been like this from the beginning.” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t bother looking at the oncoming barrage. He simply lifted his finger and unleashed a strike.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Before the crowd could realize what was going on, many bodies fell down. These attacking Blood geniuses lost their lives to just one finger strike!

It was too swift! No one saw Li Qiye’s technique that killed all the Blood-devil geniuses instantly. There was a frightening, bloody hole in each of their foreheads.

There was no doubt that his finger penetrated their skulls. They died with their eyes agape without even realizing how they died.

Soaring Immortal Physique — the ultimate in speed. The swiftness of this finger attack surpassed the void. These geniuses were nothing in the face of this attack.

“So brutal!” Even Virtuous Paragons from the previous generation shuddered after seeing this from the other peaks. Li Qiye’s speed could even threaten themselves.

“No techniques or dao laws, just pure speed alone. Don’t tell me he cultivates the Soaring Immortal Physique?” One of them was astonished and had this thought.

Feng Zhicheng was currently shocked. He quickly ran and even gave up on his saber! In the blink of an eye, he created a gap between him and Li Qiye! However, he had to stop after feeling a chill on his neck. A very sharp saber was hanging before it.

This sensation was too familiar. He didn’t need to look to know that it was his own Blood-devil Saber threatening his life!

It happened in an instant, so no one could see it. The other cultivators felt suffocated after witnessing this scene.

Feng Zhicheng came to a standstill and didn’t dare to move. He even stopped breathing. The saber had followed him for decades, so he knew just how sharp and terrifying it was. If he moved even a little bit right now, his head would be rolling on the floor.

“What a pity. What a nice blade, a shame that it wants to cut off its master’s head.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and smiled with the saber in his grasp.

Feng Zhicheng’s expression was extremely ugly. Until now, he was the only one who decapitated people with the devil blade. He never expected that one day, his own blade would be hovering around his neck! The blade that had always followed him was now the cruel instrument on the verge of slaying him.

“If I just apply a little force, your dog head would fall to the ground.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

“Li, halt your impudence!” A cold voice resounded as someone climbed up the peak.

“Chi Tianyu is here.” An attentive watcher quickly stated after seeing the fella.

Many people held their breaths after seeing this newcomer. Everyone knew that the Blood-devil Tribe had always been united. Provoking one was the same as provoking them all. No one found it surprising that Chi Tianyu would interfere at this moment.

“What, you want to stand up for the weak?” Li Qiye glanced at Chi Tianyu and grinned.

“I will kill anyone who murders members of my Blood Race, no matter who they are!” Chi Tianyu landed on the summit and glared at Li Qiye like a wolf eyeing its prey. He didn’t hold anything back and released his blood energy in its entirety.

Despite the great suppression from the mountain, Chi Tianyu’s surging blood energy still carried an ancient might as if a deity was protecting him. It made him quite powerful.

“It seems like the rumors are true.” Someone in the distance saw this and murmured: “Chi Tianyu really has an ancient Blood Race bloodline flowing through his veins!”

Li Qiye laughed and quipped: “So if I kill a few Blood members, I will be chased forever?”

“Let go of Feng Zhicheng now and I will give you a swift death. Otherwise, I’ll slowly torture you and let you taste a fate worse than death!” All of Chi Tianyu’s blood energy rushed out, turning him into a blood god with a murderous momentum.

“How confident. Good, go for it. I’ll give you a chance. If you can’t save him in one move, I’ll chop off his head...” Li Qiye smiled.

“Suppress!” Chi Tianyu was also quite decisive and made his move before Li Qiye could finish his words. He formed a mudra with both hands at an unparalleled speed. In the blink of an eye, his blood energy fused to form a seal of blood. This technique immediately gave birth to a strange image of a deity controlling this blood seal that was then unleashed straight at Li Qiye.

The laws of the dao were instantly overshadowed and repressed by this blood seal. Even the cultivators on the other peaks felt its ancient power that stemmed from the Blood Race.

“Sealing Evil Divine Mark! The ultimate attack of the Pureblood School!” Many human experts gasped and were very worried for Li Qiye after seeing this attack.

However, Li Qiye was unperturbed in the face of this sacred attack. He simply punched the air without using any special techniques. No universal laws emerged, and neither did the surging power from the grand dao appear.

This fist only had absolute speed, absolute power, and absolute weight…

“Bang!” The punch directly shattered the blood seal. Blood splattered everywhere along with the unpleasant sound of bones breaking.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Despite using the ultimate attack of his school, Chi Tianyu still couldn’t escape defeat. He had to stagger dozens of steps back while spewing out a mouthful of blood. And even then, he still couldn’t stabilize himself!

His injury didn’t stop there! Li Qiye’s punch shattered his entire arm. His flesh was dangling from what was left of his bones!

Such a scene forced everyone to take a deep breath. No one expected that Chi Tianyu, one of the five saints, wouldn’t be able to handle a single punch from Li Qiye.

“This, this is far too strange, too devilish…” An older Virtuous Paragon from the Blood Race shuddered: “How could there be such a big gap when they’re both at the Physique Accumulation level? This is simply impossible. Can it be, can it be that this brat is not suppressed by the Godwar Mountain?”

After arriving at this conjecture, the paragon quickly shook his head and murmured: “No way. Even Godkings would be suppressed, let alone a junior like him.”

“You truly disappoint me.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head while looking at the wounded Chi Tianyu: “Completely lacking in skill yet you still want to interfere... No matter what your intentions are, trying to save a fellow clan member is a good thing. Unfortunately, you don’t know your own limits!”

The pale Chi Tianyu became furious after hearing this. He had witnessed Li Qiye’s terrifying speed, but in an actual fight, Li Qiye’s speed was even more frightening than he had previously anticipated!

He would quiver whenever he thought about Li Qiye’s speed even when he was being suppressed by the mountain. This made him want to eliminate Li Qiye even more. Chi Tianyu couldn’t afford to let him live since the guy was too big of a threat.

“All I can say is, sorry, you have failed. I can only fulfill my promise.” Li Qiye smiled and said while staring at the paled Chi Tianyu.

“No…” Feng Zhicheng let out an unwilling scream, but it was too late. Blood spurted from where his head used to be. As his skull was flying in the air, he could see a stream of blood gushing from his own neck.

Eventually, it rolled far away while his body made a loud thump, falling flat on the ground. His blood dyed the mud red as if it was nourishing the land.

“That felt good!” A human expert swung his fist in the air to celebrate: “This is how things should be! The Blood Race has been long overdue to be taken down a notch. If we humans don’t show our might, they would keep on thinking that they’re the boss of the Barren Earth!”

Such words incited a lot of hostile glares. In just a second, many Blood experts nearby coldly stared at him.

This human was frightened and lowered his head a bit. Nevertheless, he still had to let out a few laughs since he felt quite good from Li Qiye quickly dispatching Feng Zhicheng.

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