Chapter 983: Overbearing Blood Race

Chapter 983: Overbearing Blood Race

As Lin Tiandi was leaving the Prime Peak, he saw Li Qiye planting items along the way.

Although they were only staring at each other in the far distance, this was more than enough to cause the atmosphere to change.

There wasn’t a need to say more about Lin Tiandi. His fame at the southern region was incomparable as the current number one.

On the other hand, Li Qiye recently climbed to fame by instantly killing the Crimson Night descendant in front of their ancestors. He used his own power to challenge the kingdom. This was enough to show his tyrannical nature.

Today, Tiandi and Fierce had finally met. There were many who watched them with excitement. They all wanted to see if the two would fight or not. [1. One thing I want to clarify here is that the people here are also calling Li Qiye “Fierce” like the previous world. This might raise some eyebrows since they should not know who Li Qiye is, so how do they know his title? Remember that long footnote about the choosing of this title? Just think that it is a more common vernacular used by the people in this novel. If we were to come up with an equivalent in our own language, the closest would be monster. Of course, later on, there is a reason why Fierce fits better than any other word due to a new modification to the title.]

“Fierce and Tiandi, will they fight and who will win?” Someone curiously wondered.

“We can’t tell who is weak and strong at the Godwar Mountain. Everyone is suppressed, so they wouldn’t be able to use their most powerful attacks.” A Barren Earth cultivator spoke: “However, if they leave the mountain, Lin Tiandi is probably stronger in my opinion.”

A human cultivator responded: “Not necessarily. Li Qiye is a monster that dared to challenge the Crimson Night Kingdom by himself. He didn’t even care for the Thunder Tower Lord back in the city!”

“Right, I am also very optimistic about Li Qiye. One of them challenged a Blood imperial lineage while the other suppressed five Blood tribes. It can be said that both of them are the nemesis of the Blood Race while being the pride of our human race!” A young human was especially excited.

This made the nearby Blood members very annoyed. The feats of these two on top of Jikong Wudi’s rampage back then left them humiliated.

“Look at these humans flattering themselves.” A young Blood sneered: “Who says Lin Tiandi is a human? Legend states that he came from a family of scholars, but that family has our race’s blood running through their veins. Lin Tiandi is our pride, a human like Li Qiye is nothing compared to him!” [2. The literal idiom for the first sentence is gilding one’s face, meaning to elevate oneself through exaggeration or lies.]

Despite this claim, no one knew whether Lin Tiandi was a human or a Blood. This had always been a secret!

“Hmph, what’s so special about your Blood Race?” The human youth didn’t give up. He snorted in response: “Li Qiye used his own power to mess with your imperial lineage, what did your race do about it?”

The Blood cultivator’s expression turned ugly after being provoked. He gave a sinister smile: “Just let Li Qiye act all cocky for now, he won’t be able to keep it up for long. In the Godwar Mountain, one’s background doesn’t matter! Even an emperor will be dragged down from his horse! Just wait, if Li Qiye dares to come close to the Myriad Peaks, he will never leave! That place is our world!”

The human cultivator’s expression sank after hearing this threat. He wanted to counter, but his friend pulled him back and motioned for him to stop running his mouth, lest he risks his life.

Meanwhile, Lin Tiandi stared at Li Qiye while standing on a different peak. Li Qiye only gave him a passing glance and went back to burying his items.

Lin Tiandi asked: “May I ask for Fellow Daoist’s name?” Even though his voice was not loud, it easily reached Li Qiye’s ears.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye continued his task while answering without looking back. After finishing with his digging on this peak, he continued to the next.

In the eyes of many people here, Li Qiye’s attitude was very contemptuous towards Lin Tiandi. Everyone thought that Lin Tiandi would throw a tantrum in response, but he didn’t become angry at all.

Lin Tiandi watched Li Qiye’s back going further away and murmured: “A character with complete disregard for myriad worlds, definitely someone who is hiding his true abilities.”

He didn’t challenge Li Qiye out of rage either. He only smiled and left the Godwar Mountain in a cool manner.

This scene completely disappointed many spectators. It wasn’t easy for Fierce and Tiandi to meet each other. Many of them were waiting for the two to fight, but it didn’t happen.

The strange images appearing at the Godwar Mountain made a large group of experts run here. Some sects even mustered all of their forces to obtain a great fortune on the mountain.

These groups were often led by the Blood Race. Although many human cultivators came as well, they didn’t have the same amount of experts.

Currently, existences like the Heavenguard and the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain were reclusive and didn’t interfere with worldly affairs. This made the humans in the southern region weaker than the Blood Race in terms of both momentum and strength.

Thus, just as Yi Chuan mentioned before, the Blood Race acted quite aggressively and even divided the area into multiple sectors. They didn’t allow for humans to climb certain peaks. A few Blood lineages categorized some peaks to have great fortunes and took them as their own territory, not allowing anyone else to approach.

Humans and the other races were naturally upset by this overbearing style from the Blood Race. However, without strong sects or imperial lineages backing them, they couldn’t provoke the Blood Race, especially the unified Blood-devil Tribe. Thus, they could only leave in anger and avoided the Blood Race while choosing their peaks.

After finishing with the Thousand Peaks, Li Qiye began planting on the Myriad Peaks. At the beginning, he wasn’t met with any trouble. However, once he chose the better ones, it finally came.

“Human, stop! This is our Blood Race’s territory, do not take another step!” More than a dozen Bloods stopped Li Qiye the moment he got close to a Myriad Peak. They consisted of both young and old that had considerable blood energy.

Li Qiye paused and looked at these experts before smiling: “Your territory? Since when did the Godwar Mountain fall into the jurisdiction of the Blood Race?”

There were spectators from the other races stopped here as well; they couldn’t climb these Myriad Peaks or the Deca-myriad Peaks, so they felt quite indignant. This group saw the Bloods stopping Li Qiye and paused to watch. Some became quite happy and hoped that the brutal Li Qiye would open the way for them.

“Because we said so!” The leader of the Blood experts here sneered with a tough attitude: “And it’s not just this Myriad Peak, with this as the starting point, the surrounding 100,000 miles all belong to us! Anyone who dares to pass will become the enemy of our Saber Emperor School and the entire Blood-devil Tribe!”

This tribe indeed had great solidarity. Not just the thirty-five great lineages, even the majority of the sects in this tribe consistently united against outsiders, especially humans.

“Quite overbearing.” Li Qiye smiled: “It’s as if the world belongs to your Blood-devil Tribe and you can divide it however you want.”

“You are right!” The leader snorted: “This is our world. Be smart and scram or else your blood will stain this land!”

“Such an aggressive tone. It is not others’ turn to act so overbearingly in front of me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Haha, you are Li Qiye, right?!” A young expert among them recognized Li Qiye. He revealed an unfriendly expression to the point of being murderous.

“Yes, I am Li Qiye, and?” Li Qiye caught the murderous glare and couldn’t help but smile. Someone was considering him a fat sheep in a slaughterhouse again.

The moment he revealed his identity, the Blood experts immediately surrounded him in the sky completely like an inescapable net.

“Fight!” After seeing this scene, the spectators became excited before Li Qiye himself reacted. Due to his recent notoriety, everyone wanted to see how he would beat up the Blood Race. This was especially true for the humans, they wanted to see him rampage.

Li Qiye stared at these experts and leisurely smiled: “Oh? You want to rob me?”

“Haha, yes, we want to take your dog life!” One of them smiled deviously.

The leader snorted: “If you were someone else, then we could have spared you. But Li Qiye, there is no way out for you today. This place will be your burial!”

The Blood youth who recognized Li Qiye shouted: “That’s right, tear him to pieces so that the humans can see the result of those who oppose us!”

“It seems like you all really think that I am a fish on the chopping board.” Li Qiye chuckled: “You think you can kill me with just your group alone?”

“Haha, Li Qiye, you can keep acting smug all you want.” The young Blood laughed arrogantly: “You might be strong outside, but don’t forget, this is the Godwar Mountain where everyone is equal at the Physique Accumulation realm! You might have the advantage in a one on one situation, but one against a dozen, where is your advantage now?”

“That’s right, we’ll tear this Li guy into a million pieces so that he will forever wallow in regret for opposing our Blood Race!” The experts here revealed their bloodthirst.

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