Chapter 982: Dao Passing

Chapter 982: Dao Passing

After bringing them here, Li Qiye looked at the group and slowly explained: “I only have half a day. I will repeat the theories I’ve stated earlier. You, you, you…”

With that, he pointed at three people in the group.

They were Yi Chuan’s best disciples. A’Bao was one of them.

“I see that the three of you have trained in a combination technique and have decent teamwork. I will pass down an old Trinity Formation to you three. I will only repeat it twice, whether you can learn it is up to you.” Li Qiye said.

Yi Chuan’s disciples quickly held their breaths and focused. They were afraid of missing out on such a good opportunity.

Li Qiye then repeated the few dao basics. Even though this was only elementary information, it was completely different when explained by Li Qiye. Everything became so brilliant and easy to understand.

A’Bao’s group had read these basic dao guidelines before and felt that they were too simple and boring. However, this tedious information became completely different when told by Li Qiye.

They never thought that such basic information hid such profundities. Even Yi Chuan, the ruler of a country, was immersed in the teachings.

At this time, both the master and the disciples who looked down on Li Qiye were completely convinced and greatly admired him.

After the dao preaching, he gave A’Bao’s group the Trinity Formation. This ordinary formation was not too profound, but after being modified by Li Qiye, it became incredibly abstruse. This made the three quite ecstatic, as if they had just found a great treasure. They felt incredibly grateful towards Li Qiye.

Yi Chuan was happy as well. He inadvertently created a good relationship with Li Qiye, but he didn’t expect for this good of an outcome.

After passing down the formation, Li Qiye told A’Li: “You obtained a runic water vein. This vein is a bit special. Since our meeting is a type of fate, I will help you improve it.”

With that, he pointed at her forehead. In the blink of an eye, bright waves rippled in the sky. A’Li closed her eyes and didn’t stop Li Qiye from judging her dao foundation.

“Zzzz—” With Li Qiye’s finger movement, the runes with a wavy texture suddenly intertwined like needles. In a short time, they combined to turn into a universal law in the form of a divine chain.

“Zzz—” Eventually, this divine chain imprinted itself into her sea of memories and took root there like a healthy tree. It seemed to be turning into a heavenly merit law.

“This is…” A’Li felt the item in her mind. She was both happy and scared before asking curiously: “What is this merit law?”

“Carefully study it. One day, you will understand what kind of merit law it is.” Li Qiye didn’t answer her question completely, only smiling instead.

He then shifted his gaze towards Yi Chuan’s group: “You all can stay here for now to meditate. Try to climb the higher peaks afterward, there won’t be any more chances in the future. In the Godwar Mountain, your talents do not matter. It is all about your dao heart and determination…” He pointed at his heart after finishing this.

He taught them a few techniques to climb the mountains before turning around to leave.

Yi Chuan asked with concern as Li Qiye turned around: “Young Noble wants to climb up the Prime Peak?”

“Yes, but there’s no rush for now.” Li Qiye smiled: “When I climb up the Prime Peak, you all should leave. The Godwar Mountain won’t be like this from then on.”

“Thank you for your guidance.” Yi Chuan bowed again. He pondered for a moment before speaking with some hesitation: “Young Noble should still be a bit careful on your trip. I heard the Blood Race wants to monopolize all the Myriad Peaks and up; they’re not allowing humans to come close!”

“I’ll be careful.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Will we meet again?” A’Li curiously asked while looking at Li Qiye’s back.

“If it is meant to be. To meet or not to meet, let it be up to fate.” Li Qiye smiled before disappearing at the entrance.

“What a strange person.” A’Li tilted her head and murmured: “He is arrogant but also friendly. After drinking one cup of wine from us, he gave us so many good things.”

“Because he is a master, a real master.” Another disciple spoke: “I heard a master only teaches when it is fateful, they won’t care about one’s background.”

“Either way is fine.” Yi Chuan sighed softly: “He is not from our world. He will definitely break the nine heavens and climb to the apex. We are only insects in this world and can only watch in admiration. He taught us these grand dao just because of the fateful connection back then.”

Yi Chuan understood that Li Qiye was returning the kindness from that cup of wine back then. From now on, Li Qiye no longer owed them anything.

Li Qiye continued on burying items in the Thousand Peaks. Each item he buried was different as well. Alas, no matter how many peaks he climbed, there was no reaction at all. He didn’t meet any fortunes unlike the others.

Just like the speculations of the Blood Race, Li Qiye must have been cursed and the Godwar Mountain did not welcome him.

“Haha, it is useless even if you climb up a million peaks. A cursed person like him will never gain anything from the Godwar Mountain.” Someone gloatingly mocked after seeing Li Qiye’s attempts.

Of course, the truth was far from this. He was the one who set up the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation to suppress this place. How could he obtain any fortune here? If he wanted them, he could have taken as many as he wanted. It was just that he didn’t wish to disturb the peace underground because his followers were buried there!

In addition to Li Qiye who was attracting a lot of attention, there was another who commanded the same level of spotlight, Lin Tiandi!

He had reached the top of the highest Million Peak. However, no matter how hard he tried by crossing time and space, he couldn't reach the Prime Peak.

His methods were extremely heaven-defying. Many images appeared. There was even an immortal paving the way for him. He even took out one supreme treasure after another! Some were completely unrecognizable by others!

Alas, even his best efforts didn’t allow him to reach the final peak.

Even though others called him Tiandi, he was insignificant, unable to reach the apex that was the Prime Peak.

The Prime Peak had been there for millions of years. It seemed that no one could conquer it by reaching its summit!

“He is indeed amazing. Every generation, a wondrous genius like this would come out.” While carrying out his planting process, he occasionally looked up to see Lin Tiandi’s methods and nodded approvingly.

Others marveled at Lin Tiandi’s methods as well: “So powerful. No wonder why he is called the number one in the Barren Earth. Despite coming from humble beginnings, he can still stand tall against Mei Suyao’s group. He is the pride of vagrant cultivators like us!”

Of course, there were also those who were jealous of Lin Tiandi, especially the younger generation. They knew they couldn’t compete against him.

After exhausting his means and still being unable to reach the Prime Peak, Lin Tiandi had to give up. He felt a bit dejected. Since his dao debut, everything had been smooth sailing and nothing could halt his pace. He was completely confident and would challenge any powerful existence.

However, he finally suffered a setback before the Prime Peak. Although he couldn’t come up with a reason for failure, he still had to stop right here.

Of course, Lin Tiandi was still Lin Tiandi. He didn’t lose his confidence because of this setback. He only smiled wryly with a touch of helplessness.

“Wait until I’m more powerful, I will come back to conquer you!” Eventually, he looked at the Prime Peak and murmured before leaving.

Some were happy and some were sad to see his failure. The happy people found consolation in his failure. At the very least, not everything went well for him. No matter how brilliant he might be, he was still met with failure this day.

As for the sad crowd, they felt that if even Lin Tiandi couldn’t do it, there was no chance for other people. It was likely that they would never be able to reach the Prime Peak and see the scenery up there.

“It is no surprise to see Lin Tiandi fail here. Since the start of time, even Immortal Emperors face defeat one day, let alone us normal people.” A fella commented after this event. No one knew if these words were meant to console Lin Tiandi or himself.

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