Chapter 981: Meeting Yi Chuan Again

Chapter 981: Meeting Yi Chuan Again

Li Qiye, of course, didn’t have so much free time to tease other people. The truth was that he truly buried items there, but these items were instantly dragged down to the deepest location of the mountain. This wasn’t something that others could see.

Moreover, these items were extremely frightening. After the last battle with the Ancient Ming, he gave these items to the mysterious clans inside the city for safekeeping. This time, he visited them and took back all those items.

For millions of years, people thought that a war between deities had taken place in this location. Of course, in a certain sense, that past battle was also a battle between gods. It ultimately resulted in a battle to kill an Immortal Emperor!

In present times, few people knew that this place wasn't always called the Godwar Mountain. In the past, it was a divine land. After the Ancient Ming took over the nine worlds, the Dark Dragon Dynasty built a supreme ancestral ground at this place.

After the death of an Immortal Emperor, this land was transformed into its present state, the current Godwar Mountain. Countless ancient battlefields had shattered here. Towering mountains and peaks were rebuilt from the accumulation of flesh and blood.

The world also didn’t know that the thing suppressing everyone in here was not an immortal or any item, it was the most terrorizing formation in this world — the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation!

After the battle, Li Qiye left the formation to reign over this place. Outside of the Immortal Emperor blood still flowing here, the more important reason was that this land was too mystical. Furthermore, the Ancient Ming had fortified this land for many years and truly affected the terrain. Thus, Li Qiye left the formation here as insurance to destroy everything the Ancient Ming left behind with the erosion of time.

The sight of the phenomena told Li Qiye that the time was finally ripe after these millions of years. This day had finally come, the day of his harvest.

Despite their great efforts, that highly coveted item was too profound and in the end, the Ancient Ming's efforts came to naught. They were unable to get the item inside as the time wasn't right!

Li Qiye finally waited until this day. He was not only going to take back the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation, but also a few things buried underground!

Virtually no one knows that the suppression was due to a great formation. They believed in the myth of an immortal being here instead.

Li Qiye continued to bury items deep underground. He started from the Hundred Peaks and then the Thousand Peaks, Myriad Peaks…

For many cultivators, climbing these mountains was not an easy matter. This was especially true after the Myriad Peaks, it became prohibitively difficult to continue onward. The suppression became stronger the closer one was to the center of the Godwar Mountain. It was a great test to anyone’s dao heart, determination, perception, and skill!

However, this was not difficult for Li Qiye. He was the creator of Godwar Mountain. For him, not to mention the Million Peaks, even climbing the Prime Peak was easy.

At one of the special Thousand Peaks Li Qiye was burying items in, a respectful figure immediately bowed the moment he saw Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li…”

Li Qiye looked up and smiled leisurely: “Royal Lord Yi, we meet again. This is truly a type of fate.”

So it turned out that this old man who bowed respectfully towards Li Qiye was the Suhuang Country’s Royal Lord Yi Chuan. At this time, a group of disciples were standing behind him. A’Bao, who didn’t like Li Qiye, was among them.

Yi Chuan quickly told his disciples: “Come, greet Young Noble Li.”

Back at the Void Trap Desert, some of them had looked down on Li Qiye. But now, they knew that Li Qiye was their great lord’s esteemed guest. What shocked them even more was when they heard some of his stories.

He even dared to kill the descendant of the Crimson Night Kingdom — this was too much to take in for little cultivators like them. In their eyes, Chi Zixian was a goddess from legends, someone completely out of reach. However, Li Qiye casually killed someone of her level so easily. How could they not be astonished?

Thus, after seeing his arrival, A’Bao’s group didn’t dare to slight him in the least. They were stricken with both fear and awe as they bowed towards him.

“Rise.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and smiled: “Oh? That little lady isn’t coming?”

He was referring to Yi Chuan’s disciple, A’Li. He had a good impression of her due to her broad-mindedness.

“She’s here.” Yi Chuan was happy to see Li Qiye bringing up his disciple right away. He pointed at a Thousand Peak ahead and said: “She climbed up that peak and is comprehending the fortune up there.”

Li Qiye looked at this peak for a bit. It was around five to six thousand zhang high. It was relatively tall among the Thousand Peaks.

“Mmm, to be able to climb a Six Thousand Peak at that age, she either has a strong dao heart or a mind free of distractions.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “However, there is still a big gap compared to real cultivators if she can only climb up a Thousand Peak.”

His words made the majority of disciples behind Yi Chuan lower their heads in shame. Even the proud A’Bao was very embarrassed.

One couldn’t be considered a real cultivator by just climbing a Six Thousand Peak. Meanwhile, they could barely climb a Three Thousand Peak — this was not much different from mere mortals.

“May I ask how you define a cultivator?” Yi Chuan noticed this rare opportunity and immediately asked Li Qiye. He was seizing the chance for his disciples.

“Cultivation is not about innate talents. It relies on one’s dao heart, determination, and perception…” Li Qiye only smiled since he knew what Yi Chuan was thinking, so he casually taught them.

Most cultivators wouldn’t care for this basic theory. Li Qiye didn’t want to pass down a real dao system either. This was only casual speech. As for how much they could understand from it, this depended on their own efforts and fortune.

“Wow, I feel like I’ve missed something?” While Li Qiye sat on the ground to teach Yi Chuan’s disciples, a crisp and pleasant voice rang out.

Yi Chuan’s youngest disciple, A’Li, finally came back from the summit. She was both excited and scared to see Li Qiye sitting together with her brothers.

Yi Chuan hurriedly said: “A’Li, come greet Young Noble Li.”

She looked at him with surprise in her big and round pair of eyes before she happily smiled: “Young Noble Li is also here? Don’t tell me you want to compete with Lin Tiandi by seeing if you can reach the Prime Peak?”

Yi Chuan was startled after hearing his disciple. Both Li Qiye and Lin Tiandi were peerless characters, not people that a small kingdom like them could provoke.

“This girl, what nonsense is this? Just greet Young Noble Li first.” Yi Chuan gently scolded her so that his disciple wouldn’t speak more outrageous lines.

Li Qiye gently waved and stopped Yi Chuan. He then glanced at the Million Peaks in the distance and smiled: “I am only competing with myself, there’s no need to compare with others.”

“How awesome!” A’Li cutely smiled and said: “So Young Noble Li is saying you are not weaker than Lin Tiandi?”

In the past, among Yi Chuan’s disciples, only A’Li was unprejudiced towards Li Qiye.

“Lin Tiandi? I don’t need to compete with him.” Li Qiye smiled towards this curious girl.

If this was before, A’Bao’s group would have laughed at Li Qiye and thought that he was ignorant. However, they didn’t think so today. Daring to kill Crimson Night’s descendant showed that Li Qiye had the power to back it up.

Li Qiye spoke to A’Li: “It seems like you had a good harvest at the summit. A runic water vein... it can nourish your dao foundation.”

“How, how do you know that?!” She was jolted from hearing him reveal her harvest. She had only managed to comprehend the dao runes on the mountain and didn’t even have the time to tell her master, but Li Qiye was able to tell with a single glance.

“I only calculated with my fingers.” Li Qiye chuckled. How could this elude his eyes? It was only a small exaggeration to say that he was the creator of the Godwar Mountain!

A’Li was both puzzled and scared. She wanted to ask, but Yi Chuan shook his head towards her and motioned for her not to.

Li Qiye told Yi Chuan: “Royal Lord Yi, when I drank your wine back then, I said I would give you a good fortune. Today, we met by chance, so it is time to finish our connection.”

After hearing this, Yi Chuan became quite joyous. He brought his disciples to thank Li Qiye and said: “Thank you for your guidance, Young Noble Li. We are very appreciative.”

“Follow me.” Li Qiye accepted their gesture and then turned around to leave.

Yi Chuan quickly followed with his disciples. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in his eyes. It wasn’t easy to encounter a supreme genius like Li Qiye.

Li Qiye brought them into a hidden mountain base in this area. After entering, they all disappeared right away. No one was more familiar with this place than Li Qiye, so he brought them here to learn.

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