Chapter 978: Strange Phenomenon At The Godwar Mountain

Chapter 978: Strange Phenomenon At The Godwar Mountain

The people in the Holy City and even those on top of the mountain right now were stunned at this scene. No one knew the meaning behind this phenomenon.

“Boom!” At the same time on a majestic, towering peak inside the Godwar Mountain, a bright figure seemingly wished to cross time itself and all obstacles. He trod forward to reach the deepest and highest location in the mountain to look at the phenomenon.

“It’s Lin Tiandi…” Someone exclaimed after seeing the figure beneath the bronze light: “Does he want to reach the deepest location?”

Meanwhile, no matter how Lin Tiandi tried with his myriad laws or even time-traveling sequences, he could only stop at this spot, failing to reach a greater height.

“Even the supreme Lin Tiandi can’t reach that peak.” Another murmured after seeing this.

One more added: “He is already quite amazing. Even if he can't be listed among the top five of all ages, this is more than enough for him to be considered a supreme genius. Only supreme geniuses can reach this level.”

This phenomenon went on for a long time as if it was replaying the past; these visual images seemed to have occurred in distant years.

Both Li Qiye and Ye Chuyun, who were sleeping, were alarmed by this commotion as well. They rushed out at the same time and looked at this phenomenon over the Godwar Mountain.

“What’s that?” Ye Chuyun quietly asked Li Qiye standing beside her.

He looked at the image for a long time before slowly answering: “There are a few things in there that ordinary people cannot grasp.”

“What kind of things?” She couldn’t help her curiosity.

His gaze remained fixed on the visual phenomena in the sky as if there was something within attracting his attention. After a long time, he finally responded: “A few items that are ancient beyond imagination.”

Ye Chuyun looked back at the mountain. The truth was that she didn’t know much about it, let alone the rest of the world. No one had heard of someone being able to reach the deepest crevice or the highest peak in the Godwar Mountain.

“Brother Li, how much do you know about the Godwar Mountain?” She knew that he specifically came for the mountain this time.

“How should I put this?” Li Qiye smiled: “If I say that there is no one in this world who understands it more than I do, you may not believe me.”

“I believe you.” Ye Chuyun nodded seriously and responded without any hesitation. Her trust in him was absolute.

He continued to stare at the mountain before speaking after a long intermission: “I believe in something as well. The Godwar Mountain might not be called an ominous ground, but it is the most dangerous place in this world.”

She inquired: “Why is that? I haven’t heard about any dangers there.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Not just anyone can reach the dangerous areas. Moreover, the danger of the mountain is different from the general sense of danger.”

Ye Chuyun didn’t quite understand what he was trying to say. However, if he didn’t want to reveal everything, she wouldn’t keep on asking.

“Lin Tiandi can’t do it. He isn’t capable of reaching the Prime Peak.” Ye Chuyun looked at the mountain and noticed Lin Tiandi’s repeated attempts at climbing.

“The Prime Peak isn’t a place that he can climb to.” Li Qiye said: “It is already incredible that he has made it through a Million Peak to reach that point. His understanding of profound truths is quite high. Unfortunately, he doesn’t need such a thing.”

“Can no one in this world climb the Prime Peak?” She asked. There were many legends about the Prime Peak of the Godwar Mountain, but a successful attempt was unheard of.

“Yes, Immortal Emperors!” Li Qiye answered: “However, Immortal Emperors won’t want to go to that place.”

“How come?” She inquired as she mused over the idea. She didn’t remember hearing about an emperor climbing the Prime Peak before.

“That place isn’t a nice or auspicious location, especially for Immortal Emperors.” Li Qiye smiled.

Ye Chuyun wanted to ask more but decided against it.


The phenomenon continued until the middle of the night before it slowly disappeared. The Godwar Mountain finally reverted to its normal appearance.

A large number of cultivators of many races rushed for the mountain.

“An immortal item is surely coming out of the mountain in this generation!” Both young and old ran hysterically to the mountain.

A youth freely laughed and said: “No one other than me will obtain the immortal scripture. I will definitely be able to soar to the heavens and ascend to godhood!”

“Quiet down. I heard that there is more than just eternal existences from the previous generation coming. If an immortal scripture actually does come out, I’m afraid even God-Monarchs will come.” A friend whispered him a reminder.

“Haha, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Don’t forget that this is the Godwar Mountain.” The youth responded leisurely: “No matter who they might be, eternal existences or Godkings, everyone is equal inside the Godwar Mountain. Nobility is not preordained by the heavens! Maybe I will even take a God-Monarch down!” [1. Okay, this is a hard one but also interesting. The official translation for this phrase “王侯将相, 宁有种乎” is “Do those gentry certainly have blue blood?” This is a popular phrase after a farmer rebels during the Qin Dynasty. It brings up the question if nobility is innate. Why do the nobles get to have more than the peasants? The official translation is problematic in this context, although the meaning is fine in Chinese since it is known as a phrase and simply understood. Thus, I have to make it into a statement with the same meaning to fit this context. On a different note, I do find this concept to be surprising because it came earlier than I thought — around 209 B.C. It definitely seems more of a western idea.]

This young cultivator’s unrestrained speech scared his companion stiff. He quickly covered his friend’s mouth and told him to be quiet.

Overnight, many cultivators entered the mountain, whether it be for the immortal scripture or for something else. In short, a great influx of cultivators arrived at the mountain despite it being in the middle of the night.

“Nobility is not preordained by the heavens at the Godwar Mountain!” Contrary to some careless young cultivators, a few great characters from the previous generation — including Virtuous Paragons — became quite cautious the moment they faced this mountain. They didn’t want their boat to capsize in waveless waters; what if they died to the hands of a nobody or a junior? Their lifelong reputation would then collapse in a second.

“I should also leave.” Li Qiye gently nodded and told Ye Chuyun after the image had disappeared.

Ye Chuyun didn’t go with him as she wanted to return to the Pure Lotus School instead.

Li Qiye left on that very night, but he didn’t go to the mountain. He secretly visited several ancient and mysterious clans in the city.

These clans maintained a very low-profile even within the Holy City. Some didn’t even want others to know about their existence. Outsiders simply didn’t know about them at all.

After the visits, he finally left the city for the Godwar Mountain. Of course, he was not the only one. More cultivators poured towards the mountain from the other areas as well through the night.

At this moment, Li Qiye was famous. Each of his actions was noted even in the darkness, especially by those who were paying attention.

“Li Qiye is also going to the Godwar Mountain!” Someone privately discussed this matter.

Under the cloak of darkness, a pair of eyes had been watching Li Qiye’s every move. He noticed that Li Qiye was heading for the mountain and became excited, prompting him to command someone next to him.

He was the descendant of the Blood-devil Tribe, the Skybearing Monarch. He instantly came up with a plan the moment he saw Li Qiye on the road. Thus, he sent people to invite Bai Jian and Chi Tianyu.

The five saints of the blood race were close friends. Moreover, since he was the leader, Bai Jian and Chi Tianyu should have no reason to decline.

However, Bai Jian actually refused the invitation. He told his confidant: “Tell the Skybearing Monarch’s messenger that I am in closed cultivation. When I come out, I will go apologize to him.”

Bai Jian’s confidant sent the monarch’s messenger away. He came back and asked with some confusion: “Young Master, your relationship with the monarch is quite good. You are usually happy to answer his beckons, so why are you refusing this time?”

“A’Fu, this is a turbulent period.” Bai Jian gently shook his head: “The Skybearing Monarch has great ambitions. Him inviting me at this key moment is probably not a good thing.” With that, he glanced outside the window: “Fierce has arrived at the Barren Earth — this is not a good omen at all. I shouldn’t be involving myself in these muddy waters. From today on, I will go train and won’t ask about anything. If anyone comes, just send them away for me.”

His confidant acknowledged the command and would carry it out.

The monarch was dissatisfied at Bai Jian’s absence. As the Blood-devil descendant, he was quite influential within the Blood Race. He wanted to join forces with Bai Jian, so how could he be happy when Bai Jian didn’t show up? He coldly grunted in response.

Nevertheless, Chi Tianyu arrived!

“Brother Tianyu is indeed my brother. You came to see me at a time like this.” The monarch personally came out to greet him.

Chi Tianyu smiled: “Brother Skybearing has helped me many times in the past, so how could I not come after you called?” [2. Both of them are being very polite here with their honorific game, calling each other big brother and referring to themselves as little brother.]

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