Chapter 976: Deal

Chapter 976: Deal

After a while, the godfiend finally returned from his bewilderment and spoke: “Your Excellency has not revealed yourself for a generation now. It is an honor to see you today.”

Although the godfiend was the soul of the Blood Race — an extremely incredible existence, he was only a junior before the real teacher of Immortal Emperors, the Dark Crow. Even older emperors were only Li Qiye’s juniors, let alone him.

“I don’t appear every single generation.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Sometimes, I disappear for several.”

The godfiend let out an emotional sigh and said: “I didn’t think that I would be able to meet Your Excellency in this situation. I have long heard of your thunderous fame before. I especially didn’t think that our legacy would be obtained by you.”

Li Qiye said: “Although your legacy is indeed incredible, it is not to the level where I must have it. Fate is what brought me to your Blood Race’s legacy.”

The godfiend had no response to this because he had heard of many legends regarding the Dark Crow. If the Dark Crow truly wanted something, very few items could elude him.

Li Qiye stared at the coffin and spoke: “Of course, since I have taken your legacy, I can do a few things for your race when necessary.”

“However…” Li Qiye paused for a bit: “We won’t talk about trivial matters like ruling the Blood Race. I have no interest in this, it is only a waste of my time.”

The godfiend didn’t deny this opinion. Ruling the Blood Race was the dream of many Blood geniuses. It was a supreme glory that would make their ancestors proud. However, the godfiend knew that the Dark Crow had even ruled the nine worlds. For an existence like him, ruling the Blood Race was no big deal.

Such overbearing words were said, but they seemed so natural when it came from Li Qiye.

The godfiend asked: “What will Your Excellency bring to my Blood Race if I am willing to come out to fight for you?”

This time, the godfiend’s words had no semblance of doubt or posturing. His tone was full of compliance.

He knew very well of his own strength. He was strong enough to be described as heaven-defying. However, this was not enough to act foolishly before the Dark Crow. For millions of years, many heaven-defying existences had pledged loyalty to the Dark Crow. Even Immortal Emperors were willing to work for him.

“We won’t talk about some stuff like glory or dominating the world, these are meaningless and I don’t have time or the mood to lead your Blood Race to such things.” Li Qiye answered: “If you take out that item and come into being for me to fight with all your might, I can give you something that no one else can!”

“I’m all ears.” Despite living for so many years, the godfiend’s heart still jumped just now. Very few things could leave him with such eager anticipation.

“Blood Forefather!” Li Qiye slowly said: “I can give you a true Blood Forefather!”

The godfiend’s heart was stirred: “Your Excellency is saying…”

Li Qiye clarified: “Your progenitor! The thing, or rather, the existence that all of you have been waiting for!”

“No way!” The godfiend lost his voice, something that was very unbecoming of a character of his level. He was quite shaken by this.

“That is impossible because our progenitor is dead! That is why we have the Sky Dome and the blood pond as well as our legacy!”

“Perhaps, but perhaps not.” Li Qiye smiled: “Many things have remained a mystery until now, things that are quite difficult to trace. One of them is the origin of your Blood Race. Was your progenitor a drop of immortal blood turning into a spirit or an evil existence, or a mythical devil?”

Out of all the theories, the primal ground supported the one about the immortal blood! However, as the soul of his race, the godfiend knew that there was another branch of their Blood Race!

“If, say, I give you a true Blood Progenitor to finalize your Blood origin, how would you feel about that?” Li Qiye leisurely continued: “With a progenitor and a real origin, will you still be afraid of the fallen under the abyss?”

“I still don’t quite understand a few things. Please enlighten me.” The godfiend spoke after careful contemplation.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Very well, ask.”

The godfiend inquired: “Your Excellency is a character that has been around for eras and ruled this world. Others might be unaware, but I know full well that it would be difficult to find an existence capable of threatening you in the nine worlds. With your abilities, why do you need some old bones like me to fight for you?”

Li Qiye said: “You are right about that. I’m not afraid of anyone in the nine worlds or even what is outside of them!”

“However.” He paused for a bit: “I still need people to fight for me in addition to guarding certain territories! I don’t need you to fight in the nine worlds, but in that place, I need a lot of people to explore and create bases for me!”

“Your Excellency is talking about that place…” The godfiend was intrigued since he knew of this legend as well. A legend that weaklings wouldn’t know.

Li Qiye said: “You have taught Immortal Emperor Chen Xue before, so after he obtained the Heaven’s Will, he should have told you some things that only emperors know about.”

“Your Excellency is talking about the place where the Heaven’s Will returns to?” The godfiend spoke with emotions.

“Yes, that place! The place that only Immortal Emperors know about.” Li Qiye responded.

The godfiend mused for a second before adding: “Your Excellency, as far as I know, only one person in each generation can go to that place. And they have to be an Immortal Emperor!”

“That was the past.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile: “This generation is different, everything has changed. Moreover, you should know that there is nothing I can’t do. If I say it is possible, then it can be done!”

“Can I really go to that place?” The godfiend hesitated for a moment. His dao heart that had been calm for so many years suddenly grew hot with anticipation and excitement.

“Yes, I don’t need to trick you and ruin my own reputation, right?” Li Qiye said.

The godfiend took a deep breath and finally solemnly spoke: “As long as Your Excellency needs me, I am willing to take the vanguard and be of service. I am willing to go to the very end for glory!”

“Very wise.” Li Qiye said: “This is killing two birds with one stone for you. Not only is it beneficial for your Blood Race, you will also be able to see a different world, a world of deities and emperors!”

“May I ask when Your Excellency will prove our origin?” The godfiend asked with a solemn tone: “Where is this progenitor Your Excellency is referring to?”

“I can’t tell you right now.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “But if you go to that place, I will give your race a progenitor.”

The godfiend’s expression changed as he asked: “You mean our progenitor really came from that place?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Li Qiye smiled: “A few things are not as simple as they appear on the surface. Like I said earlier, solving this type of mystery is not an easy task.”

“I should have guessed that this was the case.” The godfiend murmured. If this was the case, then their progenitor didn’t come from the nine worlds, but rather that place where others couldn’t go to. That legendary location, the destination of the Heaven’s Will!

Li Qiye continued: “I can assure you that as long as you come out and fight for me, I won’t only take you to that location, I will also help you find your Blood Progenitor. Of course, I won’t force you. I will only give you and your race an opportunity. I’m not interested or in need of anything else.”

“I am willing!” The godfiend agreed: “Your words are the truth. With your assurance, there is no need to question anything! When will Your Excellency depart?”

“The time is not yet ripe. I will let you know when the time is right.” Li Qiye said.

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