Chapter 973: Thunder Tower Lord

Chapter 973: Thunder Tower Lord

The tower lord was rumored to be one of the most powerful ancestors of Crimson Night. He had guarded the tower for many years. Nobody actually knew how long he had been here for!

The only thing people knew was that very few could see him. Even Chi Zixian, their descendant, couldn’t easily gain an audience with him.

But now, the tower lord was moving to save Chi Zixian from Li Qiye.

Everyone watched very closely at this moment; they weren’t willing to miss out on the tiniest of details.

“The human brat is dead for sure.” A Blood expert cruelly guffawed. He was excitedly waiting for Li Qiye to die to the tower lord!

Only Li Qiye remained nonchalant on the martial stage. He slowly sat down on the imperial throne and smiled: “The lord of the Thunder Tower — I’m afraid you aren’t qualified to have this title.”

“The masses gave me this title.” The tower lord answered: “Young friend, I see that you are a rare genius. This time, just admit your mistakes to our kingdom and we’ll let all of this go. How about it?”

Everyone was surprised to hear this. They all assumed that the tower lord would kill Li Qiye, who would have thought that the tower lord would forgive him so easily?

Li Qiye leisurely answered while relaxing on the throne: “A bit interesting. Crimson Night finally produced a discerning person. Although you are not qualified to be the Thunder Tower Lord, the kingdom was right to let you guard the tower due to the virtue of your vision.”

Such arrogant words astounded the spectators. But of course, the tower lord’s perception far exceeded ordinary experts. After seeing Li Qiye’s speed, he immediately knew that Li Qiye was training the Soaring Immortal Physique. In the nine worlds, anyone who could cultivate an Immortal Physique would be an unfathomable character!

“Young friend, the Crimson Night Kingdom sincerely wishes to let this go. Just admit your mistakes and let our disciple return, then everything will end.” The tower lord spoke.

“No—” Chi Zixian interjected with a serious tone: “Ancestor, this guy and the whore conspired to kill our disciples. They cannot be forgiven! Without killing them, we can’t calm the anger in our disciples’ hearts!”

“Ancestor, this disciple was asked by Ancestor Storm God to try them in order to obtain justice for the Supreme Elder and the Crimson Night Duke! Please lend me a hand to take him down!” Chi Zixian finally regained her aggressive momentum.

Once the tower lord came out, even the six paragons didn’t dare to utter a single word. Although they were of the ancestor level as well, there was a huge disparity between them and the tower lord. They were only juniors of juniors compared to him.

Among them, only Chi Zixian dared to act so fearlessly because her backer, the Storm God, was not afraid of the Thunder Tower Lord.

The tower lord did not respond, causing her to look stiff. She had no choice but to follow through in this precarious situation. If she couldn’t kill Li Qiye and Si Yuanyuan, then all of her efforts would have been for naught.

“To tell the truth, there is no saving the kingdom when they pick a descendant like you, someone who is foolish to a subhuman level. It is simply incredible that you even managed to reach your position.” Li Qiye looked at her and smiled.

Chi Zixian solemnly spoke: “Little animal, surrender now or I’ll kill this wretch!” With that, a sword with a cold aura was placed on Si Yuanyuan’s neck. [1. This is vague. I don’t know if she is the one placing the sword on Si Yuanyuan’s neck or someone else.]

Ye Chuyun took a step forward with a serious demeanor, intending to save Si Yuanyuan. However, Chi Zixian sneered: “Ye Chuyun, don’t try anything funny. The shackles on her are incredible treasures. Touch her and she’ll be ground to a pulp!”

Ye Chuyun immediately stopped, not daring to make any careless moves.

“Enough!” A cold voice emerged. A person set foot in the area and commanded: “Release her then kneel!”

Everyone was startled by this newcomer. It was a woman wearing a white dress. She had a mask that hid her face and emitted an aura as cold as ice.

This person coming out of nowhere and ordering Chi Zixian left the crowd puzzled. No one recognized who she was or why she suddenly gave the order.

Of course, only Li Qiye recognized this person. She was the Winter Matron, one of the four Skymatrons of the Blood Race!

“Who are you!” Chi Zixian coldly asked: “You aren’t the one calling the shots around here!”

“Pop!” Before Chi Zixian could finish, the Winter Matron’s hand reached out and blew her away, spilling her blood.

“Don’t harm her!” The six paragons shouted and attacked the Winter Matron at the same time.

However, the matron didn’t need to look at them. With a single gesture, the celestials in the sky lost their brilliance. The world and the fabric of space and time were affected. The six paragons were blown away in an instant for they were nowhere near being her match!

“Clank!” The matron’s body flashed. No one knew how she did it, but the shackles on Si Yuanyuan’s body were unlocked and fell into her hand.

She put away the shackles and drily uttered: “We didn't give this treasure to you back then so that you could use it to seal Blood disciples!”

Chi Zixian and the six paragons finally crawled up. They were both angry and afraid; they didn’t know who this newcomer was or why she was so powerful.

She stared at the Blood disciples here and coldly spoke: “Blood disciples, kneel and greet, then leave quickly!”

The people here glanced at each other in confusion since no one knew who she was!

“Lady, even though you are very powerful, making us, Blood disciples, kneel before you is way too much!” Chi Tianyu stood up in protest: “We of the Blood Race are not so easily bullied!”

“This is your honor!” A weak voice came out. A large palanquin appeared, its bearers were all Virtuous Paragons!

Such a showing astounded many people. Paragons were acting as bearers! Just how prestigious and noble was this? Not even a God-Monarch would enjoy this treatment!

While everyone was still guessing the identity of the person in the palanquin, the gate of the Thunder Tower opened and an old man stepped out.

He had gray hair with withered blood energy. However, he exuded a presence that would cause paragons to tremble. Totems floated around him, creating a very god-like appearance! [2. Talked about this word quite a bit with Guanzhong and Yeow. The issue with this word is its heavy visual association with totem pole for English readers. Some other words to alleviate this problem were runes/symbols/glyphs/sigils. Ultimately, totem was kept since the English definition still fits despite the potentially misleading image.]

“Thunder Tower Lord…” Someone exclaimed after recognizing this old man. Very few people were able to meet him, let alone be worthy of his personal welcome.

The tower lord quickly arrived in front of the palanquin and prostrated on the ground: “I didn’t know Ancestor was coming here in person. This junior didn’t welcome you in time, please forgive me!”

Even the tower lord was kneeling on the ground — this scene shocked everyone. A looming threat permeated the crowd’s mind at this moment. All the Blood disciples here, including Chi Tianyu, felt their legs give in. They all kneeled on the ground and didn’t dare to do anything foolish.

“Rise.” The voice inside the palanquin came out. The tower lord finally stood up along with the Blood disciples present.

Although no one knew who was inside the palanquin, they didn’t dare to ask. Even an existence like the tower lord had to kneel down, so how could anyone else dare to speak?

“Young Noble Li, how about letting it go?” The voice asked.

Everyone held their breaths at this moment and looked over at Li Qiye. They were shocked and scared. Just who was this Li Qiye? Why was this mysterious figure acting so polite towards him?

“Let it go?” Li Qiye remained seated on the imperial throne and said: “Only blood can settle this! If she commits suicides, then I can spare the Crimson Night Kingdom.” With that, he stared at Chi Zixian.

Chi Zixian’s expression quickly shifted and she had to take several steps back. She finally felt fear!

“Young Noble Li, would you please spare our kingdom’s disciple?” The tower lord quickly pleaded: “We are willing to make amends!”

No matter what, Chi Zixian was still their main descendant. Her death here would be a huge loss to their prestige!

“You are mistaken.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Those who dare to maneuver against my people must pay with blood! Simple amends won’t do.”

He stared at her and said: “Will you do it yourself, or will I have to help you? If you do so, I will forgive the people around you!”

Chi Zixian was filled with dismay. She was the descendant of the kingdom, a high and above existence. But now, she was merely an insect in Li Qiye’s eyes.

“I, I, I am the future ruler of Crimson Night! My ancestral grandmother is the Storm God!” She took several steps back while screaming. She put up a strong appearance despite trembling inside.

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