Chapter 972: Unstoppable

Chapter 972: Unstoppable

“Haha, can you believe this guy?” Many cracked up after hearing Li Qiye.

“What a blustering fool. Crimson Night is a dual emperor lineage and can kill him with one finger.” Chi Tianyu sneered while sitting in a seat of honor.

A Blood schoolmaster from the same region snorted coldly: “Human juniors really are too impudent nowadays. Do they think the Barren Earth is still their territory? Hmph, just a human ant yet he still dares to provoke our Blood Race’s prestige!”

“Your Highness, in my opinion, we don’t need to kill this insect so quickly. Just destroy his cultivation, sever his limbs, and destroy his tendons. Then tie him up outside the Holy City so that people will know the result of those who challenge our Blood Race!” Another Blood expert in this region coldly uttered.

“Li, listen up.” Up on her imperial throne, Chi Zixian looked down contemptuously at Li Qiye: “Don’t even dream about leaving this place alive today!”

She raised her hand and clanking sounds appeared. Two lines of experts from the kingdom unsheathed their swords with their sharp reflecting glints lighting up the sky. The armed experts surrounded Li Qiye with a murderous aura permeating across the martial stage.

“It’s coming.” The spectators quickly retreated after seeing this to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

Ye Chuyun stepped out before Li Qiye. She glanced at the surrounding experts and stated: “All of you come together so that I don’t have to waste time chasing after you!”

Such words left many people out of breath. Earlier, she was standing obediently behind Li Qiye so people couldn’t feel her might. But now, her Virtuous Paragon’s aura soared to the sky along with her surging blood energy — full of life and power.

Anyone present would feel the pressure. Geniuses like Chi Zixian and Chi Tianyu had a hard-to-explain feeling in their minds!

Chi Zixian was proud and considered herself to be the top of the five saints. However, the gap was apparent when Ye Chuyun stepped out. Ye Chuyun’s powerful aura completely overshadowed Chi Zixian.

She became quite jealous. Despite coming from a dual emperor lineage, she was not as great as Ye Chuyun. This made her feel like something was biting her heart inside!

“Schoolmaster Ye, you may want to think again!” Chi Zixian coldly spoke: “You can’t drag down your entire Pure Lotus School for personal reasons! This won’t end well for your school.”

Ye Chuyun met her gaze and answered: “I know exactly what I’m about to do. The one who should be reconsidering is you. Don’t be blinded by your own stupidity and push Crimson Night down into the abyss. You will be the sinner of your kingdom!”

“Schoolmaster Ye, I am only trying to persuade you out of respect.” Chi Zixian coldly retorted: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you once a calamity befalls your school…”

Ye Chuyun interrupted her: “Don’t act as if you’re someone who can speak with me as equals! Even if you become the Crimson Night Royal Lord, without becoming a paragon, you are still only a junior before me!”

Chi Zixian’s expression turned sour after hearing this. Ye Chuyun humiliated her in front of everyone. This was more than just challenging her authority.

“Schoolmaster Ye, you went too far.” A paragon protecting Chi Zixian interjected: “Our Crimson Night is showing you some consideration…”

“No need to say more!” Ye Chuyun cut him short: “Either do as Brother Li said and release her and admit your mistakes, or fight to the end and perish. The choice is yours!”

“It seems like you are completely confident in him.” All six paragons glared at her aggressively. In their eyes, no one was allowed to question their kingdom’s authority!

“Then all six ancestors may come together. Our fight ended abruptly last time and I didn’t get a chance to see your supreme emperor laws.” Ye Chuyun decisively challenged the six paragons.

Such words suffocated the crowd. They were too domineering.

“That’s the first Virtuous Paragon of the younger generation, worthy of being the genius of our human race!” A human expert’s blood began to boil after hearing this challenge.

The six paragons glanced at each other quickly. They revealed a chilling murderous glint in their eyes.

Without a doubt, they wanted to kill Ye Chuyun. Although her position was problematic, the Crimson Night Kingdom was not afraid of the Pure Lotus School.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Chuyun, I’ll handle this small matter before people really think I like to hide behind the backs of women.”

Ye Chuyun only glanced at the experts before backing off behind him. Li Qiye took the stage and directly spoke to Chi Zixian: “I had no intention of murdering inside the Holy City, but since that is your wish, I’ll go big!”

“With just you alone?” Chi Zixian snorted with disdain: “If Ye Chuyun doesn’t join in, I can crush a nobody like you with one hand…”

In a split second, before anyone could react, Chi Zixian abruptly stopped speaking.

This scene seemed to last forever. They saw a hand raise up high, gripping Chi Zixian by the neck, making her seem like a helpless duck. She couldn’t move at all while her eyes were turning white.

“Bang!” Time finally began to flow again. The experts who were blocking Li Qiye earlier were all sent flying in the air while spurting blood everywhere. They were no longer breathing the moment they hit the ground.

This entire process, from the dispatch of experts to the choking of Chi Zixian, all happened in the blink of an eye. Many couldn’t see what happened. Only Virtuous Paragons were able to keep up; however, her six protectors couldn’t react in time to help her. It was unimaginably fast.

Li Qiye leisurely said: “Yes, crushing with one hand… Unfortunately, the victim is you and not me.”

“Junior, what, what are you doing?!” One of the paragons shouted: “If you touch a single hair of hers, our kingdom will let you taste a fate worse than death!”

The six were afraid of breaking the vase by chasing the rat. They wanted to help but were afraid of Li Qiye reacting by strangling her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t touch a single hair of hers, I have zero interest in that.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the six paragons: “I only want to add a bit more force to crush her neck.”

While struggling to breathe, Chi Zixian thunderously shouted: “If… you… kill me, Si Yuanyuan… will die!”

Sure enough, the shackles on Si Yuanyuan’s body tightened after her threat, causing Si Yuanyuan to groan. Although she didn’t scream out loud, her expression made it clear that she was in tremendous pain.

“Threatening me?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he tightened his grip. Chi Zixian’s eyes became bloodshot while her limbs twitched!

“Buzz!” As her life was hanging by a thread, the Thunder Tower suddenly quaked. Before anyone knew what was going on, Chi Zixian fell down to the ground with a loud plop.

Chi Zixian coughed harshly while feeling her own neck. She struggled to get up. At the same time, the six paragons quickly surrounded Chi Zixian to prevent Li Qiye from catching her again.

“Young friend, this is not a place where you can do as you please.” An old voice came from the Thunder Tower after Chi Zixian barely managed to survive.

“The Thunder Tower Lord…” Someone exclaimed after hearing this old voice.

Everyone here gasped, especially the experts from the Blood Race including royal lords and sect masters. Someone murmured: “This finally got the tower lord’s attention!”

“Hmph, this brat is done for now!” Chi Tianyu celebrated. He was trembling after seeing Li Qiye gripping Chi Zixian’s neck in an instant. He thought that the brat was too scary; he didn’t notice that Li Qiye was just hiding his strength before!

He felt despair after seeing Li Qiye’s terrifying speed, but now, the tower lord had appeared. This changed the entire situation and made people realize that Li Qiye’s death was swiftly approaching.

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