Chapter 971: Thunder Tower

Chapter 971: Thunder Tower

On the next day, the sun slowly rose. No matter the time, the Holy City remained unchanging. It was still ancient and solemn as well as full of mysteries.

Many people were waiting eagerly for what was to come. All eyes were on Chi Zixian and Li Qiye since they wanted to see how this storm would end.

Of course, the majority of them thought that Li Qiye was courting death for provoking the Crimson Night Kingdom. They only wanted to see how he would die, that’s all.

There were some humans who hoped that Li Qiye would be able to put up a fight to deter the Blood Race’s ego. Recently, Heavenguard didn’t come out while the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain maintained a low profile. This made the Blood Race’s momentum rise while the strongest race in the southern region, the humans, was pressured!

Of course, Chi Zixian didn’t return Si Yuanyuan this morning, and she didn’t prostrate before Li Qiye’s door for forgiveness either.

As a result, Li Qiye personally took a trip to the Thunder Tower with Ye Chuyun right behind him.

He already became the focal point the moment he left the mansion. Many young male cultivators were very annoyed to see Ye Chuyun obediently following behind him.

“Pah! A flower stuck in cow dung. I wonder what a master like Schoolmaster Ye sees in this human junior?” Those who adored Ye Chuyun were especially unhappy.

In their eyes, Li Qiye was simply not worthy of her. He had no background and wasn’t handsome either. His strength was most likely lacking as well.

“Haha, just let him be for the moment. It won’t last for long. Even Schoolmaster Ye won’t be able to keep him from dying.” Someone sneered and prayed for Li Qiye to die to Chi Zixian’s group.

The Crimson Night Kingdom’s branch was built in the best location inside the city. The Thunder Tower was at the center of this area and made the lineage seem like a small castle.

This tower soared high into the sky. It was one of the tallest structures in the city! It could be seen from afar and was made from unknown materials. It was suffused with an ancient color.

One could faintly see streaks of lightning flash on top of the tower. It came and went as if the tower was the center of the storm!

Legends state that the tower used to be the dwelling of a thunder god. Another said that it connected a thunder vein from underground to the sky…

Regardless of its origin, its preciousness was on par with Tiger Hill and the Dragon Platform. Immortal Emperor Chi Ye paid a sky-high price to an ancient clan for this tower back then.

After many generations of business, the Crimson Night Kingdom established this vast branch in the city. Since then, it continued to expand nonstop.

In a city where land was worth as much as gold, the territory Crimson Night commanded was more than enough to show the kingdom’s power…

“Clank—” When Li Qiye made it to the branch, the two steel doors slowly opened. The guards of the kingdom didn’t stop Li Qiye and simply let him inside.

“The confrontation is about to happen.” Many cultivators entered the branch to watch the fun. There were also those who remained at a safe distance to avoid any trouble.

There was a martial plaza inside the branch. The left and right were both full of Crimson Night experts. They let their blood energies run free to intimidate people! Experts from the other Blood tribes and sects were there as well. Young geniuses such as Chi Tianyu were also present. Without a doubt, Chi Zixian invited many of them to watch this trial.

The group that followed Li Qiye inside took a deep breath after seeing so many big shots from the Blood Race. It seemed like Chi Zixian was going all out this time.

Everyone knew that such a trial should be done in a more discreet manner. However, Chi Zixian called for so many people. This made everyone feel that something was amiss.

Someone made a good guess and murmured: “It looks like Chi Zixian wants to be the royal lord of Crimson Night. She wants to establish her unquestionable authority right now.”

Li Qiye looked around and finally saw Si Yuanyuan. She was on the side and locked with shackles like a criminal.

Despite the chains imposed on her, she still remained carefree and composed without showing any sign of pain. No matter what might come today, she would meet death head-on without crying or begging for mercy.

She might not be a famous character, but she had a rare sense of composure.

“Young Noble Li, you shouldn’t have come here.” She saw him and became a bit dejected. She gently sighed: “Even an upright official won’t be able to deal with a family matter. I’m afraid you can’t do anything since this is Crimson Night’s internal affair.” [1. First is an idiom. The purpose of this is to tell him to leave.]

Prior to this, she still had some hope for the kingdom. After all, she was still its disciple and had an agreement with the elders. However, Chi Zixian maneuvered some people to capture her. A few of these paragons were of the elder level as well. This made Si Yuanyuan realize that Chi Zixian would never forgive her as she headed for the top; she would forever be a nail sticking out in Chi Zixian’s eyes!

Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed after seeing Si Yuanyuan’s imprisoned state. With a glint in his glare, he responded: “Before me, even the heavens have to listen, let alone some familial affairs.”

She wanted to reply but chose against it. She didn’t want to drag him down as well, but she knew that she couldn’t convince him otherwise! Thus, she stopped talking so that Li Qiye could focus on facing the enemy!

“You’re finally here!” A proud voice rang out.

At the base of the Thunder Tower was a chair decorated with dragon patterns. A woman was seated in this imperial throne. She was very beautiful and alluring. Her figure with its curvy waves was top-notch.

She was Chi Zixian, the descendant of Crimson Night. It wouldn’t be long before she became its royal lord.

There were three old men on her left and right for a total of six Virtuous Paragons protecting her. Although they were only ordinary paragons, the strongest among them was a Peaceful Era Paragon. They were ancestor level characters of the kingdom.

Despite being the future royal lord, this status was not enough to have so many paragons protect her. After all, no matter the lineage, all would have many candidates.

To have so many ancestors act as one’s dao protectors required them to be extremely brilliant. Of course, Chi Zixian was not this type genius. She was indeed brilliant, but not to an abnormal extent.

The reason for her great protection was very simple — her backing was the Storm God! Because of this, she had a very prominent position in the kingdom.

Both the spectators who came here for fun and the invited Blood experts were very wary of her. Naturally, it was not her that they feared but the Storm God!

Everyone watched with bated breaths. As long as they weren’t too stupid, anyone could tell that Chi Zixian wanted to make an example out of Li Qiye to build her own prestige.

Li Qiye glanced at her and spoke: “If you let her go now, I’ll only carry out a light punishment and forgive you!”

“Such a big tone!” Chi Zixian snorted. She sat in her high spot and looked down at him: “Li Qiye, do you know who I am?”

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at her again: “How funny, you’re only a descendant of the Crimson Night Kingdom, yet you still think you are somebody? My patience is limited. Will you release her, or do I have to take action?”

A paragon next to her shouted: “This thing doesn’t know life from death!”

Chi Zixian coldly glared at him and sneered: “Li Qiye, to bluster so wantonly within my kingdom’s territory, do you really think you have three heads and six hands?!” [2. The image of a god; an idiom mainly used with contempt or to express doubts about one’s ability. I kept this one literal so that I can use an adjective next time.]

Li Qiye answered: “Is that so? It seems like you don’t wish to release her and want me to take action!”

“Release her?” Chi Zixian snorted: “Li Qiye, you conspired with the traitor to murder the Crimson Night Duke and killed our Supreme Elder. The traitor should be drawn and quartered while you will face beheading! Kneel and admit your crimes, then we may spare you the pain by giving you a swift end!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. He leisurely said: “Everyone has been saying that I am the arrogant one with zero regards for others, but why do I feel like I am not the arrogant one today?”

He continued on after lazily looking over her: “Very well, since you want me to take action... It has been awhile since I last washed my hands with blood, might as well do so today.”

“Before you die, I will let you know that I will not only save Si Yuanyuan today, I will also cut off all of your heads! If I am still not satisfied, I will visit your kingdom and kill until my hands grow tired. Perhaps then, I will forgive your kingdom!” He ended with this threat.

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