Chapter 970: Hatred

Chapter 970: Hatred

Li Qiye’s provocation of the Crimson Night Kingdom affected the entire Blood Race due to their great solidarity. Many Blood disciples in the city mocked him and wanted to see him make a fool out of himself tomorrow.

As for the human cultivators, they were more ambivalent as they glanced at each other. They found him to be quite ignorant in his provocation. Even Lin Tiandi wouldn’t dare to do so, let alone a junior like him!

“Perfect. What a fool! No matter how powerful you are, only death awaits those who oppose Crimson Night. You’re saving me the trouble of having to kill you myself.” Chi Tianyu, who also wanted to kill Li Qiye, snorted while heaving a sigh of relief! He was quite happy with this new development.

No one wanted to kill Li Qiye more than Chi Tianyu since he was his biggest rival in love. Now, Crimson Night was about to kill Li Qiye for him. How could he not become excited?

The Half-moon Princess sighed after hearing this. Of course, she was not feeling bad for Li Qiye. In fact, she couldn’t care less about his life. The only issue was that if Li Qiye died, Chi Tianyu wouldn’t be dissuaded from courting Ye Chuyun.

“This Li Qiye guy, his performance at the Dragon Platform was absolutely brilliant. It is surprising that he is this overbearing and arrogant. Even if he was a Virtuous Paragon, he wouldn’t be able to hold back Crimson Night. This is him courting death.” The princess slightly shook her head: “What a shame, I really thought that he could marry Ye Chuyun!”

As for the Skybearing Monarch, the most talented genius of the Blood Race, he only laughed: “This brat really doesn’t know any better. The Crimson Night Kingdom’s strength is beyond his imagination.”

However, after he received a new message, he suddenly felt gloomy.

An ancestor from the Blood-devil Tribe finally returned from the primal ground. He came into the city and immediately met with the monarch.

“Ancestor, did the ancestors from the primal ground agree for me to go there to train?” The spirited monarch asked right away.

Although any disciple from the Blood Race could go back there to train, that was only simple training. To truly have their return accepted by the primal ground had a different significance. Anyone who received this treatment would be taught by the oldest ancestors in the primal ground. Moreover, there was a chance for them to observe and train in the oldest laws of their race!

In the legends, the primal ground had an extremely ancient ancestor that had always been buried in the earth. Moreover, rumor has it that both Immortal Emperor Chi Ye and Immortal Emperor Chen Xue were taught by this ancestor!

Thus, a true return meant gaining the guidance of this ancestor as well as the chance to be able to rule the Blood Race through the nine worlds in the future!

This was the dream of many Blood geniuses! Even if they couldn’t become the Immortal Emperor, an existence that could order the Blood Race was still quite supreme!

“I’m afraid there’s no hope…” The Blood-devil ancestor gently shook his head with a dejected expression.

The monarch was in disbelief and asked: “Ancestor, how, how can this be? The last time I went to the primal ground, all the ancestors there had great evaluations of me.”

Prior to this, the monarch had gone to the primal ground to meet the old ancestors of the primal ground. These ancestors had very good impressions of him due to his bloodline and talents. Because of this, he was very confident that he would eventually be accepted. This was also why other people thought that he could rule the Blood Race in the future, just like Immortal Emperor Chi Ye’s group!

The ancestor smiled wryly and said: “Yes, the ancestors last time really liked you, but I’m afraid there have been some changes in the primal ground, so your second assessment has been pushed back for now.”

“Changes?” The monarch did not understand: “What changes are you referring to? Are there other candidates there?”

He found this astonishing since he had absolute confidence in his bloodline and talents among the current younger generation! He had the purest bloodline of the Blood-devil Tribe’s imperial family. His ancestor was an Immortal Emperor. Moreover, his talents were peerless as well.

Both Chi Zixian and Bai Jian were not a threat to him. In his mind, who was more fitting to train at the primal ground to become the next ruler of the Blood race?

“Well, I couldn’t ask the ancient ancestors about it.” This ancestor pondered for a bit before speaking: “But I did hear some news there. They said that a candidate has appeared. It is likely that this person will be the future ruler.”

“Impossible!” The monarch was startled: “Who? Who can rule the Blood Race? If someone from the primal ground does not come out, then who is more worthy than me in the entire Mortal Emperor World?”

This was not him being arrogant, he really had such qualifications. Even Chi Zixian and Bai Jian were nobodies in his eyes, let alone others.

Moreover, the primal ground had never taken direct control of the Blood Race before. Most of the time, they would only do so indirectly.

“The details haven’t been disclosed.” The ancestor answered: “I used a lot of different methods before finding out a little bit of information. I heard the person’s name is Li Qiye, but there’s not much else.”

“Li Qiye…” The monarch became wide-eyed after hearing this: “Li Qiye is at the Holy City right now!”

“I don’t know the brat.” The ancestor shook his head: “I only heard that not only did this brat go to the primal ground, he might have entered the blood pool as well.”

“What! Enter the blood pool?!” The monarch was completely shaken after hearing this. As the descendant of the Blood-devil Tribe, he naturally knew the significance behind entering the blood pool. It was the same as a carp jumping over the dragon gate. Even if one couldn’t become the future ruler, they would still be highly valued by the primal ground. It was an extremely prestigious position.

He murmured in disbelief: “Isn’t this Li Qiye a human? How could he have entered the blood pool? How can he become the Blood ruler?”

“We don’t know anything for now.” The ancestors spoke: “The old ancestors didn’t say anything about your matter. They didn’t confirm or deny anything, your matter was simply put on hold. Maybe they will restart the assessment later.”

In just a short period of time, the monarch became quiet as his expression darkened. He was fully confident in being able to return to the primal ground to train and even made this news public.

But now, this Li Qiye came out of nowhere and ruined all his plans as well as his beautiful dreams!

“Li Qiye!” The monarch revealed a frighteningly murderous glare. He had no feud with Li Qiye prior to this. In fact, he didn’t even care for him.

Even when Li Qiye was acting arrogantly against the Crimson Night Kingdom, the monarch only laughed and watched on the sideline as if it was no big deal. After all, it was only an ignorant brat.

However, now was a different story. Even though he hadn’t seen Li Qiye, he viewed him as a mortal enemy.

At this time, he only wished for Li Qiye to die, especially to the hands of the Crimson Night Kingdom! With that, the primal ground would test him again and he would be able to realize his ambitions!

For the experts of the Blood Race, who didn’t want to return to the primal ground to rule the Blood Race in the nine worlds? This was a crowning glory. Apart from becoming Immortal Emperor, there wasn’t a more eminent position.

The monarch coldly uttered: “Li Qiye must die!” Li Qiye, who he had never met before, was now standing in his way, so he had to die!


In the Holy City, many people were not optimistic about Li Qiye’s chances while others mocked him.

However, there was one exception. It was Bai Jian, the descendant of the Grand Palm Ancient Court!

After hearing Li Qiye’s aggressive provocation towards the Crimson Night Kingdom he murmured to himself: “It really is him. After so many years, he is still this arrogant and overbearing!”

At this moment, he had guessed who Li Qiye was! Unlike the others, he had taken an adventure to the Grand Middle Territory and Eastern Hundred Cities when he was younger. Although he had never seen Li Qiye, he had heard of his prestige.

Later on, rumors of Li Qiye being dead began to spread, and thus his reputation declined. Even the people from those two realms began to gradually forget about him.

But this time, Bai Jian was able to guess Li Qiye’s identity after seeing him in the southern region.

He smiled and said: “The madman of the past is still so domineering no matter where he goes... It will be fun this time. I wonder if the Crimson Night Kingdom will be able to handle it or not. Hopefully, they won’t be annihilated like the Tiger’s Howl School back then.”

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