Chapter 97: Accepting the Ancestor (1)

“This matter is impossible…” This news was too shocking. To the elders, they didn’t dare to believe it. Elder Wu stood up and said: “The Patriarch never married his whole life, how could he have descendants?”

Elder Qian couldn’t help but exclaim: “Yes, this can’t be a possibility. The sect’s official record had never mentioned the Patriarch’s future descendants!”

“This truth is absolute.” Tu Buyu, who was standing behind Su Yonghuang, said: “Under the trust of the elders, I left the sect in order to find the Patriarch’s descendants. Although the sect’s official record never wrote it down, within a few anecdotes and writings, certain clues were still left behind.”

Here, Tu Buyu looked at Elder Gu and continued: “Elder Gu, around one thousand six hundred years ago, do you remember having the chance to meet Grandpa Liu? At that moment, you came with the previous sect master. At that time, it was not just Grandpa Liu, I was also present.”

Gu Tieshou stared at Tu Buyu. After a while, he suddenly stood up and emotionally exclaimed: “Yo-you were the teen that year that helped Grandpa Liu stand up!”

“Elder Gu still didn’t forget.” Tu Buyu nodded his head and said: “Correct, I was an honorary disciple of Grandpa Liu. At that moment, I carried a great responsibility so my name was not recorded amongst the listings of the sect’s disciples.”

“Grandpa Liu, which Grandpa Liu?” The elders were all shaking because inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, there was only one person called Grandpa Liu.

Gu Tieshou gently sighed. He finally sat down and said: “Grandpa Liu was the number one Bulwark of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Ancestor Liu San Jian.”

“Ancestor Liu San Jian!” These words uttered from the mouth of Gu Tieshou greatly shook the expressions of the nearby elders.

After Mu Shaodi, Liu San Jian was the most famous in the sect as the number one Bulwark. That year when the Heavenly God Sect fought against the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Liu San Jian was the one in power.

“Ancestor Liu is still alive?” This news was incredibly shocking to the seated elders. Elder Qian was at a loss for words because if Ancestor Liu was still alive, this meant that the sect still had a character that could compete with the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor.

“That was the last time I saw Grandpa Liu.” Gu Tieshou shook his head and said: “At that moment, I didn’t know that Grandpa Liu was indeed Ancestor Liu. I was still young back then and had never seen Grandpa Liu before. At that time, I followed master to visit Respectable Grandpa. However, at that moment, Grandpa Liu’s situation was not very optimistic. His old wound was troubling him and needed help to even sit or stand. After that one time, I never met Grandpa Liu again.”

At this point, all of the elders were looking at Tu Buyu. Tu Buyu was a disciple of Liu San Jian; even though he was just an honorary one, his status at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was still higher than the group of Elder Gu.

“The truth is, that was also the last time I had met Master. After that, I never saw Respectable Grandpa again.” Hearing this, the elders became dejected. Without a doubt, Ancestor Liu San Jian was no longer in this world.

Tu Buyu spoke: “The fight thirty thousand years ago, we suffered extremely heavy losses. Inadvertently, Grandpa Liu found out that the Patriarch did have some descendants. I just so happened to become the disciple of Grandpa Liu and under his grim situation, he ordered me to find the Patriarch’s descendants. Because the clues were extremely limited, I had always wandered outside. Due to my responsibility, I never spoke to anyone about this matter and was not in the disciple’s listings, I only directly contacted the previous sect master. Elder Gu must have met me a couple of times.”

Gu Tieshou nodded his head. He thought that Tu Buyu was a messenger disciple, responsible for liaison with the outside. Also, because Tu Buyu was very young back then when he came back to the sect, he only knew Tu Buyu was a disciple but he was not aware of Tu Buyu’s particular responsibilities.

Tu Buyu said to all of the elders present: “In order to find the descendants of the Patriarch, I traveled outside as a nomad for more than one thousand years. Time did not betray a sincere heart; in the end, I finally found the Patriarch’s descendant.”

The elders looked at each other as Elder Zhou finally asked: “This… how do we prove that the sect master is the descendant of the Patriarch?”

Tu Buyu’s identity was not a problem, but how could they prove that Su Yonghuang was a descendant of the Patriarch? This matter was the most important thing, after all.

“The descendant of the Ancestor and the acceptance of ancestry, I was told by the Patriarch in my dreams.” Finally, Li Qiye said: “Which is why I requested for the elders to bring the portrait of the Patriarch.”

The elders glanced at each other and finally, First Elder Gu Tieshou, very solemnly, took out an ancient crumbling wooden box. With both of his hands, he respectfully carried this wooden box.

“The Empress was the Godly General Su who had followed the Patriarch her whole life. Her contributions towards the establishment of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom was inerasable. After the Patriarch shouldered the Heaven’s Will, because she didn’t want to hinder his step towards the apex and aspiration for immortality, the Empress brought the descendants of the Patriarch to a secluded location and left the Patriarch.”

At this moment, Li Qiye respectfully said: “The world remained oblivious to this matter, and so did the sect. It was until last night when the Patriarch told me in my dreams.”

That year, he failed to give Su Ru an official title. Su Ru exerted numerous efforts throughout her whole life and had to live in seclusion, away from the rest of the world and in the end, she never asked for official titles nor merit rewards. As the Dark Crow that year, this matter was something that was aching in his heart. Today, he borrowed this scheme in order to give Su Ru a proper title. Even though it was already too late, at the very least, it could allow for Su Ru’s descendant to accept her ancestry!

Li Qiye words caused the elders to look at each other. In the end, Elder Gu seriously nodded his head and said: “I have read about the historical past of the Patriarch. That year, the Patriarch’s Godly General Su was a peerless female general. She was the earliest to join the Patriarch; when he was still young, she had already followed him. After the Patriarch shouldered the Heaven’s Will, all of the generals were given titles except for Godly General Su. Afterward, there were not many documents about War God Su and her whereabouts were unknown. So it was because Godly General Su was the Empress!”

Li Qiye slowly said: “This matter is only words without evidence. Since the elders said that we have a portrait of the Ancestor, we could immediately compare to see if the sect master is the descendant or not. The portrait was personally drawn by the Patriarch so it has hidden emperor power and immortal intent. The sect master could use her blood to test the family’s blood bond!”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, the elders were in astonishment. Why didn’t they think about this? Finally, under the respectful care of Gu Tieshou, the ancient box was opened — a portrait was taken out. This portrait was extremely dated; the number of moons it had been passed under was unknown.

The moment the portrait was unraveled, a loud noise occurred. The Emperor’s aura furiously flew out from the portrait. This aura only belonged to Immortal Emperors!

One could see a middle-aged man within the portrait. Even though there were not many strokes and inks, the few lines alone were enough to outline his peerless invincibility!

The Emperor’s aura was emitted like the waves from the portrait. Even though this Emperor’s aura had not suppressed anyone, at the moment, this aura was flowing in the air and it caused the souls to shiver. Others couldn’t help but worship in awe. This was a fear and respect from the deepest part of the soul!

Witnessing the appearance and feeling the aura of the Patriarch, the elders held it with utmost devotion and reverence. They compared the face of the Patriarch to that of Su Yonghuang.

Su Yonghuang was an extremely beautiful woman. Without the portrait for a meticulous comparison, it was truly difficult to think about Immortal Emperor Min Ren when seeing her.

Li Qiye was the one who saw Min Ren the most. He saw, with own eyes, the development of Min Ren. So, the first time he met Su Yonghuang, his mind was slightly moved because he immediately knew her origin!

“Th-this… too similar, especially the eyebrows. The charm of these eyebrows, it is truly too similar to the ancestor. It’s as if they are from the same mold!”

Carefully comparing, the elders were left incredibly aghast, especially the sword-like eyebrows of Su Yonghuang, they were identical to Min Ren’s.

This was also the thing that left the deepest impression for Li Qiye. Su Yonghuang’s eyes were similar to Su Ru, but the charm of the eyebrows was just like Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

At this moment, Li Qiye slowly spoke: “Sect Master can drop her blood to accept the family bond. This is the portrait painted personally by the Patriarch. He had told me in my dreams that if Sect Master is indeed his descendant, then she can obtain the acceptance of the emperor power and immortal intent.”

Su Yonghuang peaked at Li Qiye. In fact, she essentially didn’t believe Li Qiye regarding the dream instruction of the Patriarch, but outside of this, what could make Li Qiye so aware of the matters regarding Min Ren and the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan?

Seeing the portrait of her ancestor, Su Yonghuang couldn’t restrain her emotions any longer and her heart was excited. Her Su Clan also had a portrait of Min Ren, but it was not drawn by Min Ren. Even though they were extremely similar, it didn’t have the Emperor’s aura; this aura could only be drawn by Immortal Emperors!

Finally, Su Yonghuang pricked her finger and a drop of blood fell onto the portrait. In a flash, this blood was absorbed by the portrait.

“Boom…” In the blink of an eye, the emperor power and immortal intent ferociously exploded. There was a shadow coming out from the portrait. The moment this shadow came into being, it subjugated the nine heavens and ten worlds and swept through the Gods and Devils!

This invincible shadow’s frightening aura rushed into the world! Under this godly presence, the sun and the moon were without lights and the heaven and earth lost all of their brilliant colors!

Within this second, countless grand characters of the Grand Middle Territory were alarmed when they felt this invincible emperor’s aura that came and went in a flash.

“Emperor’s aura…” Countless ancient beings opened their two eyes, but this emperor’s aura disappeared too quickly, making it impossible for others to pinpoint.

As for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, as the aura swept by, all of the disciples were left lying under the suppression of the aura.

Inside the ancestral chamber, the elders were lying down on the ground. Under this power, they could not be disrespectful!

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