Chapter 968: Lin Tiandi

Chapter 968: Lin Tiandi

Lin Tiandi was a legend in this region. People loved talking about his tales and spreading them around.

He embarked on his dao path at the age of five. At fifteen, he climbed to the Heavenly King realm. At twenty, he began his journey of violence. At twenty-one, he fought alone against five clans from the Blood Race. He went to their territories and controlled a heavenly tribulation to suppress the five clans completely. The power of the tribulation allowed him to sweep through their ancestors. Eventually, the five clans accepted defeat, and Lin Tiandi forgave them afterward. From then on, they closed their gates and no longer came out.

This made him famous in this world. No one from the younger generation in the southern region could compare to him. Both Ye Chuyun and the Skybearing Monarch were eclipsed by his radiance.

In today’s Mortal Emperor World, there was a saying. Mei Suyao in the east, Zhan Shi in the west, Wo Longxuan in the north, Lin Tiandi in the south, and Jikong Wudi in the center!

This phrase referred to the most outstanding geniuses of the contemporary times. East referred to the Eastern Hundred Cities. The most brilliant genius there was Mei Suyao from the Eternal River School.

The western Desolate Wasteland had Zhan Shi from the Rampaging Divine Mountain.

The northern Grand Sea had the famous Wo Longxuan from the Crouching Dragon Cliff!

Of course, who else could be number one in the southern Barren Earth besides Lin Tiandi? Even the geniuses of the Blood Race couldn’t compare to him.

There was another reason why Lin Tiandi’s tales were so popular. This was because he came from a humble background. In other words, he was originally a mortal.

Compared to Mei Suyao’s group who were all from imperial lineages, Lin Tiandi came from humble beginnings and was still a vagrant cultivator at this moment.

Stories said that he came from a scholarly family. Although their ancestors taught the dao and answered many questions, none of them were cultivators until Lin Tiandi appeared.

At a young age, he taught himself the most basic merit laws and started his heroic journey, creating one miracle after another.

During his training, rumor has it that many lineages — including imperial ones — wanted to recruit him. Even a mythical lineage like the Grand Palm Ancient Court tried to recruit him.

But strangely enough, he declined all of their invitations and continued his cultivation alone.

Despite not being able to take him in as a disciple, many great powers still willingly handed their merit laws and techniques to him for training.

From this, one could easily imagine just how brilliant and charismatic he was. Many people in this region, including well-informed ancestors, all agreed that in this generation, Lin Tiandi’s chance of becoming the Immortal Emperor was even higher than Jikong Wudi and the others!

Many people were very proud of him, especially the young vagabonds. They all considered him their idol.

Everyone knew that people like Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi were exceptional, but they came from imperial lineages. Lin Tiandi was the only genius who came from humble beginnings.

“For many generations, many founders of imperial lineages such as the Heavenguard’s Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen and the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain’s Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen came from nothing. Unlike the other geniuses, Lin Tiandi with his humble beginnings will definitely become the Immortal Emperor! He will definitely create an invincible sect that can shine for an eternity!” A vagrant cultivator made this comment with pride.

Lin Tiandi’s arrival was sensational, and many people went to greet him or to take a look.

He trod through the sky with a transcendent and pure aura. His whole being was shrouded in clouds. His tall yet thin figure was adorned with a blue robe accompanied by an elegant temperament that was beyond this world.

His appearance betrayed his arrogant and majestic name. He didn’t look domineering, contrary to his name.

He had a scholarly essence. Others would think that he had read many different scriptures and that he came from a literary family!

He resembled a scholar more than a cultivator. Nevertheless, this did not affect his prestige in the slightest. In the eyes of the crowd, he was still the domineering Lin Tiandi.

After causing quite a stir in the city, he went to visit the ancient and mysterious clans in the Holy City. For cultivators of the southern region, it wasn’t easy to go visit these clans. They wouldn’t even entertain geniuses.

However, Lin Tiandi not only visited them, he was treated as an esteemed guest. Some ancestors even came out to see him.

A few days later, another piece of news came out from the city. Lin Tiandi had visited the Crimson Night Kingdom’s Thunder Tower. The tower lord even made an exception to see him. Afterward, he managed to climb to the top of the tower.

“That’s Lin Tiandi for you. It’s not strange that he can do so. Just think about it, so many sects were willing to let him train in their merit laws.” People weren’t caught off guard by this at all. They were used to his brilliant nature.

The young geniuses were incredibly envious after hearing this. The Thunder Tower was one of the two best locations in the Holy City. It was famous alongside Tiger Hill and the Dragon Platform. It once belonged to an ancient clan in the city, but now, it was a property of Crimson Night.

Legend states that the tower was a natural creation of the heaven and earth. There were peerlessly wonderful items inside. It was presided over by the most powerful ancestor of the Crimson Night Kingdom. He was referred to by others as the Thunder Tower Lord.

Today, an outsider like Lin Tiandi was not only received by the tower lord unlike normal convention, he also climbed to the top. Just how glorious was this?

Among the youths of the Crimson Night Kingdom, only Chi Zixian had reached the top before. Other disciples were not qualified to even climb, yet Lin Tiandi, an outsider, was allowed to do so. This spoke volumes of his cachet.

After he reached the top, day turned into night all of a sudden. Bursts of thunder resounded in the sky. Lightning streaked above the tower. The Thunder Tower suddenly became sky-reaching in a very mysterious and holy manner.

“Incredible, that’s Lin Tiandi for you. He gained some benefits after entering the tower for such a short time; he was actually able to unravel the mysteries of the tower and obtain the resonance of the heaven and earth!” Many people saw this shocking scene. Even a big shot from the last generation murmured to himself.

The younger generation was naturally envious. Those who could unravel the mysteries of the tower would gain great benefits!

Lin Tiandi didn’t stop at the Thunder Tower for long. On the second day, he left the Holy City and entered the Godwar Mountain by himself.

“The current peerless genius is indeed different. After understanding the mysteries of the Thunder Tower, he immediately entered the Godwar Mountain. Does he want the supreme scripture from there as well?” Many people emotionally commented after seeing this.

Jealousy was useless for the younger generation. Things difficult for others were easily achieved by Lin Tiandi. It was incredibly frustrating to compare oneself to him!

While everyone had their eyes on Lin Tiandi, a buzzing sound suddenly rang inside the large cave on top of the Dragon Platform in the stillness of the night. A light flashed as a man rushed out from the cave.

If any outsiders were here, they would be scared out of their mind from this scene as if they had just seen a ghost. Everyone knew that there was no coming back after falling into the cave. For millions of years, this had remained true.

But now, someone actually made it out of the cave. This news would shock the world if someone were here to see it.

Of course, it was Li Qiye who leaped out of the cave. After finishing his negotiation with the two existences in the ocean, he immediately left the Hidden-dragon Mountains. The world didn’t know that one could leave the Hidden-dragon Mountains through the Dragon Platform. However, entrance via the Dragon Platform guaranteed death. Naturally, these secrets were too elusive for ordinary people.

Li Qiye gazed at the Hidden-dragon Mountains again while standing on top of the platform. He revealed a faint smile with a carefree mood. Although he didn’t obtain any treasure from the mountain this time, his harvest was extremely great.

More importantly, Li Qiye was relieved to see the little girl’s result. No matter what happened later on, her future would be full of hope with that kind of opportunity.

His mind eventually returned. He then shifted over towards the Godwar Mountain in the distance. He became quiet while staring at the mountain that seemed to be defending myriad realms.

After a long time, he murmured: “After so many years, it is time to find out and let the items within come out. It is time for my harvest.”

It was well known that the Godwar Mountain had some incredible mysteries. One could be enlightened by the grand dao or listen to an immortal scripture. Nevertheless, most of this was still hidden behind a secret veil.

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