Chapter 966: Deal

Chapter 966: Deal

“Hehe, damned crow, don’t try to dodge the question. Tell us some of your stories of being chased around by people so that we can have a good laugh.” The second voice burst into laughter. He really wanted to hear about Li Qiye’s pitiful state.

“Fine, since I squeezed you two dry in the past, I guess it is fine to tell you for fun.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “It’s no big deal. The first time, I didn’t prepare well enough. Those arrogant ones were really a bit capable, so I suffered some big losses. However, you two should know, I like to stand up from where I’ve fallen…”

“... As you can imagine, I returned and made their blood run like rivers and piled their corpses into mountains. I destroyed their world and annihilated their sun and moon! No matter the location and no matter who they might be, even deities and emperors in the heavens will understand that no one can escape after barring my path!”

Having said that, he revealed a gentle smile that made others shiver uncontrollably.

The second person that wanted to gloat over his failure grew quiet. They knew an existence like Li Qiye didn’t need to brag. Moreover, this was true to his character. Even after failure, he would rise again and destroy all of his most powerful enemies!

“Have you attacked that place?” The first voice couldn’t help himself and asked about the most secretive of questions.

Li Qiye paused for a bit before revealing the truth: “I was not the only one, many have tried before. Unfortunately, success was not to be found. If I managed to do it, I wouldn’t be here talking to you two.”

“Damned crow, you’re not fun at all, but that Tian Tu brat is even less fun.” The second voice in the ocean didn’t mock Li Qiye this time. He only commented with emotion.

“Tian Tu... back in the Ancient Ming Era, he was indeed imperious. However, after the Emperors Era, my words are the truth in myriad worlds! Tian Tu, so what?! Didn’t I massacre all of them till there were no places left to hide?!” Li Qiye slowly uttered with an extreme murderous glint in his eyes!

“No one has ever been successful in that place.” The first voice sighed: “So many have tried, so many have failed!”

“I know.” Li Qiye claimed: “But nothing can halt my path in this generation, not even that place! One day, I will overcome everything that tried to stop me!”

This remark was not loud, but it carried a domineering style. It showed Li Qiye’s determination!

“How bold. Do you think you can overcome that place?” The second voice had to ask.

“Yes, definitely. If you two return, you will definitely see the day that I trample that place!” Li Qiye smiled.

The two existences pondered at the same time. They didn’t doubt Li Qiye’s determination. They also knew that once the Dark Crow decided to do something, nothing would be impossible!

Li Qiye smiled and continued: “We got distracted. How about we go back to the topic earlier.”

“You know that it is not possible. Even if you want to go this generation, we still have to wait until we can return.” The second voice answered.

“If that was the case, then I wouldn’t need to talk to you two about this.” Li Qiye said dismissively: “It is impossible for others, but not for me. Don’t forget, I have been there many times without any restrictions!”

“What secrets do you hold?!” The second voice couldn’t help his curiosity.

Li Qiye smiled: “I can only say that if you two go back in time, I can take you along with me. Have you thought about going back home?”

The two existences recalled their past for a moment. Go back? This was a distant memory to them. They had almost forgotten what it felt like.

“What is your condition?” The first voice asked.

“My condition is very simple. I will take you back and you two will work for me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Haha, your appetite is not small. You should clearly know what type of existence we are. Do you think that is possible? That brat Tian Tu couldn’t force us to bow our heads, and you won’t be able to either!” The second voice snorted.

Li Qiye shook his head at this response: “You are overthinking it. I have no need for you two to bow your heads to me. I just need you two to help me squash some obstacles when necessary.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t like being restrained.” The first voice answered.

Li Qiye calmly spoke: “I’m sure you two will like a few things that are worth pursuing.”

“Haha, damned crow, I’m afraid you have the wrong idea.” The second voice coldly retorted: “We can give up on this generation. It’s fine, you can go up this generation, we won’t compete with you. We’ll wait for the next!”

Li Qiye laughed: “If this is the case, then the two of you will definitely miss the most dazzling generation in this world.”

The first voice slowly said: “Dark Crow, we are old. We have lingered here for countless moons and can even let go of our eternal feud. What else do we care about?”

Li Qiye gently nodded: “I get it, it looks like the two of you are afraid, unwilling to compete against the deities and emperors. Perhaps it is a fear of failure as well since it will harm your reputation.”

“Haha, damned crow, your provocation is too obvious.” The second voice snorted: “We won’t fall for your tricks.”

Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “You know what? I can be quite resolute in my actions. For example, I could take the girl away. Or, when the time is ripe, I would come again. You two should know that she will be willing to go with me…”

“... If I take her away today, you two will never be able to reverse the tides. And if I wait a bit longer, I won’t just take her away, I will also dig that item out and squeeze everything from you two!” Li Qiye grinned: “Do you think I can't do it? I know that you don’t want to see that happen.”

“Is this a threat?” The first voice turned cold. He was angered by Li Qiye.

The second voice became tempestuous as well: “Damned crow, at worst, we’ll go all out. We aren’t afraid of death!”

“This is not a threat, I also don’t care if you two are afraid of death or not.” Li Qiye drily said: “However, you should know something. I won’t carry out either of these two options. Why? It is because I am merciful. I want you two to be aware that while I can, I won't do some things because I am benevolent! It is not because of you two!”

Li Qiye continued: “My benevolence is for her! Otherwise, I wouldn’t give a damn. I only hope that you will help me squash some obstacles. This is just a part of my plan. If you don’t want to, I can find other people to work for me. As long as I pay the price, I trust that there are still a few existences willing to cooperate with me. What do you think?”

The second voice snorted once more while the first voice was silent. They couldn’t deny that Li Qiye was speaking the truth.

“Perhaps you two have seen through many things.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “But do you dare claim that you have no goals in life?”

Li Qiye slowly said: “To bring fortune and protection to your descendants, isn’t this a type of goal and desire?”

The two voices still didn’t answer Li Qiye.

He was not in a rush and carefully articulated: “Follow me and one day, glory will belong to your descendants; prosperity lasting for countless ages. One day, you will follow my steps and we shall accomplish something that has never been done before, not even by the deities and emperors! Follow me to the battlefield and one day, you will witness the most amazing event in this world. For example, that location, do you two really not want to go take a look?”

“Haha, one needs to be alive to see it.” The second voice drily said: “Dark Crow, we know of your stories. Your followers, how many of them died on the battlefield?!”

“I will not deny this. Standing at the top is not an easy matter. Paving this road requires one to constantly spill blood and scatter bones.” Li Qiye gently sighed: “Do you two think you can fight to the end? If you aren’t even afraid of Immortal Emperor Tian Tu, what else is there to be afraid of?”

Li Qiye continued: “If you have no goals, then I have nothing else to say. However, there are still some things you two have always wanted to know.”

“What kind of things?” The first voice asked.

Li Qiye answered: “If I remember correctly, the two of you have been searching for a nest, an extraordinary nest! You have chased it before, yes?”

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