Chapter 964: Existences Inside The Vast Sea

Chapter 964: Existences Inside The Vast Sea

Both doors were extremely heavy as if they weighed millions and millions of pounds. Even the mightiest of armies would not be able to break them. There were two carvings on them. The left had a dragon while the right had a tiger. Both were extremely animated with aggressive stances.

The dragon on the left door was soaring down to attack the tiger while the tiger was pouncing upward to tear the dragon apart.

Upon closer observation, perhaps these two beasts were not killing each other but competing for something. Right in the middle of the two closed doors was a hollowed circle where their claws were about to meet.

Perhaps there used to be a jewel here right in the middle of the gate! It must have disappeared for some unknown reason. This bronze gate seemed to be telling an old tale of a dragon and tiger competing for a treasure jewel.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing this image before taking out the Dracofruit. He put the fruit in the center of the gate. A click was heard as if something had locked onto the fruit.

The fruit then melted into the gaps like snow and its juices flowed along the copper lines of the gate.

It was hard to imagine that such a little fruit had so much juice. In the blink of an eye, it saturated all the lines of both the dragon and tiger.

“Omm—” Both of the carvings on the doors lit up at this time. With a clank, a golden light emanated from the dragon as if the dragon was putting on armor. It seemed to have turned into a Golden Dragon with a surging aura, wishing to fly out from the bronze door.

An immortal light also spewed out from the white tiger on the other side. Its entire body was illuminated with this light, and one could faintly hear a tiger roar as if this Immortal Tiger was about to pounce out of the door.

“Clank—” The heavy bronze door slowly opened at this time, allowing others entrance to a whole new world.

Li Qiye immediately entered without any hesitation. Right afterward, the gate slammed shut once more with a loud clank.

There was a vast emptiness ahead that made it impossible to truly discern this world. An endless void with no end or beginning. When Li Qiye turned back, the gate that he just passed was nowhere to be found. If one didn’t personally come from the gate earlier, they would have thought that it was just an illusion.

Whoever stood here in this void space wouldn’t fall down, as if there was solid ground beneath them. This was an illusory world that was beyond the ordinary realm of perception.

However, Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind and continued to walk through the void. The area was covered in fog, so one couldn’t see very clearly. Nevertheless, Li Qiye was able to travel without needing to check the direction.

Eventually, the void finally changed. There were still layers of fog ahead, but behind them, one could faintly see the gleaming reflection of waves.

The void was replaced with shimmering water. One suddenly be able to hear the sound of waves.

Li Qiye stopped here and focused his attention on the sound. He wanted to see the reflection beyond the layers of fog.

The water in front of him was sparkling with splashing waves like those of an ocean. Perhaps, this was the legendary shore, a place with eternal life.

Nothing in this world could elude Li Qiye’s gaze. His eyes pierced through the layers of fog and the surging ocean all the way to its depths.

There was a towering golden lotus down below that seemed to be able to shoulder the nine heavens and ten earths. A force of suppression emanated from it across the ocean. With its presence, there would never be a tsunami in this place.

Li Qiye stopped for a moment to focus on the flower. Its petals were wrapped around someone with their back turned towards Li Qiye, so he couldn't see their face.

However, it was apparent that it was a woman from the contours of her back. Nevertheless, she was engulfed in the light of the lotus, so her full figure was left unseen.

“Little girl…” Li QIye’s eyes became serious while looking at the figure sitting in a meditative pose. His eyes lit up and were now capable of piercing through time itself and all existences in this world.

“Is it you?!” He shouted with a voice that reverberated across this world. Distance didn’t matter, his voice able to reach even the boundaries of this space. Alas, the figure on top of the lotus had no reaction; it was as if she didn’t hear his voice.

Li Qiye’s expression sank. He stepped forward towards the vast ocean to check it out.

“Bang!” But his entrance to the ocean was denied. An extremely powerful force rushed out and blew him away.

After standing up, he stared at the ocean and coldly uttered: “How long can all of you drag out your last breath? Block my path and I’ll flip this world over!”

“Such a big tone. Even if you were an Immortal Emperor, you still may not be able to do so!” A voice responded from the depths.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye sneered. He opened his mind and his sea of memories emerged. He then shouted: “Imperial Decree!”

“Buzz!” With that cry, ancient orders rushed out one after another.

“Boom!” These orders flew towards the four directions and eight divisions. Next, these orders turned into massive divine mountains.

They were not real, only formed by the Imperial Decree. After presiding over the appropriate cardinal directions, a suppressive heavenly net appeared in this land.

Each strand of universal law that made up this net was comparable to a star. They were capable of crushing the world. Even the deities wouldn’t be able to stand under the suppression of this net.

“So it is you, damned crow!” The voice deep in the ocean coldly cursed after seeing the net.

Li Qiye stared at the ocean and answered: “Yes, it is I!”

“Hmph!” This voice sounded especially unhappy with Li Qiye: “I already knew that your damned self would eventually return!”

If this person wasn’t one with great status, they would have been cursing up and down at Li Qiye.

“No need to be so sad, you should be welcoming instead.” Li Qiye smiled: “In a sense, I am your savior.”

“Haha, savior?!” The voice coldly answered: “Who did you save?”

“Well, if I didn’t destroy the Ancient Ming, what do you think the result would have been? Back then, Immortal Emperor Tian Tu was bullying you quite hard.”

Li Qiye leisurely went on: “The Ancient Ming forced so many items and benefits from you!”

“Is that so? You make it sound like you haven’t done the same!” The voice snorted: “You stole the Dracotree, no?”

Li Qiye chuckled: “I won’t deny having taken a few things, but compared to Immortal Emperor Tian Tu and the Ancient Ming, who squeezed more out of this place?”

The voice became quiet after hearing this.

Li Qiye pointed at the net in the sky: “Just this heavenly net alone; I only slightly changed it. In the past, the Ancient Ming prepared this net and directly placed it on all of your bodies. But me, I only cast it up high. This is more than enough to show that I am a merciful person!”

“Haha, merciful, hahahaha. You are too funny… You goddamned crow are a merciful person? Hahahaha. When you pushed the Ancient Ming back to this place, how many of them did you kill? Hahaha…” A different voice came from the ocean. It was even more aggressive than the previous.

“It seems like my speculation is absolutely correct!” Li Qiye spoke after hearing the second voice.

The second voice freely asked: “Haha, damned crow, what is your guess?”

Li Qiye rubbed his chin: “Old Long has always had the upper hand and suppressed you, and you two swore to a life and death feud. After being trapped here for so many years even during the reign of the Ancient Ming, this feud continued.” [1. Old here doesn’t necessarily mean old, it is another prefix to call someone. Long here is dragon, but it sounds like a name so I’m keeping it as Long.]

“However, it is quite incredible that you two are actually cooperating now.” Li Qiye said: “What happened to the irreconcilable feud? What happened to the vow of only one of you being able to live?” He continued.

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