Chapter 962: Chi Zixian

Chapter 962: Chi Zixian

“Where do you want to go?” Ye Chuyun asked after hearing Li Qiye.

Li Qiye lifted his head and gazed at the majestic Hidden-dragon Mountains: “I want to go to the Hidden-dragon Mountains. It might take some time.”

“I’ll go with you.” Ye Chuyun replied with haste: “Maybe I will be able to assist you.”

“No.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “This trip is a personal matter. At the same time, I hope that you can stay behind since I have something else for you to do.”

She replied: “Just give the order.”

Li Qiye looked at Si Yuanyuan and said: “It seems like the Crimson Night Kingdom won’t give up. Before I return, you just need to protect Yuanyuan.”

“I’m afraid that will involve Sister Ye and the Pure Lotus School.” Si Yuanyuan felt apologetic in her mind. She was not only dragging Li Qiye down with her, but also Ye Chuyun.

Li Qiye shook his head: “Don’t worry about that. I am not someone who is afraid of trouble, and those who stand by my side should be the same. If the kingdom is smart, they will run away as far as possible. Otherwise, if they anger me, I’ll personally visit them!”

“Don’t worry, little sister.” Ye Chuyun consoled her as well: “With Brother Li as your protector, the kingdom won’t be able to do anything to you.”

Si Yuanyuan only gently sighed in the end and held her words. She didn’t want the two to fight the kingdom, but there was a good chance of her being placed under house arrest if she were to return.

This was because it was nearly time for Chi Zixian to ascend to the royal throne. The elders of the imperial family naturally didn’t want a competitor like her to appear at this crucial moment!

“If nothing unexpected happens, I’ll come back soon. At most, it will only be ten days.” Li Qiye stated.

Ye Chuyun nodded in response: “What about the Godwar Mountain?”

They initially came for the Godwar Mountain, but the trip had been delayed this whole time.

Li Qiye glanced at the horizon and said: “There’s no rush, everything is within my grasp no matter what happens. After I’m done with the Hidden-dragon Mountains, we’ll go to the Godwar Mountain.”

In fact, Li Qiye’s trip to the dragon mountains was only to confirm something, not for a treasure.

Over the next few days, Li Qiye taught the primordial laws to Si Yuanyuan. Although the laws were quite abstruse, Si Yuanyuan had a great foundation due to the Sunset Glow Scripture, so she learned very quickly. Moreover, she was able to understand the scripture to this extent without any guidance, and now she had Li Qiye to teach her. Thus, it was not difficult for her to learn the primordial laws.

After doing so, Li Qiye left the Holy City and entered the mountains alone.

Within this period of time, the news of the Crimson Night Kingdom’s Supreme Elder’s tragic death reached them. Chi Zixian heard it as well.

Her expression quickly shifted to a chilling glare! She was one of the Blood Race’s five saints. She ranked higher than the Half-moon Princess and Chi Tianyu because she came from the Crimson Night Kingdom and was destined for greatness.

In terms of pure talent, she might be weaker than Bai Jian and the Skybearing Duke. However, she had an incomparable advantage in hailing from a sect with two emperors.

She was not born as the heir to the throne and had to defeat several competitors in the imperial family. Right now, the most fortunate thing for her was that their kingdom hadn't produced a brilliant genius like Ye Tiandi. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to win this successor position despite her powerful backing.

However, there was still a great shadow looming in her mind — Si Yuanyuan!

Si Yuanyuan came from a side branch and had to teach herself, yet she was successful in the Sunset Glow Scripture. Her accomplishments had a big impact on Chi Zixian’s current position.

More importantly, Si Yuanyuan’s side branch had an ancestor who came from the imperial family, thus she had the direct bloodline of an Immortal Emperor!

However, the most shocking thing to Chi Zixian was that Si Yuanyuan’s enlightenment of the Sunset Glow Scripture was peerless. This meant that Si Yuanyuan coming to rule the Crimson Night Kingdom was not out of the question.

The kingdom had a tradition of tracing back to the origin. Moreover, this tradition was started by their progenitor, Immortal Emperor Chi Ye.

At a young age, the emperor cultivated the Sunset Glow Scripture as his starting point. He entered the Blood Primal Ground for training as well. His status was recognized by the primal ground, and he even took the reins of the Blood Race in place of the Primal Ground!

Later on, the Crimson Night Kingdom went on a decline until Immortal Emperor Chen Xue's birth. He also returned to the primal ground at a young age to work on his grand dao and eventually won the throne to revitalize his kingdom! This allowed the kingdom to once again take charge of the Blood Race instead of the primal ground!

Because of its prestigious past, the kingdom had always wanted to return to the top of their race, to once more become their leader!

Even though the Storm God backing Chi Zixian was very influential, this didn’t mean that all the ancestors in the kingdom supported her.

This was especially true after Si Yuanyuan’s appearance. To a certain extent, it truly affected Chi Zixian’s position. A few elders were able to see hope in Si Yuanyuan due to her mastery of the Sunset Glow Scripture. This meant that she had a great chance of returning to the primal ground to cultivate the legendary primordial laws just like Immortal Emperor Chi Ye back then! If she could achieve this, then it meant that the Crimson Night Kingdom could return to the top of the Blood Race and gain the ability to command the entire race across the nine worlds!

If this situation came true, then not only would Chi Zixian lose her royal throne, her branch would also lose control over the kingdom.

Thus, both she and her branch would never allow for this to happen. The imperial family’s ancestors of her branch decided to erase all signs of Si Yuanyuan’s existence, so outsiders never found out that the kingdom still had such a brilliant disciple.

In fact, if certain powerful ancestors didn’t allow it, Si Yuanyuan might have disappeared from this world already.

Chi Zixian coldly uttered with a twisted expression: “This slut dared to actually show her face again instead of hiding for the rest of her life!”

“Your Highness will be able to ascend to the throne soon, so her sudden appearance right now might be a reaction to that.” An expert next to her speculated.

Chi Zixian coldly responded: “Someone from a side branch like her wants to compete for the royal seat against me? Just a fool’s dream!”

Despite saying that, Chi Zixian knew full well that if Si Yuanyuan could return to the primal ground, she would actually have the chance to take control of the kingdom.

“Her appearance might not be an attack on Your Highness.” Her strategist mused: “Your Highness’ inauguration has already been decided. Even if Si Yuanyuan has the protection of the ancestors, she still won’t be able to reverse the situation. Your Highness should just wait in peace before your ascension instead of being distracted by this matter.”

“No!” Chi Zixian’s expression darkened: “This slut cannot be left alive. The longer she lives, the longer she will remain a threat! Even if I become ruler, she can still come back and take over the royal throne when she returns to the primal ground!”

“Your Highness, we shouldn’t do it!” The strategist was startled: “If Your Highness kills Si Yuanyuan, then it would break the pact. The ancestors will not be happy!”

The only reason Si Yuanyuan was still alive right now was because she had ancestors protecting her. However, because of the Storm God’s imperious authority, both sides made concessions. Si Yuanyuan couldn’t enter the imperial family to learn emperor laws while Chi Zixian’s side guaranteed not to harm her despite her being a thorn in Chi Zixian’s eyes.

“Really now?” Her eyes turned cold and her words were even colder: “It is different now. The slut seduced outsiders to murder the Supreme Elder. This is treason and must be punished with death! I, as the main descendant of Crimson Night, have both the responsibility and the authority to dispose the sect of traitors!”

Chi Zixian didn’t want Si Yuanyuan to live any longer since her existence would always be a threat to her! In Chi Zixian’s mind, Si Yuanyuan had to die!

“Hmm...” The strategist pondered: “It won’t be easy to answer those older forefathers once we kill Si Yuanyuan.”

“There is nothing to say.” Chi Zixian sneered: “Everyone has the responsibility to deal with traitors! That slut conspired with outsiders to kill our Supreme Elder — this is a sin of renouncing her ancestors and sect! Even if the forefathers were to blame us, the ancestor can still handle it!”

The ancestor Chi Zixian referred to was the Storm God. As the daughter of Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, she had absolute authority in the kingdom!

Chi Zixian drily said: “Make the preparations, I will go to the Holy City tomorrow to personally deal with that traitorous slut!”

Her underlings acknowledged her command and went to carry it out.

She then looked outside with a chilling smile, ‘that slut is dead for sure this time!’ She would be able to sleep soundly after the slut was dead.

For her future goals, she wanted to use the Storm God for as long as possible while the ancestor was still alive to suppress the other ancestors. She must plan aggressive reforms so that the control over the kingdom would truly be in her branch’s hands!

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