Chapter 961: Death Without A Burial

Chapter 961: Death Without A Burial

The current assembly was startled at this moment. Even the group of the Half-moon Princess didn’t expect that Si Yuanyuan was a disciple from Crimson Night since she had been quietly following Li Qiye the entire time. Her obedient demeanor made it so that no one paid any attention to her.

In fact, very few in the Barren Earth knew that the kingdom had an extraordinary disciple like her. Several ancestors didn’t want her fame to spread far on the outside due to her great talents. If she were to gain a reputation, it would be detrimental to Chi Zixian’s position. Thus, the ancestors chose to erase her presence so that no one would find out about a genius like her.

On the other hand, she didn’t want to have a direct confrontation against the ancestors from the imperial family. Because of this, she wasn’t known at all in this region.

“Little girl, you underestimate me too much.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head, then he made her go back behind him again: “The Storm God cannot frighten me. Stand behind me and watch. Since you have decided to follow me, no one in the nine worlds will dare to touch a hair on your head.”

Si Yuanyuan hesitated for a moment after hearing this. She didn’t know how strong Li Qiye was, but she knew full well just how terrifying the Storm God was.

“It’s okay, just leave everything up to him.” Ye Chuyun noticed her hesitation and comforted her.

After hearing Ye Chuyun, Si Yuanyuan glanced at the Supreme Elder for a moment before quietly walking back behind Li Qiye. Given the choice, she naturally would not want to go back and be placed under house arrest.

The elder became extremely unhappy after seeing this. This was truly challenging their kingdom’s prestige.

“This girl is now one of my people.” Li Qiye looked at the elder and lazily spoke: “Go back and tell that vixen Storm God that before me, she’d better tuck her tail and hide! Even if her father, Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, was still in this world, I still wouldn’t put her in my eyes, let alone now. Otherwise, I’ll crush her to death with my own hands!”

“Disobedient animal! You dare to shame my ancestor?! You deserve death!” The Supreme Elder was furious after hearing this. He roared like an enraged lion and flipped his hand over to unleash a murderous palm technique. It carried a destructive aura towards Li Qiye.

The attack of an Early Era Paragon carried a devastating momentum along with the power of many living beings, causing people to tremble. It was as if the entire world was in disarray and there was no place to hide.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye against this attack. He casually reached out and formed the Dragon-subduing Palm. Such a leisurely gesture was able to reverse the universe and displace the sky.

The oncoming palm was quickly pushed away by Li Qiye’s Dragon-subduing Palm. Meanwhile, the elder’s body left the ground as if he had lost control.

His center of gravity was completely in Li Qiye’s grasp as he tumbled through the air.

“No—” This was an unwilling cry of disbelief and despair.

Initially, Li Qiye’s casual swing didn’t harm the elder at all. At best, it only made him stumble a bit. However, the huge cave was behind Li Qiye, so the elder fell down after his misstep.

Death was assured for anyone who fell into this cave on the Dragon Platform. It didn’t matter if one could soar in the sky or traverse the earth. Once they fell inside, they could only watch themselves fall and disappear from this world!

“No!” The elder’s echoes continued to rise from the cave. This fall marked his departure from this world!

Chi Tianyu’s group couldn’t help but take several steps back in unison. Even a Virtuous Paragon was helpless after falling in — this made their legs grow weak. They would also disappear after falling in.

“Why are there always some people who think that I am so easily bullied?” Li Qiye smiled. “Pop!” He kicked the Crimson Night Duke into the cave as well.

“No…” The duke watched himself fall into the cave and screamed out in despair. However, it didn’t matter how loud he screamed or how much he struggled, his demise was inevitable.

Si Yuanyuan couldn’t react in time for it all happened too quickly. Even if she wanted to plead for the duke, it was already too late.

The marquis was scared out of his mind after seeing the two fall into the cave and screamed: “Brother, hurry and save me...”

“Pop!” However, before he could finish his sentence, Li Qiye kicked him into the cave as well.

“You!” Chi Tianyu was both frightened and furious after seeing this. He wanted to rush forward, but the Half-moon Princess stopped him.

Li Qiye lazily glanced over them once and declared: “In my eyes, all of you are mere insects. I didn’t want to start a massacre after coming back this time, but if you want to die, I don't mind washing the Holy City with blood. It’s a shame, I do feel sorry for breaking the tranquility of this city!”

“Remember well, anyone who wants to provoke me best prepare a coffin beforehand!” With that, he turned around and left.

Si Yuanyuan quickly chased after him. Meanwhile, Ye Chuyun stared dismissively at the crowd before shaking her head and following after him as well.

“Li Qiye… it’s him.” Bai Jian suddenly remembered a certain someone after seeing Li Qiye’s overbearing arrogance, someone that had been long-forgotten.

“Is he really still alive?” He murmured to himself. He had never seen this person before, only heard of his tales. Several years ago, the legends about him arrived at the southern region from the Eastern Hundred Cities.

However, the world thought that he was dead so no one really paid attention to him.

Chi Tianyu’s eyes were completely red as he quivered with anger. He gritted his teeth and viciously said: “I swear to have vengeance even if it is the last thing I do! Li, I will crush you to pieces!”

His bone-deep hatred towards Li Qiye was not only because Li Qiye killed his junior brother, but moreso due to Ye Chuyun. He was stricken with jealousy to the point of losing his reason. In his vengeful mind right now, only one of them could continue to live in this world!

The rest of the group on the platform stared at each other without saying anything. Li Qiye’s first attack threw the Supreme Elder into the cave and gave them the feeling that he was mysterious and unfathomable.

Nevertheless, they still didn’t know whether Li Qiye was hiding his skills or the elder was merely uncareful and stumbled into the cave by himself.

“The treasure from the Dragon Platform… it must absolutely be something incredible.” After the group regained their wits, someone murmured with mouth-watering greed.

Alas, even if they coveted his treasure, no one would recklessly take action. In their opinion, even if Li Qiye was not powerful, who would dare to do anything with Ye Chuyun protecting him?


The Pure Lotus School had a property in the Holy City. This was an old mansion where Ye Chuyun was staying.

The group went to this mansion. Li Qiye immediately took out a box and handed it to Ye Chuyun: “Chuyun, staying with me for the last few days has been tough for you, so this treasure is yours.”

The treasure inside the box was the one from the Dragon Platform. Li Qiye didn’t even bother researching it and directly gave it to Ye Chuyun without a care in the world.

“But…” Ye Chuyun was startled: “Brother Li, this is a Dragon Platform’s treasure, it’s not a trivial item at all.”

Countless people coveted the treasures from the platform, yet at this moment Li Qiye was casually handing it to her.

He smiled in response: “I didn’t come to the platform for the treasures anyway. It was only to confirm something. Grabbing the treasure was just a part of the process.”

“I have benefited a lot by staying at your side, especially from your guidance.” Ye Chuyun hesitated for a bit before answering: “I can’t accept something so precious.”

“Accept it.” Li Qiye flatly said: “I can’t take back what I have given away.”

Ye Chuyun slightly bowed towards him and quietly accepted the treasure box without saying anything else.

Next, Li Qiye told Si Yuanyuan who was standing to the side: “Before I leave, I will pass down more primordial laws to you. In the future, I will also give you one or two suitable treasures should the chance arise.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Si Yuanyuan responded instantly. She didn’t go with him for any treasures but rather the primordial laws. For someone who cultivated the Sunset Glow Scripture like her, nothing was more important than the primordial laws.

It was not surprising for Li Qiye to know the primordial laws of the Blood Race. This was because he had obtained the heavenly dao and primordial chapter of the Blood Progenitor. The race’s merit laws came from this heavenly chapter. It was just that prior to this, Li Qiye was too lazy to look into these primordial laws.

Si Yuanyuan was very special in his eyes. Her accomplishments with the Sunset Glow Scripture were without comparison. Li Qiye willingly taught her these primordial laws because he hoped to leave behind some insurance at the Barren Earth. Who knows if the Blood Race would change in the future?

As long as he left behind this preparation, even if there were changes to the race in the future, someone else would still be able to control the overarching situation.

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