Chapter 959: Swiftsword Marquis’ Quick Draw

Chapter 959: Swiftsword Marquis’ Quick Draw

The marquis’ expression suddenly turned ugly. He stood there not knowing what to do while the crowd was staring at him.

Although Chi Tianyu really wanted to help his junior brother, he couldn’t come up with any plan at this moment either.

The marquis couldn’t go back on his word in public like this or else he would lose all credit and be cast aside in the future. He gnashed his teeth and made his decision before slowly walking towards Li Qiye while coldly uttering: “My life is right here, take it if you can!”

“Ah, backing out now? Too reluctant to commit suicide.” Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled.

The Swiftsword Marquis drily said: “The strong should die in a suitable manner. Suicide is an affront to the soul of our Blood-devil tribe! Come kill me if you can. As long as you can take it, my life is yours!” The marquis was not willing to commit suicide, so he came up with this plan to let Li Qiye come and kill him.

Ye Chuyun coldly glared at him and spoke: “Shameless.”

The marquis’ expression kept on changing colors. However, he pretended not to hear her, for his life was too precious to him.

“Schoolmaster Ye, according to our Pureblood School’s teachings, suicide is wasting one’s life. Even after entering hell, the offender would be spit on by the souls of our ancestors. We only have people who die in battle, not cowards.” Chi Tianyu quickly backed his brother up.

Ye Chuyun only glanced at him without replying.

“Come, I won’t attack; you can do as you please. As long as you have the ability, go ahead and take my life!” The marquis shouted at Li Qiye.

Such words were not well-received by the crowd. Although they might seem heroic, anyone could see through them. This Li Qiye was not much different than a mortal. Even if he was a cultivator, his cultivation wouldn’t be strong at all.

On the other hand, the marquis was a famous young expert in this southern region with peerless speed. Even if he didn’t attack and let Li Qiye do as he pleased, Li Qiye still wouldn’t be able to take his life.

Since it was impossible for Li Qiye to do so, his words were only heroic and straightforward on the surface. He had already calculated this much.

Li Qiye looked at him and smirked: “So after all that, it is just that you don’t want to die. Very well, I am someone who likes to break other people’s fantasies and crush their hope. If you don’t want to die, I’ll make you die in agonizing despair!”

“Since your title is Swiftsword, this means that your swordplay is very fast. Very well.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’ll stand in front of you and you can make the first move. If your sword is faster than me, you win. Not only will you be able to save your life, you will also be able to take mine.”

At this point, Li Qiye’s smile widened like a rippling wave. It turned into a free yet gentle laughter.

Others didn’t understand this smile, but Ye Chuyun did. When Li Qiye smiled like this, it meant death. It was a reaper's smile. No matter who they might be, they would surely die no matter how many rescuers came running to their aid!

Many people on the platform stared at him in disbelief. This might have been the most insane thing they had ever heard, so absurd that they were doubting their own ears.

Everyone knew that although the marquis’ cultivation was not as strong as Chi Tianyu’s, even his senior brother was not necessarily faster than him in terms of speed.

But now, Li Qiye wanted to compete in speed with the marquis — this was simply crazy. They stared at Li Qiye and thought that he was either a madman or someone hiding his ability.

However, they were very skeptical because no matter how they looked at him, he just seemed like an ordinary mortal!

“Hahaha…” The Swiftsword Marquis laughed wildly with the same gaze as everyone else, thinking that Li Qiye was insane: “Good, good. Even a junior like you is looking down on me. Very well, if you are so confident, then what else can I say? Deference is no substitute for obedience!”

With that, his eyes lit up while gazing at Li Qiye: “If my sword isn’t as fast as you, then there’s no need for you to do anything, I will jump down into the cave!”

Even Chi Tianyu revealed a cold grin at this moment. The situation had reversed. Li Qiye was foolish to the point where he would help the marquis recover from his difficult situation by courting death.

Competing in speed with his junior brother? Chi Tianyu sneered at the sight of Li Qiye courting death. He couldn’t have wished for anything better.

The Half-moon Princess also stared at him in astonishment. She naturally didn’t want this crazy guy to die, but she was not in the position to say anything. Otherwise, Chi Tianyu would be unhappy with her.

Only Bai Jian quietly watched amidst the crowd, as if he wanted to catch the coming event in its entirety.

“I wonder if you will really jump down at that point.” Li Qiye smiled and inched closer towards the marquis: “Make your move. I hope your sword is as fast as your title claims.”

The marquis’ expression turned ugly after being disdained like this.

“Clang!” He slowly unsheathed his sword. It chafed against the scabbard, creating a continuous sword hymn.

He coldly stared at Li Qiye and shouted: “Prepare yourself! Once I make my move, I’m afraid you won’t even know the reason for your death.”

“Is your sword as slow as your mouth?” Li Qiye lazily retorted without looking at the guy.

In a split second, the marquis’ eyes turned cold and focused on Li Qiye. At this particular junction, he was able to grasp every single change in Li Qiye.

Even though he didn’t put Li Qiye in his eyes, he still came from a great lineage. In battle, he would be very attentive of his enemy’s actions before delivering a fatal blow.

The rest of the crowd watched on with bated breaths. The marquis was quite famous for his fast sword techniques. Many people here had seen his swordplay themselves. The sword shall see blood. More often than not, it was a one hit kill as well.

A glint flashed. The marquis unleashed his sword. It was too swift to visually discern and went straight for Li Qiye’s throat in an instant!

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat. If it was them in this situation, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to dodge its speedy tip!

In the blink of an eye, time seemed to have stopped. Everything came to a halt like a picture. The rest of the crowd became wide-eyed and watched in disbelief.

Two fingers were gripping the sword. Naturally, it was Li Qiye’s fingers that stopped the marquis’ attack. Li Qiye seemed so relaxed, but the marquis couldn’t pull back his sword; it was as if his sword was stuck between two mountains.

Everyone saw the marquis’ attack, but no one saw Li Qiye’s counter and how he managed to catch the blade.

Ye Chuyun only shook her head for this was within her expectations. Someone of the marquis’ level was simply an ant in Li Qiye’s eyes. Just think about that year back in the Heavenly Dao Academy, when his simple actions destroyed a group of ancestors! This marquis was nothing in comparison.

“Crack!” Before anyone could regain their wits, the sound of bones snapping ensued, followed by blood spurting everywhere.

“Ahh!” A shrill scream full of agony soared to the sky. The crowd finally saw that both the marquis’ hands and legs were crushed by Li Qiye. He quivered after falling to the ground in great torment.

Li Qiye stomped on the marquis and leisurely said: “Claiming to be Swiftsword at this level?”

Everyone felt suffocated after seeing this. Li Qiye was way too fast. No one could see how he crushed the limbs of the marquis at all.

Even though Li Qiye’s dao foundation was sealed, his four Immortal Physiques were still there. Was there anything faster than the Soaring Immortal Physique in this world?

“Halt your impudence!” Chi Tianyu was shocked and shouted after seeing the marquis being trampled on by Li Qiye.

“What are you planning to do?” Ye Chuyun’s eyes turned cold as she spoke gravely after seeing Chi Tianyu making a move.

With great anger, Chi Tianyu took a deep breath before looking at Li Qiye to make a deal: “If possible, my Pureblood School is willing to redeem my brother’s life. Just name the price.”

The two brothers were indeed very close. Chi Tianyu naturally didn’t want to see the marquis die miserably at Li Qiye’s hands.

“What does a small sect like the Pureblood School have to tempt me?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I want his life, so his life I shall have!”

“Reconsider!” Chi Tianyu stressed: “If you spare my brother, you will be richly rewarded, but if you end him, you will become enemies with my Pureblood School and my Blood-devil Tribe!”

The majority would feel trepidation after hearing this. The school was a great sect in the southern region, and it was needless to say more about the Blood-devil Tribe as it was considered the biggest tribe in the area.

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