Chapter 955: Tiger Hill

Chapter 955: Tiger Hill

Li Qiye’s words attracted the attention of many bystanders. The cultivators who were annoyed at the Blood-devil Tribe for stopping them but didn’t dare to do anything were secretly cheering Li Qiye on. They felt that his retort was way too cool and they secretly gave him a thumbs up.

Some also stared at him in astonishment. This ordinary-looking junior had such a big tone! To dare to provoke the Blood-devils like this... They wondered whether he was a hidden master or just didn’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth.

Si Yuanyuan, on the other hand, smiled wryly. She hadn’t known Li Qiye for too long, but it seemed that he wasn’t afraid of offending people. He didn’t put anyone in his eyes, so now he provoked the Blood-devils right away.

The guarding disciples were enraged. In their eyes, this public audacity from a junior was shaming their tribe. They must teach this brat a lesson to protect the prestige of their tribe!

“So presumptuous!” A cold laughter sounded right after. A young man came forward while shouldering a sword that had a soaring sharp aura!

He glared at Li Qiye and uttered: “This marquis also wants to see who you are, daring to humiliate our Blood-devil Tribe like this! Junior, reveal your name! I will not kill a nobody!”

“Marquis…” The disciples guarding the entrance immediately bowed respectfully to the newcomer.

“Pureblood School’s Swiftsword Marquis!” A cultivator at the base quivered after seeing the young man.

Another murmured: “If the Swiftsword Marquis is here, then Chi Tianyu is most likely at the platform right now.”

This young man was called the Swiftsword Marquis. He came from the Pureblood School and was Chi Tianyu’s junior brother. People say that his quick draw was extremely fast. The moment his sword left its scabbard, would be the same moment someone’s head would fly.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye slowly uttered his name.

The Swiftsword Marquis wondered for a moment before sneering: “I thought it would be someone cool, but it is just Schoolmaster Ye’s errand boy! No wonder your tone is so haughty!”

“Errand boy?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle after hearing this. It was indeed refreshing.

“So it’s that Li Qiye! I heard he has been following Schoolmaster Ye all the time. No wonder why he is so arrogant, he has the schoolmaster as his backing.” The cultivators here pointed at him and commented.

However, Li Qiye was completely indifferent to the whispers. He leisurely stood there and didn’t bother dispelling the misunderstanding of him being an errand boy.

The Swiftsword Marquis coldly spoke: “Schoolmaster Ye is worthy of admiration, but this isn't a place where an errand boy like you can come and run wild!”

“I’ll run wild wherever I feel like.” Li Qiye lazily told the marquis: “Come if you aren’t convinced.”

With that, he didn’t bother taking another glimpse at the marquis. He turned and headed for the hill.

The guarding disciples immediately blocked his path while the marquis’ eyes flashed with a murderous glint!

“Schoolmaster Ye is an invited honored guest. If Young Noble Li is together with Schoolmaster Ye, he can also come to the Dragon Platform.” A pleasant voice appeared at this time.

A sweet fragrance traveled with the wind. A woman appeared and the disciples from the Blood-devil Tribe, including the marquis, all bowed to greet her.

“Half-moon Princess!” A spectator shuddered. Another murmured: “If the princess is here as well, then it seems like all the geniuses of the Blood-devil Tribe have gathered here today.”

Since the princess spoke on Li Qiye’s behalf, even the marquis didn’t dare to say anything. In terms of status and position, the princess was on the same level as his senior brother, Chi Tianyu!

However, she didn’t help Li Qiye because she was a nice person or wanted to befriend him. It was because of Ye Chuyun!

In her view, the enemy of an enemy is a friend. For this dao discussion taking place on the Dragon Platform, both Chi Tianyu and Ye Chuyun were invited. Naturally, the princess didn’t want Chi Tianyu and Ye Chuyun to have a chance of being together.

If a rival like Li Qiye was stuck between these two, then Chi Tianyu wouldn’t have an opportunity to get closer to Ye Chuyun.

Li Qiye naturally knew what the princess was thinking. He didn’t even bother saying thanks and climbed the stairs with Si Yuanyuan.

“Your Highness, this uncouth ignorant brat should be taught a lesson.” The Swiftsword Marquis was indignant for the princess since Li Qiye didn’t show any gratitude.

The princess only smiled and asked: “Is Dao Brother Chi here as well?”

“Princess, Senior Brother is already at the platform. He is the host this time and is waiting for everyone else to arrive.” The marquis quickly answered: “Please go ahead, Princess. I will be here to wait for Brother Bai Jian’s group.”

“Sounds good, I will go speak with Dao Brother Chi.” The princess was visibly happy hearing that Chi Tianyu was already there. She quickly flew to the top of the platform.

Li Qiye didn’t fly to the top like the princess. He walked slowly on the stairway while gently touching the wall along the steps.

These steps went on and on as if a dragon was coiling around this mountain. Moreover, they were not man-made but were formed through a natural process.

While touching the wall, he climbed the steps one by one in a very slow manner. It was as if he was trying to fuse with the beat of this world. However, no one could see what was so special about this manner of travel. It seemed that it was just another fella climbing the flight of stairs.

“Young Noble is trying to comprehend the dao of Tiger Hill?” Si Yuanyuan curiously asked while walking right behind him.

Enlightenment at Tiger Hill, treasures on the Dragon Platform — this was a saying that had been passed down for a very long time. For millions of years now, many had come to this location in search for the dao and fortunes.

However, very few were able to obtain anything of value. In later ages, a regrettably few number of people were truly enlightened here. Thus, this saying became more of a folktale, nothing more.

Li Qiye gently shook his head while continuing his business: “It is not so easy to be enlightened at Tiger Hill. One can’t comprehend the grand dao here in just one or two days.”

“Young Noble is aware of something here?” Even though Li Qiye denied desiring the grand dao, a smart girl like Si Yuanyuan was still able to see some clues.

“Well, perhaps, just a little bit.” Li Qiye smiled and continued forward: “However, the grand dao here isn’t something that I want. It is not important to me.”

“However, rumor has it that Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng comprehended the dao in this place. Furthermore, they even say that his supreme dao came from here.” Si Yuanyuan couldn’t help but speak after hearing Li Qiye’s refusal.

Who was Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng? He was someone who was undefeated throughout his entire life. Some even called him the greatest emperor across all the eons. Even if this claim was not true, he was the only person among the emperors that was undefeated!

Due to the legend that his invincible supreme dao came from this place, Tiger Hill and the Dragon Platform became all the rage for many generations. During the Desolate Era and even the Desolate Expansion Era, many cultivators came running here to learn the dao.

However, very few yielded any notable harvest. This caused fewer and fewer people to come here since it was a fruitless endeavor.

“That’s just a baseless assertion. Who is Jiao Heng? He was invincible for a lifetime. Do you think he came here and sat down then immediately found the unbeatable grand dao? This is just a path already trod by the ancient people. To be as untouchable as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng requires endless torturous training, not something you can comprehend right away...”

Li Qiye leaned on the wall and shook his head: “However, it is true that Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng did come here and obtained some benefits. There are items beyond your imagination here, but the time is not yet ripe!”

He continued forward while feeling the pulse of this place. In the beginning, Si Yuanyuan suspected that Li Qiye was searching for a dao. However, as she maintained the same pace as he did right behind him, she came to find that dao searching was not his intention. He was knocking as if wanting to wake something up.

There was a kind of rhythm, a pulse with his steps, but she couldn’t pinpoint any further details. Nevertheless, she had an indescribable feeling that she was hearing a heartbeat along with his pace.

It seemed as if a heart existed in this location. With each knock, this stopped heart suddenly jumped again!

She was not completely certain of this and even felt that it was only an illusion.

After a long time, she finally asked with some doubts: “This, is this a type of pulse?”

“Not bad.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded: “No wonder you could cultivate the Sunset Glow Scripture to such a level. Just your awareness alone is beyond the reach of many geniuses. Only someone with a pure dao heart like you would be able to sense this pulse.”

“This has nothing to do with the level of cultivation or concentration.” Li Qiye slowly preached: “Many people are charmed by the supreme grand dao or emperor laws, so they are no longer able to use their mind to purely listen to the origin of the grand dao. This in turn makes them miss out on many things.”

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