Chapter 951: Jadebee

Chapter 951: Jadebee

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Powerful heart beats resounded in the Dracohouse. They were coming from the Dracofruit…

After days of Li Qiye watering the fruit, it finally began to mature.

It hung on the tree like a healthy, beating heart. Those ignorant would actually think that it was a heart.

“Boom!” Eventually, a thunderous beat resounded. Those with a weak constitution would be stunned from the shock.

“It’s time!” Li Qiye happily took out a plate after hearing this beat.

“Pop!” The Dracofruit finally fell down from the tree and landed on Li Qiye’s special plate. He satisfyingly nodded and murmured: “All of those preparations in the past were for this one day.”

With that, his gaze turned towards the distant Hidden-dragon Mountains that stretched across the land and murmured: “Perhaps it is time for me to reap my harvest.”

He put away the fruit and said goodbye to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper actually accompanied him all the way to the base of the mountain. Li Qiye said: “Farewells are inevitable. Go back, you don’t have to see me off anymore. In the future, I will return to see the Xu Clan. I’ll make sure that your clan will continue to strive into the future.”

“Take care, Sir.” The old shopkeeper finally waved goodbye to Li Qiye. He didn’t turn around until Li Qiye disappeared completely.

Li Qiye left Apricot Peak but didn’t go to the Holy City or the Godwar Mountains. He slowly strolled through these mountain ranges one step at a time. Each step carried a different memory.

Who knew that back then on this land, a great confrontation took place here. The ultimate force of all the races in the nine worlds against the most powerful legion of the Ancient Ming Race! The Ancient Ming’s side even had Immortal Emperor Long Ming!

The two armies had a standoff in this place, causing the worlds to tremble and the heaven and earth to lose their light! It ultimately ended with a horrifying battle. One ancient battlefield after another was dragged into this place and sealed this entire land!

This battle was beyond imagination. In the end, only mountains of corpses were left. One inch of land, one liter of blood — this phrase was not an exaggeration to describe that battle.

If the ancient battlefields were not dragged here with their supreme seals, the entire southern Barren Earth would have been rendered to dust!

Li Qiye felt quite uncomfortable as he slowly walked through these mountains. Beneath this land were many corpses. The lush rivers and trees of today were nourished by blood.

On this land, his most trusted comrades fell along with his closest confidant. Those most loyal to him persevered to their very last breath…

Too many had fallen in this place. Too many things were taken from him — friendship, loyalty, and…

“Buzz—” A bee suddenly flew in front of him before disappearing into the valley ahead.

“A Jadebee?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed at this sighting. It wasn’t too different from an ordinary bee. The biggest distinction was that its stomach had a little green jade.

Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t notice it. Even if they saw the difference, they might not recognize its origin.

But Li Qiye was different. His knowledge allowed him to understand what these bees were used for right away. He immediately headed for the place the bee disappeared to. He flew through several hills and the buzzing of the bees became noisier. There were many Jadebees flying around in this hilly region. Some had just returned from plucking flowers while others were going out for more…

The increase in number confirmed Li Qiye’s speculation. He found that these bees were flying to the same location.

“So it’s like this. Very few know about this method.” Li Qiye saw through the clues and became curious. He continued to follow the bees.

Eventually, he followed these bees into a remote valley. A flowery fragrance rushed into his nose; there was nothing but flowers in this location.

Jadebees were dancing around and busily collected pollen from the flowers. One could see trunks containing beehives everywhere.

Li Qiye stood in the valley and slowly scanned the area. Eventually, he saw someone. Amidst the flowers was a busy woman. She was dressed plainly just like a village girl. She tied her hair with a wooden pin in the middle. She wore no makeup or any other adornments.

Despite her plain style, it was still difficult to hide her beauty. Beneath the ordinary clothing was an eye-catching and temptatious figure.

She had an indescribable aura around her as if she was a refreshing, limpid spring. From her slightly pouting lips, one could see that she could be stubborn and determined as if nothing could deter her pace.

She had a serious expression while dealing with the weeds among the flowers and didn’t spot Li Qiye’s arrival.

He continued to stand near the flowers to quietly gaze at her every action. It seemed that in his eyes, everything she did was quite beautiful.

After a while, she finally stood up and saw Li Qiye with her clear eyes. She only paused for a bit before crouching down again to continue her task.

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said: “It’s a nice idea, bee-keeping to take their honey. Not too many people know this particular technique.”

The crouching woman froze for a second after hearing this. She stood up to look at him again. There was a cold glint in her pretty eyes that disappeared in a split second.

“You shouldn’t stare at me like that.” Li Qiye smiled: “I bear no ill-will, or else you wouldn’t be standing there right now.”

She responded: “Who are you? Who sent you here?” Her questions were also crisp with a particular rhythm.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye stated his name in a friendly manner. The woman tilted her head and pondered for a bit. She had never heard of this name before. Nevertheless, she continued to glare at him.

Without a doubt, she was very cautious of him.

“I’m a bit curious. In the Crimson Night Kingdom or even the entire Barren Earth, the Sunset Glow Scripture is everywhere. Maybe even every single Crimson Night’s citizen has one.” Li Qiye smiled: “But fewer than few people know how to keep these bees for their honey. Perhaps even for many millions of years, no one has done this! Where did you learn this from?”

The woman was startled after hearing his claim. She took one step backward and gathered the energy in her body as if she was ready to erupt at this very moment.

“There’s no need to be hostile. If I wanted to hurt you, I could take you down in one second. Not to mention that there is still a gap until you reach paragon, but even if you were one, I could still deal with you easily, trust me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The woman remained hostile towards Li Qiye, but he didn’t seem to mind. He continued on: “You did a good job cultivating the Sunset Glow Scripture. Your dao foundation is truly pure! But your offensive skills are quite mediocre. If my guess is correct, you rarely train in offense! You are strong, but in my eyes, your destructive ability is not worth mentioning, understand?”

The woman eventually put away her antagonism. Her aura calmed down and became spiritual like before. After looking at him for a while, she finally revealed her name: “Si Yuanyuan.”

Li Qiye began again: “Despite the scripture’s pervasive nature, no one has truly cultivated it in earnest before, especially in the Crimson Night Kingdom!”

Si Yuanyuan didn’t respond to his claim. Li Qiye continued: “Since the ancient ages, only Immortal Emperor Chi Ye cultivated this scripture to grand completion. However, I heard that even the emperor did not use this beekeeping method to collect the glow.”

She looked at him and drily said: “So what?”

This prompted him to smile: “I’m just curious, that’s all. I see several different merit laws on you. Moreover, they are only from the Crimson Night Kingdom. What’s even more interesting is that they are elementary laws from the country’s imperial family.”

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