Chapter 950: Watering The Dracotree

Chapter 950: Watering The Dracotree

This land indeed had too many secrets. Otherwise, the Ancient Ming wouldn’t have noticed this place and the Dark Dragon Dynasty wouldn’t have established their ancestral ground here.

After crushing the Dark Dragon Dynasty and the Ancient Ming, the Dark Crow had scanned this area before. However, the time was not ripe for some things within.

Li Qiye glanced at the inconspicuous Dracofruit while rubbing his chin: “Why did the little girl pluck a fruit? She was buried for countless years, so why come out all of a sudden? Is there a change at the Hidden-dragon Mountains?”

Ultimately, he decided: “Regardless, it is time to pluck one.”

Li Qiye stayed behind at this place and began to absorb the moonlight that he then used to water the fruit so that it would ripen and fall.

In the evening, if anyone could see the Dracohouse, they would be shocked by this amazing scene. The moonlight from above was being dragged down as if all the brilliance of the moon in this world was being sucked into this location.

Li Qiye had a gourd for this task. The moonlight gathered in the gourd and turned into a brilliant silver liquid.

He poured the moonlight one drop at a time on the Dracofruit. However, his actions were not just a simple watering. The dripping required precision and the timing was in tune with the worldly rhythm!

An immense boom could be heard each time a drop of moonlight dripped onto the fruit. These tiny drops each seemed to be like a great god slamming down on the earth.

They would permeate through the runes on the fruit’s skin and into its body. Each time the fruit absorbed a drop of moonlight, one could hear a beating sound just like the thumping of a powerful heart. It was as if there was a heart that had stopped beating in this area, and it was being revived from absorbing the moonlight. It would beat once after absorbing a drop of moonlight.

Of course, the Dracohouse was sealed off. Even a bigger commotion would go unnoticed by outsiders. Only Li Qiye could hear this sound.

He narrowed his eyes and murmured: “So this is the case, no wonder why the old man said that there was a natal beat back in the Hidden-dragon Mountains. Is it finally here after millions of years?”

After confirming that Arcane Guru’s report was correct, Li Qiye continued to water the fruit and waited for it to ripen.

While he was staying at the Xu Residence, the Holy City grew very lively. Many youths gathered there.

In the beginning, these prodigies came to see Mei Suyao’s supreme features. Even the more famous geniuses came running, such as the five saints. However, she didn’t stay at the Holy City for long. No one knew when she left or what her destination was.

The city should have calmed down after her departure. However, Ye Chuyun arrived next and it caused quite a stir as well! In terms of fame, Ye Chuyun was not as great as Mei Suyao. However, she was very illustrious in the Barren Earth and could be considered a goddess of the younger generation.

The first youth to reach Virtuous Paragon in the southern region — this alone was enough to make her renowned. Moreover, despite not being at Mei Suyao’s level, she was also very pretty. She had many young admirers as well.

She came to visit a senior in a lineage that had great ties with the Pure Lotus School. She rarely met guests, but this didn’t stop the young cultivators from being especially welcoming towards her. All of these admirers wanted to see her.

In just a short period of time, the Holy City was bustling with excitement. Even three of the One Emperor, Five Saints came. [1. “One Emperor, Five Saints” is the group’s title. Three from this group came.]

This was a phrase in the southern Barren Earth. To be more exact, “five saints” was the title given to them by the Blood Race.

They included the young geniuses from their respective races: the Crimson Night Kingdom’s Chi Zixian, the Grand Palm Ancient Court’s Bai Jian, the Half-moon Blood Tribe’s Half-moon Princess, the Pureblood School’s Chi Tianyu, and the Blood-devil Tribe’s Skybearing Monarch.

In this land, the Blood Race was unified due to the presence of the Blood Primal Ground. Because of this, when the list of young geniuses was being determined, it only included Blood geniuses while omitting the other races.

These five saints debuted much later than Ye Chuyun and were half a generation behind her. The only genius among this group that was in the same generation as Ye Chuyun was the one emperor.

Lin Tiandi! This was a name full of charisma and power! He was ranked much higher than the five saints! [2. This is another case of title versus name that can be confusing. Tiandi means Heavenly Emperor, so it is definitely an arrogant name at birth. It could be a title too, but who knows right now.]

When Bai Jian, the Half-moon Princess, and Chi Tianyu entered the city, they caused quite a storm! More gossip rampaged across the city.

For example, Chi Tianyu’s efforts at courting Ye Chuyun was a hot topic across the teahouses in the city. This was something everyone knew about. The Pureblood School wanted to have marital ties to the Pure Lotus School, but Ye Chuyun — as the current master — had always refused their offers.

Nevertheless, Chi Tianyu never gave up. As long as there was a chance, he would give Ye Chuyun all of his attention; he visited the Pure Lotus School annually just to see her.

“Chi Tianyu, one of the five saints, is trying to see Schoolmaster Ye every day.” Both young and old loved to discuss these matters in the restaurants.

“To be honest, Chi Tianyu is one of the five saints and our Blood Race is a great tribe. He actually makes a good pair with Schoolmaster Ye.” A youth from the Blood Race backed Chi Tianyu up.

“Hmph, Schoolmaster Ye is not just an ordinary Virtuous Paragon.” A young human was not convinced. In the southern Barren Earth, Ye Chuyun was even referred to as the pride of the human race, the goddess in so many young human males’ hearts!

Because of this, these human males all came to see her and considered Chi Tianyu to be their rival. Of course, many of them were not as exceptional as him.

“While it is true that Schoolmaster Ye is an exceptional Virtuous Paragon, who in this region among the human’s younger generation is more suitable for her than Chi Tianyu? If our Chi Tianyu is not worthy, then the experts from your human race are even less worthy.” A young Blood immediately retorted.

Naturally, the human youth did not give up. He sneered in response: “You think the five saints from the Blood Race are so great? There is still the emperor. Lin Tiandi is a genius of our human race.”

“Oh, really? Who says that Lin Tiandi is a human? Did he admit to it himself? Hmph, he has never said that he was a human, maybe he is one of our Blood Race’s members.” The young Blood snorted.

“Between men and women, strength isn’t necessarily the only factor to determine suitability.” Another person strongly pointed out: “Chi Tianyu is indeed praiseworthy, but our Schoolmaster Ye does not like him. Have you all not heard about it yet? Recently, our schoolmaster has already found someone. She is always together with someone named Li Qiye, so your Blood Race better stop thinking about marrying our goddess. She will only marry our own people…”

The human race was still very powerful in the Barren Earth, especially in a reclusive land like the Holy City. It was quite influential. Moreover, there was the existence of Heavenguard.

Nevertheless, the Blood Race was a force to be reckoned with as well. Although there was no war between the Blood and the humans, minor conflicts had been ongoing. Both races looked down on the other. Cursing at each other upon meeting was a common occurrence.

“Li Qiye? Who the hell is he? I’ve never heard of him.” The young Blood spoke contemptuously: “Does being together mean that she is married to him? Maybe he is only a servant or her errand boy.”

“Yes, that’s right. I heard that this Li Qiye is only a little disciple from the Pure Lotus School acting as Schoolmaster Ye’s servant.” Another Blood youth made up this story.

In a short while, Li Qiye being Ye Chuyun’s servant was spread to many people.

In fact, it was understandable for the Barren Earth to not know about Li Qiye. Back when Li Qiye was renowned in the Grand Middle Territory and Eastern Hundred Cities, he was still not as famous as Lin Tiandi.

Later on, Lin Tiandi’s prestige soared even higher. Even when Li Qiye’s name came to the southern region, he was still overshadowed by Lin Tiandi.

Moreover, Li Qiye had disappeared for a very long time. Even cultivators in the other two domains nearly forgot his name, let alone people from this region.

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