Chapter 948: Crimson Night Duke

Chapter 948: Crimson Night Duke

After the old man took a seat, he continued: “Tell me, what did you find?”

The guru rubbed his palms nervously and smiled: “I chased after this clue for a very long time and finally, at the mountains, I was able to find something that My Lord left behind back then.”

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye: “If it was only a clue, then it shouldn’t be enough for you to trace it back to this place. You must have found something, I’m listening.”

The guru quickly fixed his attitude. He understood that there was no point in hiding anything before Li Qiye. Nothing in this world could elude his gaze. It was a pair of eyes that shone like eternal flames, illuminating the eons.

He took a deep breath and answered: “My Lord, others would find this ridiculous, but I’m sure My Lord knows the reason. I heard the beating of a fetus back in the mountains. If I wasn’t in full search mode, I wouldn’t have been able to hear it!”

“A natal beat?” Li Qiye’s eyes became serious after hearing this.

The Hidden-dragon Mountains hid a great secret. In the past, the Dark Dragon Dynasty established a supreme foundation in this location. There was a good reason for it — this secret was worth salivating over. [1. Dark here is Ming. It is an Ancient Ming Dynasty. Long Ming or Dark Dragon is an emperor as well.]

Looking at Li Qiye's expression was enough to let the Guru immediately understand that Li Qiye already knew this secret. It was just like the old stories, nothing in this world was unknown to Li Qiye. He quickly spoke: “I found it very strange the first time I heard this beat as well. Later on, I checked many ancient records about your tales…”

“... Eventually, I came across one writing that related to this legend. I suddenly had a bold speculation that this was something My Lord left behind. After more research and guesses, I eventually traced the clue to this location.” The guru told Li Qiye everything he knew.

“A natal beat…” Li Qiye murmured to himself and looked out the window.

While Li Qiye was silent, loud noises came from below. A young man adorned in a fancy robe came to the second floor. His entrance illuminated the entire room.

He had a powerful aura with the style of a noble. His blood energy was rich like a surging river. It was easy to see that he had a noble and powerful bloodline.

There were more than ten followers immediately behind him. All of them wore the same uniform and had extraordinary presences, showing that they came from a great lineage.

The young man immediately walked towards Li Qiye and sat down in front of him. Although he showed no signs of contempt, a hint of arrogance was in the air.

“I am the Crimson Night Duke from the Crimson Night Kingdom." He introduced himself slowly.

Anyone else would palpitate after hearing this. Crimson Night was a famous lineage in the Barren Earth with two emperors. Meanwhile, this duke was the ruler of a whole region. His backing was quite prominent, allowing him to be considered highborn.

“And?” Li Qiye reacted nonchalantly to this introduction.

The duke glared at Li Qiye and lowered his tone: “I want to know what the Half-moon Princess came to you for! Tell me everything without leaving out a single detail!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “I got it, so you like that lady. Moreover, it is beyond your control now.”

The duke’s handsome face sank after hearing this. He quickly threatened Li Qiye: “No nonsense or I’ll slap your mouth!”

Li Qiye was still unperturbed: “Really? What if I don’t tell you? Plus, why should I tell you?”

The duke placed a pearl on the table and spoke: “This is our specialty, a Crimsonheart Pearl. It is able to eliminate contaminations. Tell me your conversation with the princess and this shall be yours.”

Li Qiye glanced at the pearl and only smiled without revealing his attitude.

The duke continued to glare at him: “It must have something to do with that guy!” After this speculation, he only became more restless: “Quickly tell me.”

He lost his patience after thinking about the princess’ feelings for that man from the Pureblood School. He immediately stood up and shouted: “Brat, tell me now!”

Li Qiye raised his brows and lazily replied: “I have zero interest in your romance. Before you disturb my mood, return from whence you came.”

“Brat, that isn’t up to you to decide!” The duke drily said: “If you don’t speak, I will drag you back with me!”

“Your Highness, let me capture him and I’ll make him spit out everything!” A follower behind the duke quickly tried to earn this merit.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and leisurely spoke: “Scram.”

With that, not only his followers, but even the duke was astounded. He was the duke of Crimson Night, a supreme character, yet this nobody brat dared to shame him like this.

“Little animal, I’ll let you taste a fate worse than death!” The duke’s expression turned fierce. He reached out for Li Qiye with his hand.

“If My Lord tells you to scram, then scram!” Li Qiye didn’t need to do anything as the duke’s hand approached. Arcane Guru, sitting at the side, swept past with his sleeve.

“Pop!” Before the duke and his followers knew what was going on, they were swept flying by the guru’s sleeve and disappeared in the horizon. Who knew where they were sent off to.

Compared to the guru, the duke was not worth mentioning — simply an insect.

Li Qiye acted as if nothing had happened and continued to drink. The guru didn’t dare to say anything and sat back down to the side.

After a while, Li Qiye looked up and put his cup down: “If I remember correctly, you excavated my little golden coffin!” [2. I left out one section here about the Xu Clan’s threat. It was virtually the same thing repeated from the last chapter. Author might have forgotten about it.]

“About that…” The guru became very nervous. He smiled awkwardly while his hands fidgeted uneasily: “My Lord, you gave this thing to the Gongsun Clan a long time ago, but the Gongsun Clan was destroyed later on…”

“... This lowly one waited for a very long time in those ruins. Eventually, I didn’t see My Lord’s return, so I assumed that you had forsaken this item and immediately brought it out into the sunlight again.”

This issue left him in a tough spot. In fact, he had obtained many things during his pursuit of Li Qiye. Nevertheless, the most precious item was the little golden coffin.

He quickly spoke: “If My Lord wants it back, this lowly one will return it right away.”

Li Qiye lazily responded: “Fine, if I need it, I will take it back. Since you worked hard to get it, you can keep on using it for now.”

“Thank you, My Lord.” The Guru didn’t dare to be disrespectful and immediately prostrated.

Li Qiye nodded gently while the guru remained on the ground without getting up. Li Qiye put down his cup and looked at him: “You have something else to say?”

The kneeling guru quickly responded: “Ever since this lowly one met My Lord back then in the All Heaven Grotto, I longed for the day that I could be like the wise sages under your banner. Today, I was finally able to see My Lord, leaving me with great jubilation. I am willing to serve you, My Lord.”

Li Qiye stared at him and slowly answered: “When necessary, I will naturally call for you. I am staying at the Holy City for now, so you may work for me.”

“Thank you, My Lord!” The guru bowed his head. For millions of years now, countless invincible wise sages worked for Li Qiye and swept through the world under him. Now, he finally got this chance as well.

“Rise.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Let this be the end of that lead, do not bother the Xu Clan. It greatly contributed to the nine worlds and the human race. I trust that I don’t need to say more.”

“This lowly one understands!” The guru said: “If the need arises in the future, I am willing to protect the Xu Clan in your stead.”

“Good, so it is decided for now. Let us go.” Li Qiye ended the conversation.

The guru bowed once more and left. He disappeared into the horizon in just the blink of an eye.

Li Qiye continued to drink while looking at the green hills outside the window. He immersed himself in the long silence.

Each person he remembered grew older with the years and slowly drifted away like the wind. No one was truly immortal!

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