Chapter 944: Spank Your Sweet Buttocks

Chapter 944: Spank Your Sweet Buttocks

“Girl, I am not interested in your river school’s support.” Li Qiye only chuckled at this enticing offer: “Of course, I can think about you following me into Nalanda.”

He paused to look at her before continuing: “Naturally, my willingness to take you is not because I like you or because of how beautiful you are. It is simply out of consideration for your Matriarch, Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, got it?”

“I truly appreciate your help..” Mei Suyao quickly stood up to thank him regardless of whether he would say yes or not.

“Go. To tell the truth, I’ve grown a bit bored.” Li Qiye looked at her with one eye and gently waved his sleeve.

Ye Chuyun was surprised to hear this. Mei Suyao’s beauty was renowned across the world. Countless people in the younger generation, including supreme geniuses, would be willing to stay with her. It could even be said to be a dream of many. But now, Li Qiye was the complete opposite; he was tired of Mei Suyao. It was simply unbelievable for a beauty like her to be treated in this manner.

Mei Suyao didn’t seem to mind. She still bowed elegantly and smiled: “Just let me know if you ever need me, I won’t say no.” The soft words from the supreme beauty of this generation were completely irresistible to anyone.

Li Qiye looked at her then gestured for her to come over with his fingers: “Girl, come here.”

“Brother Li has some advice?” Mei Suyao came closer and tilted her head. She was truly too beautiful. Each of her actions and gestures would cause one’s soul to sway.

When she tilted her head closer, she was within his reach. Her exposed bare neck accentuated her black hair that fluttered in the breeze, carrying an elegant fragrance that made the heart beat faster.

Such a scene couldn’t be described with words. It was a perfect picture. Even Ye Chuyun marveled while watching on the side. She was really too beautiful.

Ye Chuyun was also known as a great beauty. However, there was quite a sizable gap between her and Mei Suyao. No matter how pretty she might be, she paled before Mei Suyao.

In the blink of an eye, Mei Suyao fell into Li Qiye’s chest.

“Pop! Pa! Pa!” Li Qiye’s hand slapped her round and sweet buttocks like a storm.

She screamed like a cat that had had its tail stepped on and immediately jumped up. Her usual supreme grace was nowhere to be found, only fear and anger were left amidst the confusion.

“What are you doing…” She cried out after jumping up. Regardless of the circumstance or the peril, she could always stay calm with a matchless attitude, but not this time.

This was her first time being treated as frivolously as this. No, it was the second time. The first time was by Li Qiye as well!

Contrary to her shocked demeanor, Li Qiye was still acting leisurely as he looked at her and said: “Girl, I’ll show you the right path. If you want to seduce me, there’s no need to act in such an amorous manner. Just obediently listen to me and I’ll consider taking you in. As for this type of cautious, deliberate scheming, it is time to stop!”

“There’s no need to try to break my dao heart.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I am not a goal you can overcome, you don’t have the ability to steal my heart. Just think it through and be obedient, then I can consider taking you in. After all, we had a physical connection before, so I don’t want someone else to take a beautiful woman like you! However, if you have other plans, then get away from me or else I won’t show mercy in plucking a flower!”

“You…” Mei Suyao was ashamed and extremely embarrassed. It could be said that this was the first time she had been so mistreated.

Ye Chuyun was also shocked to hear about the physical connection between the two. Those words would make the imagination of others run wild.

“I am someone who is not overly cruel to women.” Li Qiye dismissively said: “On the contrary, I have always been willing to favor women. However, this is under the condition that they do not scheme before me.”

Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed: “If, say, you want some benefits from me or if you want to influence my actions, this isn’t difficult. You just need to do one thing, and that is to listen to me! I will bring you unimaginable benefits! However, if you want to use the honey trap or schemes to manipulate me, girl, you are still too young. You aren’t qualified and you also don’t have the power to do so…

“... Be good and listen. I won’t care for other matters. I will be considerate of Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui and grant great benefits to both you and the river school!”

His eyes turned cold at this point: “However, if you or the river school have any ideas or plans, then watch it or else I’ll take a trip to the school! It won’t be so easy to get me to leave at that point!”

Li Qiye was straightforward enough in his warning towards Mei Suyao.

Mei Suyao and Ye Chuyun by the side both turned silent. Ye Chuyun found that she wouldn’t know what to do in this difficult situation either.

For others, Mei Suyao was a high above existence akin to a goddess. No one would dare to disrespect her, but Li Qiye didn’t care for any of this and did as he pleased.

“I was wrong.” Mei Suyao bowed and said: “If Brother Li wants to scold me, then do it. I am willing to accept your punishment!”

This time, she was full of sincerity without the same provocative chord from earlier. Nevertheless, she was still as beautiful as ever. It was natural to her very being.

“Forget it.” Li Qiye looked at her and recalled a few people. He said: “Go. In the future, be direct with me. Don’t play around with these tricks.”

Mei Suyao sighed in disappointment. She bowed one more time and gave him one last glance before leaving. She drifted into the sky and disappeared in the horizon in just a second.

“Brother Li, Goddess Mei likes you.” Ye Chuyun, who had been silent the whole time, commented.

Li Qiye only smiled and shook his head: “Whether she likes me or not doesn’t matter. There are many who like me and many who hate me. Beauties who like me or even those who I like will be destroyed if they foolishly scheme before me!”

Ye Chuyun sighed softly as well. This was a matter between Li Qiye and Mei Suyao, it was not her place to comment on it.

However, she was very curious. In fact, anyone who knew that these two had a physical connection before wouldn’t be able to contain their curiosity about what had actually transpired.

“If someone is ascending in the plateau, do you want to go and see?” Ye Chuyun changed the subject.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Chuyun, the ascension isn’t important to me, but if you want elucidation from the process, I can take you there and grab a piece for you.” [1. I don’t remember what this elucidation is yet so it can be awkward in the sentence. Not sure if it is a mental enlightenment or an item.]

Ye Chuyun quietly replied: “I don’t dare to ask for the elucidation, just let it be up to fate.”

Li Qiye gently nodded as well. If ascension was going to happen again at the plateau, then it would definitely cause a great storm this time as well.

After Mei Suyao left, the two continued forward on their boat. They met many people in the last two days; most were young prodigies of the cultivation world.

They came very quickly with different styles and uniforms. Some of them wore crowns while riding their chariots in the sky while others stood on their flying swords to cross the horizon. A few of them even came with great fanfare from their entourage…

“I heard Goddess Mei appeared at the Holy City, we have to go take a look!” These people were in a rush because of Mei Suyao. All were her admirers.

Mei Suyao’s southward trip was very low-key this time, but she was simply too famous and was regarded as the number one beauty. Even if she tried to keep a low profile, others would notice her.

Thus, these young prodigies all scrambled in her direction just to catch a glimpse of her face. In the Mortal Emperor World, many youths that were enchanted by her would risk it all just to do so.

“Goddess Mei’s charm is boundless.” Ye Chuyun commented with feelings after seeing these prodigies give chase.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “The Eternal River School has always produced charming beauties. Their Matriarch, Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui, was a supreme woman. This is part of the school’s strength.”

Ye Chuyun agreed. She had heard legends about the emperor who swayed all existences in the nine worlds.

The two of them traveled in their usual manner on their boat and finally reached the Holy City. They reached the shore and walked the rest of the distance.

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