Chapter 941: Su Zhen’s Background

Chapter 941: Su Zhen’s Background

Su Zhen looked back at Li Qiye and asked: “What will count as atavism?”

Li Qiye stared back at her while still stroking her dao lines. These dense dao lines made him think about many things. Certain past events buried in his mind resurfaced.

Li Qiye withdrew his hand and told her: “What do you know about your background and ancestors?”

“What is my clan then?” She responded with a question.

He looked at her bright eyes and noticed the trace of doubt within. It seemed like she herself didn’t know about a few matters.

Li Qiye looked at Forheaven instead. Forheaven only nervously rubbed his palms together and coughed: “This disciple doesn’t know about this matter either. Although Su Zhen’s branch has been thriving from one generation to the next, we don’t know their exact origin. Only Forefather Mu Tian would know this, but the writings he left behind did not touch on this subject.”

“Does Emperor think I am Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen’s descendant?” Su Zhen asked Li Qiye. It seemed that she wanted to know the answer as well.

Li Qiye pondered for a moment before slightly nodding his head in response: “Generally speaking, you are indeed Qi Zhen’s descendant since Qi Zhen’s bloodline flows through your veins. In fact, your blood right now is already very pure and is even catching up to Qi Zhen’s. Because of this, you have signs of atavism.”

Su Zhen quietly nodded her head. Not to mention her, even her branch's old ancestors didn’t know the origin of their own bloodline. Only Immortal Emperor Mu Tian knew the true story! At this moment, their Emperor also confirmed their bloodline!

Of course, even as descendants of Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen, they knew very little about the emperor due to the emperor’s always-mysterious nature. The traces left behind by the emperor in this world were not many. The only thing people knew was that the emperor had created the Heavenguard Sect. However, some even said that this might not be the case. In short, the real stories of the emperor were up for debate. Because the emperor quickly disappeared after winning the throne, very few were able to see the emperor’s invincible style.

“Although you are showing signs of atavism, it won’t be an easy matter.” Li Qiye told Su Zhen.

“What must I do to truly reach atavism? Please guide me, Emperor.” Su Zhen asked for guidance.

Li Qiye gently sighed. Both Qi Zhen and himself had thought about this situation back then. He looked at Forheaven: “If I remember correctly, there is a steel box inside the Highfloor Treasury, go take a look and see if it is still there.”

Forheaven quickly answered while slightly surprised: “Please wait, Emperor. I will go search right away.” He went on his way immediately afterward.

After he left, Li Qiye told Su Zhen: “Keep working hard. When the time is right, I will take you back.”

“Take me back?” Su Zhen became curious and asked: “Back to where? Our land of origin?”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “You don’t need to know for now. Just wait until that day.”

Su Zhen stopped inquiring after hearing this. She looked at Li Qiye for a bit before wondering: “Will Emperor stay at Heavenguard?”

“No, I will leave after grabbing a certain item.” Li Qiye shook his head. He didn’t want to disturb the serenity of the sect.

“How about I serve by your side?” Su Zhen boldly requested with sincerity.

“No.” Li Qiye refused her request.

Su Zhen remained expressionless and asked: “Is it because I am ugly? Will staying by your side be a detriment to your prestige?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh. He shook his head in response: “If you know that I am the Emperor, then you should know some of my legends. One’s beauty is merely external and doesn’t amount to anything. I have seen both pretty and ugly women alike; beauty does not matter to me.”

Su Zhen gently said: “Since Emperor is taking me in as a concubine, I should be staying by your side to fulfill my duties.” [1. At this point, Su Zhen is referring to herself with the pronoun for “concubine/wife”]

Li Qiye nodded: “I know, but for now, you being by my side is not as important as your cultivation.”

“Emperor dislikes my shallow cultivation…” Su Zhen softly sighed.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Nobody is weak in Heavenguard. Your current cultivation can allow you to look down on any genius among the younger generation. However, my requirements are far more than that, understand? You are Qi Zhen’s descendant, so I hope that you won’t shame your ancestor in the future.”

“I will definitely live up to your expectations.” Su Zhen took a deep breath and nodded wholeheartedly.

After a while, Forheaven finally returned while holding a steel box. He excitedly spoke: “I did not disgrace your holy order, Emperor. The steel box is still here.” He respectfully offered the steel box to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye took it and gently rubbed it. A clicking sound came about, followed by the box opening. Li Qiye took out a veil as thin as a cicada’s wing and placed it on Su Zhen’s face. It was just like the one hiding her face. However, when it made contact, it slowly melted and merged with her face.

Afterward, her face became blurry and her features grew barely discernible. Even heavenly gazes couldn’t see through it, resulting in a very bizarre scene.

Li Qiye nodded after seeing her ethereal face and said: “This is all I can do, the rest is up to you.”

Su Zhen also felt something extraordinary, as if something was waking up within her blood, giving her endless strength. She was jubilated and quickly bowed towards Li Qiye.

He gave the box back to Forheaven and said: “It is time for you to take me to that item.”

Forheaven prostrated on the ground in response: “Emperor’s words are wasted. How could this disciple dare to stop you from taking the item? I will bring you there right away.”

In fact, even if Li Qiye didn’t follow the ancestral teachings left behind by Immortal Emperor Mu Tian, Forheaven wouldn’t dare to stop him from taking the item.

“Rise, devoted one. I do not blame you.” Li Qiye gently waved his hand.

Forheaven quickly led Li Qiye to take that legendary treasure.

Meanwhile, Ye Chuyun was waiting outside of Heavenguard for Li Qiye. There were no visible signs after such a long time, so she became quite worried.

Everyone knew that Heavenguard was one of the most powerful lineages in the contemporary times. It was ancient and mysterious, so no one in this world would dare to come bluster at their door.

She thought about Li Qiye’s arrogant nature that was bound to cause trouble anywhere and became uneasy. She was afraid that his aggressive style would result in a conflict with Heavenguard. She kept on waiting with her heart hanging on a thread and only wished to see Li Qiye walking out from the entrance.

Eventually, he finally appeared in her sight. He took his time and was completely unscathed, so she finally sighed with relief.

Next, she was startled because there was someone accompanying him, the renowned Sect Master Forheaven.

Keep in mind that he was not just famous, he was an infamous monster that threatened the entire Mortal Emperor World! However, he was walking behind Li Qiye with reverence. She realized that she couldn’t see through Li Qiye, that she didn’t know anything about him at all.

At the entrance, Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and told Forheaven: “Return, there’s no need to see me off.”

The ancestors wanted to see him off as well, but Li Qiye refused since he didn’t want to make a big scene.

Forheaven opened his mouth, wishing to say something. However, he didn’t want to be seen as too talkative and held it in.

Li Qiye looked at him and sighed: “I know that the entire Heavenguard is full of devotion. Very well, I will call for you when I need the sect in the future.”

“We will rush into the fire with Emperor’s order!” Forheaven excitedly prostrated on the ground.

Li Qiye gently sighed. He didn’t wish to bring Heavenguard to war again. This was not his purpose.

Li Qiye eventually said: “Go back for now.” Forheaven bowed one more time and went back inside.

Li Qiye left with Ye Chuyun. Along the way, the questions she had only continued to increase. Heavenguard’s attitude towards Li Qiye was truly unfathomable. This made her very curious, but she was not in a position to ask.

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