Chapter 929: Void Trap Desert

Chapter 929: Void Trap Desert

Li Qiye smiled in response to the hidden ancestor: “Yes, I am a human — nothing can change this fact, and there is no need to change it. Right now, you will either worship me as your Blood Forefather or get out of my way and we won’t owe each other anything. Don’t think I don’t know just because all of you are lurking in the shadows!”

“Please be more courteous with your words.” An ancestor unhappily replied.

“Courteous?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “It should be all of you acting courteously towards me. If I’m in a good mood, then I’ll think about being your Blood Forefather. If not, then I’ll decapitate all of you like chopping watermelons! Even if I’m weak right now, I can still cut down all of you with the Dao Sword in my hand! Want to try me?!”

The ancestors looked at each other to plan their next step since Li Qiye was so overbearing.

The four matrons, at this time, had reached an agreement. The Autumn Matron revealed their decision: “Let him go.”

An ancestor eventually responded from the darkness: “If Sir is willing to stay behind, then our primal ground welcomes you. Sir can stay as long as you wish, but as for the matters of the Blood Forefather’s role, we must discuss it. We hope for a perfect solution.” [1. “You” here became respectful, so I substituted “Sir” in for “you”.]

At this moment, the ancestors were very cordial towards Li Qiye and didn’t dare to slight him.

“Very well, all of you and that geezer Bloodbull Godfiend can talk it over. It seems like your group of old men can’t make a decision right now anyway.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Sir…” The ancestors were shocked to hear this because an existence like the Bloodbull Godfiend was only known to the ancestors. Even the disciples of the primal ground didn’t know him.

“There aren’t that many secrets in this world for me.” Li Qiye interrupted the ancestor: “As for staying around, there’s no need. My time is precious, it can’t be wasted on talking with you guys. Once you’ve made a decision, come and find me.”

“If Sir is willing, we can order experts to escort you to any place you wish.” An ancestor finally said after another quick deliberation in secrecy.

For their primal ground, Li Qiye was a very precious commodity. They didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“No need, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who can kill me without my permission.” Li Qiye denied the offer: “Come and find me when a decision is made; otherwise, don’t bother me. I only have one condition to be your Blood Forefather, and that is absolute loyalty from your primal ground. As for my part, I can lead you on a path of glory, allowing your primal ground to rule the Blood Race. What I can give you will forever be beyond your imagination!”

This bold rhetoric left the ancestors speechless. Those who didn’t know the full story would think that Li Qiye was spouting nonsense. However, the ancestors knew very well that Li Qiye was completely qualified to make such claims. Thirteen palaces — this was enough to represent it all. Moreover, he obtained their most primal chapter, and the extremely terrifying Dao Sword was in his hands as well.

“Then, Sir, have a safe journey.” In the end, the ancestors could only say these words. Even if they wanted to make him stay, they didn’t have the courage. It was just like he had said earlier, he could chop off their heads like chopping watermelons!

“Very well, I will wait for your good news. I hope that you will make a sensible choice.” Li Qiye smiled then left the blood pond, making his way outside.

At this time, the pond was completely dried and had lost its value.

“Oh right, four little girls, if I become your forefather, don’t forget that you all will have to become my palanquin bearers.” Li Qiye paused at the door and turned around to smile at the four matrons.

The four matrons were naturally angry, but they showed no sign of their temper and chose to remain silent.

Li Qiye left the primal ground while it chose not to do anything. No one sent him off either. The primal ground acted inconspicuously when Li Qiye left because they didn’t want the news of Li Qiye obtaining the primal chapter and Dao Sword to spread outside.

After leaving the primal ground, he took a deep breath while staring at the distant horizon and murmured: “Southern Barren Earth, I’m finally here again!”

With a touch of melancholy, he recalled the things that had happened here across the long years. There was one particular event that the future generations referred to as the Battle of the Gods. It remained a fascinating topic from one era to the next.

In the eyes of the historians, this war was glorious. However, it was a cruel war for Li Qiye!

His generals fell one after another. The Godkings that had pledged their loyalty to him died in battle. Without their blood, there would not be the nine worlds of today!

“Battle of the Gods… too cruel!” Li Qiye eventually sighed.

He moved on without hesitation. He had grown used to the pain and become numb to the suffering. No matter what the future had in store, he would still face it with a proud smile on his face!

The Blood Primal Ground was located in the most southern region of the Barren Earth. Moreover, it was separated by a huge desert named the Void Trap. One must cross this vast and dry desert before leaving the primal ground completely.

The Void Trap Desert was a very dangerous area. There were spatial traps everywhere. Even cultivators wouldn’t want to travel in this place. Of course, it was not hard for the real masters, they just needed to fly straight through it.

However, Li Qiye didn’t take the path of the sky. It was too easy for him to cross it, so he chose to walk instead.

The first step was met with a gust of hot air rushing into his face. The scorching sand beneath his feet was a great source of annoyance.

Li Qiye not only walked, he even withdrew all of his blood energy and aura. He wanted to walk through this desert just like a mortal!

This was not a decision made from having too much spare time. He wanted to use this time for training because Zhan Xian had sealed his dao foundation. Thus, he must unlock it!

He knew many methods to reach this goal. However, the best one was by training, to let the flesh and dao foundation be polished time and again through suffering. Then, by breaking through his limits he would be able to unlock this seal.

Li Qiye knew that Zhan Xian did this on purpose so that he would suffer. Of course, he didn’t really mind it. This type of physical torture was not worth mentioning in his eyes. He had tasted much worse before. As for the agony of the dao heart, it was even more meaningless. This level of torment was only a meal to him.

Not to mention all the other dangers entailed in walking through this desert, just the blazing sun and hot sand alone were insufferable. This was exacerbated even more by the intolerable thirst that drove people insane.

A cultivator wouldn’t have a hard time traveling through this desert, but Li Qiye had let go of his advantages and chose to walk on the path of a mortal through this vast desert. This carried an inconceivable level of difficulty.

One day passed after another. The sweltering heat burnt him black. He was now extremely dehydrated, causing his lips to crack. He was walking barefoot, thus his soles were full of blisters…

Bearing such a long ordeal would force cultivators to give up and start to fly out early. However, Li Qiye walked undaunted. He walked through the desert as if he was taking a stroll. It had no effect on him or his dao heart.

Although his current appearance was quite disconcerting and made him resemble a beggar, his demeanor was still relaxed. He could manage a smile despite his cracked lips as he trod through this place that, in his mind, was the same as a garden.

This method was very effective. As he continued to train and suffer, the seal on his dao foundation showed signs of weakening.

Of course, it would require a relatively long period of suffering before he could break it completely. This was Zhan Xian’s goal after all, to see Li Qiye in pain after his revival. It was Li Qiye’s own fault for tricking it!

The night in the desert was especially bright. There were stars everywhere in this vast and tranquil desert. This scene was of a moment of serenity.

Li Qiye was hiding in a sand pit. His body was emitting one bright corona after another. As they changed, an absolute domain was formed. No one would understand this strange phenomenon unraveling. This was an earth-shattering secret! Very few would understand the existence of the domains from the Immortal Physiques! One could easily count the past users of this technique with their fingers.

Immortal Physique’s domain — another secret from the Physique Scripture! Once two Immortal Physiques reached half completion, their domains would appear.

Of course, there was no such thing as half completion for Li Qiye because he cultivated the most perfect physique laws in this world, allowing him to always exert their greatest potential even before reaching this colloquial step. In other words, for those who cultivated the physique laws from the heavenly scripture, the limitation of reaching half completion was null.

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