Chapter 928: Dao Sword

Chapter 928: Dao Sword

The Spring Matron eventually spoke: “Begin. If you can’t become the Blood Forefather, we’ll teach you a nice lesson!”

Prior to this, Li Qiye repeatedly teased the four of them and even tricked them. They had been wanting to teach him a lesson for a while now.

“Little girl, don’t worry, you guys won’t have the opportunity.” Li Qiye smiled: “Just be ready, I am a petty person. The four of you have offended me, so prepare to become my palanquin bearers!”

The four matrons were not happy with this response. However, they ultimately endured it and only scowled.

Li Qiye looked at the blood pond and smiled: “The dream of so many across millions of years! My turn.” With that, he stepped inside the pond.

“Boom!” Him entering the pool made the entire blood pond erupt like a volcano. A boundless amount of fiery blood rose and swallowed him whole!

“What’s going on?” Both the matrons and the ancestors in the darkness were shocked by this development.

“Open!” Li Qiye roared in response. He opened his mind and a universal law flew out. This was the law he obtained from the Sky Dome. It split itself at an unbelievable speed. Different dao runes came out, thinner than strands of hair.

These silk-like dao runes quickly pierced all the fiery blood that erupted from the pond and integrated into it. If the rivulets of fiery blood were strings of yarn, then the dao runes were needles. The dao needles seemed to be under the control of a masterful pair of hands. They quickly came together to form a pattern. The entire process was too fast and ended in the blink of an eye.

“Buzz!” After the dao runes finished weaving the fiery blood together, they started to withdraw. Their withdrawal resulted in all of the blood forming a huge sequence of runes. This scene made it look like the dao runes were weaving a huge net that they then started to extract the fire from.

After doing so, the boundless blood fire frantically soared towards Li Qiye’s body as if it wanted to tear him apart.

“Absorb!” Li Qiye cried out and opened his fate palace; his cauldron of life jumped out. With a huge explosion, it swallowed the fiery blood. It seemed to be bottomless and aimed to devour the entire blood pond.

“How, how is this possible!” All the spectators gasped at this scene as they stared on in disbelief.

For tens of millions of years, many disciples had undergone the baptism process from one generation to the next. However, their baptisms all consisted of slowly refining the blood. It was a very gentle process like a type of training.

An attempt as violent as Li Qiye’s had never happened before. Moreover, they didn’t know that a rune sequence like that was hidden in the blood.

“Rumble!” The pond and even the palace started to shake with Li Qiye’s devouring.

It seemed that the sequence hidden in the fiery blood was gigantic like a net being thrown into a vast ocean. The dao runes crazily dragged out the sequences as if they would never give up until they got the very last one.

Meanwhile, his cauldron of life continued to absorb the fire. In just a short period of time, the pond was drained dry by Li Qiye!

However, it didn’t end there because of the monumental size of the sequence. Li Qiye had pulled out a lot, but the other half of this sequence was still hidden within the blood pond.

At this time, despite the valiant efforts of the frenzied dao runes, they couldn’t take out the other half.

Li Qiye shouted: “Open for me!” One palace soared up after another. With a series of explosions, all thirteen jumped out and lined up. At this time, everything became hazy. Li Qiye had disappeared along with the blood pond.

“What?! This is impossible!” All the ancestors were frightened. Even the matrons were aghast and took several thumping steps backward.

For the cultivators of this world, having twelve palaces was already virtually unique across the eons; thirteen palaces was simply unimaginable. However, this unimaginable sight was right before their very eyes, leaving them horrified.

A person eventually appeared from within the vast nothingness; it was Li Qiye! Strictly speaking, this was not his real body, it was the Nirvana Heavens. This figure was even more frightening and powerful than the current Li Qiye.

“Buzz!” His Nirvana Heavens attacked and sealed the world. All the ancestors and the matrons felt an urge to prostrate. Before the Nirvana Heavens, all beings would tremble in fear and reverence.

At this moment, Li Qiye was the high heavens, the ruler of all. He was the lone sovereign of the universe and myriad realms!

“Boom!” The Nirvana Heavens dragged out the remaining half of the sequence buried below the blood pond.

“Rumble!” After doing so, the entire pond exploded. The initially withered pond spewed out even more fiery blood. Without a doubt, there was even more blood hidden beneath the pond.

Li Qiye’s cauldron of life continued to devour the billowing blood. Eventually, the blood was gradually depleted by his cauldron.

At the same time, the sequences had been completed. They became a complete heavenly chapter that was truly profound. No one could see through it, as if it was the origin of the myriad dao in this world!

“This is…?!” An ancestor stood out and exclaimed after seeing this complete chapter while all of his peers were shaken.

Eventually, this complete chapter buzzed and imprinted itself into Li Qiye’s cauldron of life. It was an eternal engraving, forever indelible.

“This is a great feeling.” Li Qiye emotionally said after devouring all of the fiery blood and engraving the chapter deep into his cauldron of life. This supreme and comfortable feeling made it seem like he was controlling the myriad dao!

“Zzz—” At this moment, thick universal laws came out from the bottom of the pond like serpents. Li Qiye reached out with his hand and the chapter that was imprinted on his cauldron lit up. These laws that resembled spirit serpents swam into his hands and slowly coiled together.

“Dum!” Finally, all the universal laws came together to form a sword. This sword exuded a glow as dark as ink. However, with a careful observation, one would see that it was made from an incredible amount of dao runes!

Li Qiye sighed with the sword in his hand. The myriad dao were in his tyrannical grasp!

Li Qiye pointed his sword at the sky and emotionally muttered: “Dao Sword, just like the legends say.” With this sword in his hand, he became invincible across the eons!

“What…” An ancestor lost his mind and couldn’t speak for a moment. Eventually, he managed to blurt out: “The legend, the legend is real!”

Everyone was astonished at this moment since Li Qiye had drained the pond dry. From now on, the pond would only be a dry pit!

He didn’t only obtain the entire blood pond but also the legendary treasure!

There was a secret within the primal ground; inside the blood pond rested the most profound and ultimate chapter of their origin! All the ancestors knew that those that could obtain the chapter would be recognized by their progenitor and obtain the real legacy to succeed the Blood Forefather.

Today, Li Qiye didn’t only obtain this chapter, he also obtained the legendary item! Their primal ground had always coveted this sword, but they had never been successful!

“Clank!” The Dao Sword turned back into universal laws and disappeared into Li Qiye’s body!

Li Qiye slowly set his gaze upon the four matrons and then the darkness. He leisurely asked: “Now, do you think I am qualified to be your Blood Forefather?”

Suddenly, the entire palace went quiet. Even the four matrons had nothing to say. If, say, Li Qiye wasn’t qualified, then no one else in this world would be. He had obtained everything from the Blood Race, including its origin chapter and legendary treasure!

“But, but you are human!” After a long silence, an ancestor finally spoke.

The primal ground was caught in a dilemma. Letting a human become their Blood Forefather was unsuitable no matter how they looked at it.

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