Chapter 926: Blood Pond

Chapter 926: Blood Pond

The matrons were shocked after hearing this because very few were aware of this secret, yet Li Qiye was about to spill it so easily. They couldn’t help but take a more careful look at him; they no longer dared to look down on him. This brat knew too many things and would flaunt his knowledge in such an astonishing fashion.

“Really now, maybe you and your primal ground will ask for my help. After I become the Blood Forefather, I will gladly lend you a hand.” Li Qiye was as relaxed as always: “Of course, although I am a nice person, I still wouldn’t offer my assistance for free, even if we are family. I have to charge something because if I provide my service for free, others would start asking and my legs would break from all the running.”

At this time, the four matrons were no longer willing to test Li Qiye because some secrets couldn’t be discussed carelessly.

They, along with the experts, carried Li Qiye to the blood pond. Recently, this period of time was very different for the primal ground, so it had no outsiders. The entire location was closed off and all worship was suspended.

The blood pond was a very important location to the primal ground. Legend states that the Sky Dome was the skull of the progenitor while the blood pond was his ocean of blood. Inside were many secrets of the Blood Race.

For millions of years, the primal ground and the entire race had wanted to obtain something from this pool of blood. However, across the generations, although many disciples were baptized and they obtained quite a few things, they still couldn’t obtain the legendary item.

The baptism was very popular and many disciples willingly participated, especially those with humble backgrounds. The cultivators from weaker backgrounds would become great after receiving the blessing as well as the baptism. They could then choose to stay at the primal ground or join the imperial lineages of the Blood Race.

These imperial lineages would be happy to accept such disciples due to their unlimited potential. Thus, this was a great opportunity for lowly cultivators; it was akin to a carp jumping over the dragon gate!

Of course, a few geniuses had experienced the baptism as well because they wanted to prove themselves. After the ceremony, not only did they get amazing treasures and heaven-shattering creations, they also managed to prove that they were the heavens’ proud children, those that were accepted by the progenitor.

The dual ceremonies had a great significance for the tribe. It showed that the person’s bloodline was extremely noble!

The blood pond was located in a dark region. It was a heavily guarded old palace. Outsiders simply couldn’t enter.

“A human?” After Li Qiye was carried into the palace, a hoarse voice came about from within the darkness as if they were very surprised by this development.

Each baptism was presided over by some ancestors from the primal ground from the dark because they wanted to see how talented the disciples were, as well as what creations they would obtain. If the disciples were amazing, then the primal ground would hold them back for training.

Until now, only the Blood Race was able to exit the Sky Dome, so others could only dream about participating in a blood baptism. For the primal ground as well as the entire race, the baptism was too important so it should naturally only belong to their Blood disciples.

But now, a human came out of nowhere. How could the ancestors running the baptism not be taken aback?

“A human, is this possible?” Another old voice appeared. He was suspicious of this matter as well.

This was not to say that there were no humans in the primal ground or the other sects of the Blood Race. In fact, many sects, including even imperial lineages, had human disciples. Some human disciples held power as well.

But this was different when it came to the two ceremonies. This was an internal affair of the Blood Race. The appearance of a human was too sudden.

“He is the only survivor from the Sky Dome this time. He said he received the blessing from the progenitor.” The Summer Matron spoke.

“Words are not sufficient in this case.” An ancestor pondered in the darkness before speaking.

Li Qiye looked into the darkness and smiled: “It seems like this time is special, so many old geezers have come out from your primal ground.”

“Junior, do not be disrespectful.” A different voice emerged from the darkness.

Li Qiye laughed: “I am not being disrespectful. I am only curious as to what is different this time around. The four matrons themselves are taking the lead and so many geezers are overseeing the blood baptism. It seems that your pool has changed.” With that, he walked towards the blood pond.

The blood pond was located in the center of the palace. It was not large and resembled a typical looking pond. In this dark palace, it emitted waves of light.

There was liquid flowing inside. However, on a closer examination, it was not a liquid but more like moving flames that resembled blood.

It was spewing out something that had the features of both blood and fire, giving off an indescribable sensation as if it was from the deepest parts of the earth. If the earth had blood, then the thing flowing from the pool would be the blood of this earth.

What was even more extraordinary was that this fiery blood was reversing space and time. In the middle of it all was something that resembled a mirror. To be more exact, it was a portal that led to a different world, or at least that was the illusion it gave.

“So this is the case. No wonder all of you are placing so much emphasis on the baptism this time.” Li Qiye looked at the pool of blood and murmured: “Fiery blood resembling a mirror… this is a special sign. According to the legends, this has only happened once before!”

The ancestors in the darkness were silent. This brat was too much to handle. Even the most incomparable geniuses and their ancestors would be extremely deferential in the presence of this blood pool. However, this brat didn’t seem to care at all.

“Junior, don’t say crazy things…” An ancestor raised his voice in the dark. This was a stern warning.

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve dismissively: “Okay, don’t try to trick me, I am someone who has read a lot. Even the four matrons cannot fool me, let alone other people. I remember that this was written down in the ancient records, a scene of fiery blood forming a mirror in the blood pond!”

With that, his eyes shifted towards the four matrons as he slowly spoke: “It went on to say that the changes in the blood pond that time had something to do with the legendary four matrons!”

“What else was recorded in your book?” The Winter Matron’s eyes were fierce at this moment. She stared at Li Qiye with animosity.

In fact, she wasn’t the only one. The other three matrons were also glaring at him. Without a doubt, the four matrons were very sensitive about what happened in the past.

“No, that’s all. It doesn’t mention what happened exactly. It seems like the wise sage who wrote the scroll didn’t know either.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The four matrons glared at him, aiming to find some clues from his demeanor. However, they couldn’t notice anything and could only scowl.

An ancestor in the darkness inquired with a serious tone: “Who is this kid?”

No one, not even the four matrons could answer this question because no one knew how Li Qiye got into the Sky Dome.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Who I am is not important, wouldn’t you say? The important part is my baptism right now.”

“Kid, you know this is the blood pond, but you are a human.” A different ancestor reminded him.

The person was not malicious, he only wanted to remind Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “If I am not mistaken, there are no rules forbidding humans from participating in the blood pond in your primal ground!”

The ancestors in the darkness pondered for a bit. An ancestor eventually responded: “Although there are no rules about it, the baptism’s guidelines are up to our primal ground to decide!”

“I know.” Li Qiye added: “However, have you thought about this possibility? Why is it that after millions of years of baptisms, after millions of years of receiving blessings, your primal ground has yet to produce a Blood Forefather? How is it that your progenitor still hasn't passed his lineage down to a Blood disciple? Or maybe this is the reason why your primal ground does not want to have other races involved.”

An ancestor thunderously shouted: “Preposterous!”

Li Qiye only smiled in response: “How could you know without trying at all? Only a baptism will show whether I am speaking the truth or not.”

“So, you think you can become the Blood Forefather?” Another ancestor coldly uttered.

A human coming out of nowhere completely disrupted the expectations of the ancestors. They thought that an extraordinary Blood disciple would come out of the Sky Dome and would receive the supreme blessing.

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