Chapter 910: The Future Path

Chapter 910: The Future Path

After the ladies left, Li Qiye called for the treefather and told him: “Treefather, I will return to the Mortal Emperor World. You can stay at Allpine Mountain for now.”

“I will await Young Noble’s orders.” The treefather solemnly nodded.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Treefather, I will definitely need you in the future for many different excursions. Although you are not the most outstanding among the Godkings in the nine worlds, you definitely have the most vigorous blood energy. Even in the future, you can compete with the Emperor Candidates.”

“I look forward to that day.” The treefather smiled and became a bit excited. Although his disciples and grand disciples were scattered all over the world, he had always been stuck at the mountain. Being allowed to come out left his blood boiling.

“I am only kidding, there’s no need to underestimate yourself. What I need you to do is not to fight against the Emperor Candidates.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “What I’m hoping for is that in the future, you will be able to assail Immortal Emperors and preside over a domain for me.”

“Assailing Immortal Emperors!” The treefather hesitated for a moment. Although he had complete confidence in his abilities, assailing an Immortal Emperor was a very heavy topic.

He wryly smiled and said: “Assailing an Immortal Emperor won’t be easy.”

He was full of blood energy and cultivated the complete Emperor Suppression Art, and he also had the Coiling Dragon Banner as well. This gave him the capital to fight against all the Godkings in this world. However, he was not so sure about his chances of becoming an Emperor Assailant.

In fact, this had been a weighty topic for tens of millions of years. Countless Godkings had tried before, but very few were able to succeed.

“I know it isn’t easy, which is why I’m letting you stay at the mountain. Right now, you need to break through the chains of the Virtuous Ancestor level and the limitations of the grand dao in order to become an Emperor Assailant.”

“Young Noble, since the start of time, true Emperor Assailants have been few in number. One or two coming out in each generation is already incredible. The difficulty of breaking through the Virtuous Ancestor realm is about as difficult as becoming an Immortal Emperor!” The treefather lamented with a sigh.

Virtuous Ancestor was the highest realm of Virtuous Paragons on the path of the grand era. The people of the world also referred to experts of this realm as Godkings. Of course, only real Godkings had reached this particular realm.

Many self-proclaimed Godkings were far from reaching the Virtuous Ancestor level, such as the Unbreakable Emperor.

In fact, for those paragons at the Virtuous Ancestor level, there was still a long way to go, even longer than the path they had already trod.

Although the path of the grand era was not like the path of the heavens whose goal was to obtain the Heaven’s Will for the throne, the path of the grand era could still push one’s dao to the peak and even break through its limits. Those who could do this were named Emperor Assailants, existences that could actually fight against Immortal Emperors! Naturally, very few people in history actually reached this level.

“Treefather, you need to have confidence in yourself. You have been favored by the heavens.” Li Qiye slowly explained: “You need to know that the Emperor Suppression Art has been coveted by numerous people, even Immortal Emperors are no exceptions. Moreover, your Coiling Dragon Banner is extraordinary as well! Although external items like the banner won’t be able to help you break the dao chains, there are many things within it worthy of taking your time to learn. As long as you can reach that step, you will definitely become an Emperor Assailant in the future!”

The treefather took a deep breath and solemnly said: “I will try my best to not let you down.”

“No.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “You should be saying that you will break through the dao chains. The next generation will exceed your imagination! You must have that strength if you want to help me sweep through all obstacles. For you, becoming an Emperor Assailant is not some far-fetched goal, it is something completely within your reach!”

Assailing an Immortal Emperor didn’t mean that one could defeat an emperor. At the very least, they must have the power to fight against an emperor. For example, it was mere boasting when someone like the Unbreakable Emperor claimed that he could fight against one. Even though he had the crystal physique, he simply didn’t have the chance to fight back and could only be suppressed by the emperor.

The treefather couldn’t help but look at Li Qiye and smile: “Young Noble, you will surely become the Immortal Emperor in the future, yet you want me to become an Emperor Assailant. Are you telling me to challenge you?”

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Treefather, you think too little of me. In my eyes, Immortal Emperor is only the beginning, the very first step. Plus, me wanting you to become an Emperor Assailant is not to challenge me. Your targets are the deities in the heavens!”

“The deities!” The treefather’s eyes narrowed as he repeated these words.

Of course, the treefather understood that the deities mentioned by Li Qiye were not Godkings!

“There will be a bloody battle beyond your imagination in the future.” Li Qiye solemnly proclaimed: “It will be a majestic and magnificent era that this world has never seen before! At the time of that true battle, your current achievements won't be worth mentioning. Even if you become the strongest Godking, it still wouldn’t be enough. You must break the dao chains and become a Godking capable of assailing Immortal Emperors!”

“If you can’t reach this step in the future, I’m afraid you will only be an insect in the eyes of others. They will crush you into pieces!” Li Qiye spoke with severity.

Such words would leave others in disbelief. For everyone, Godkings were already supreme and could be considered invincible. However, Li Qiye wasn’t satisfied with that and even considered them as insects — this was truly astonishing.

The treefather didn’t ask who “they” referred to. He took a deep breath and said: “Rest assured, Young Noble. No matter how hard the chains of the grand dao might be, I will risk it all to shatter them!”

Li Qiye’s words had incited his ambition. He was willing to take the gamble.

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded: “Only at that height will you be able to see the true colors of this world. It will be even more brilliant than 500,000 years ago. Once you can fight against the deities, you will understand what invincibility is!”

The treefather nodded with sincerity. At this moment, he already longed for that day, the day he stood at the peak and looked down at the great era. That would definitely be an unbeatable scene!

After taking care of everything, Li Qiye planned to leave for the Drystone Courtyard. He didn’t let anyone see him off, including the ladies. He chose to go alone.

The golems in Bi’an City had prepared the portal for Li Qiye. Li Qiye took a quick glance at the painting in the master mansion one last time before he left.

“Your Excellency, you can set off now.” The golem asked: “The Drystone Courtyard is right beyond this portal, are you ready?”

Li Qiye said with a nod: “I know how frightening the courtyard is, but don’t you worry, I have prepared very well for this.”

The golem led Li Qiye to the portal. In front of the entrance, Li Qiye looked at the mysterious spatial portal and commented with a tinge of emotion: “Since the ages, those who could build a portal that remains stable are few in number. Outside of a couple legendary existences, only a user of the Space Scripture would be able to do this.”

“This portal is indeed wondrous, but it cannot go to that legendary location.” The golem lamented.

Li Qiye insipidly said: “This is normal. Outside of Immortal Emperors, no one can go there. It is impossible to freely travel to that place.”

The golem stated: “However, Your Excellency is an exception. You can go up there and come back down.”

Li Qiye only smiled. He naturally wouldn’t divulge this secret to someone else. He simply commented: “Don’t worry, you will also be able to see it in the future. Just be patient.”

The golem nodded and didn’t say anything else. He would wait for that day to come!

“Well, you still have a lot of time. I won’t be chatting too much now since I have to go.” Li Qiye glanced at the portal then stepped inside without any hesitation. He disappeared right away.

After Li Qiye left, the golem closed the portal. He returned to the master mansion and transformed back into a statue. No one could tell that he was a living being!

On the other hand, Li Qiye appeared before a courtyard’s entrance after entering the portal! He silently stood there as his body slowly began to petrify, issuing cracking sounds every now and then.

However, Li Qiye was prepared. He summoned an item and mounted it, dispelling the petrification and leaving him unaffected!

If someone else saw the thing that he was riding, they would definitely not believe it. It turned out that it was a completely white wooden horse.

He traded a Longevity Fruit for this wooden horse back at the Golem Square. However, this wooden horse was bigger now than before.

While riding the horse, he analyzed the courtyard before him. It had a very ancient look, as if it had experienced countless moons. There was a plaque on top of the gate with two ancient words. Ordinary people wouldn’t recognize these letters. However, Li Qiye was able to read them — Drystone Courtyard. [1. Raw is three words.]

“Drystone Courtyard, still unchanged after so many years.” Li Qiye sighed in front of the courtyard. Eras shifted with time, but this place didn’t have the slightest change.

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