Chapter 908: Mei Aonan’s Chance

Chapter 908: Mei Aonan’s Chance

The destruction of three imperial lineages in a few short days left the Stone Medicine World in a state of silence. The name Li Qiye became a spell that echoed across the entire sky. It rendered many great powers breathless.

After destroying the sea sect, ancestors from the Jianlong Clan, the Beastmaster Citadel, and the Jian Clan came to meet Li Qiye. At the same time, they also brought the complete secret treasury from the sea sect as well.

Li Qiye only gave it a quick glance before speaking: “Punishment for sinners and rewards for contributors. Destroying the sea sect is a great merit, thus your three houses may share this secret treasury.”

“Thank you for your reward, Your Excellency.” The ancestors bowed and didn’t dare to say anything else. The ancestors from the Jianlong Clan and the citadel all knew Li Qiye’s identity at this point. The ancestors from the Jian Clan were catching on as well.

None of the three lineages dared to slight Li Qiye, the legendary tyrant of the ages. They all understood that even if the Dark Crow Li Qiye didn’t do anything, his Brave Tiger Legion alone could sweep through the nine worlds!

“Your Excellency, my Jianlong Clan is ready to obey. Where your decree points is where our war banners shall head. Would Your Excellency be willing to accept our service?” An ancestor with a frightening origin from the Jianlong Clan quickly asked after seeing Li Qiye’s good mood.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Tu Xuan, after so many years, you finally stopped being foolish and have a clear mind again.”

This ancestor couldn’t help but wryly smile after hearing this: “Your Excellency is right. In the past, we youths were arrogant and wanted to provoke Your Excellency’s prestige, resulting in the great offense.”

This ancestor was a scary figure. He had an unbelievably high position in the Jianlong Clan and was an existence that had been sealed for many years. He could be considered invincible to the rest of the world, yet he was acting very carefully in front of Li Qiye.

Today, all the people here had been unstoppable during their respective generations; they were the most powerful ancestors from the three imperial lineages. Today, the secret that is Li Qiye remained unspoken. They naturally didn’t want to reveal this to outsiders and kept it to themselves.

“I don’t blame you for that.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “For tens of millions of years, countless people have challenged me. If I kept every single person in mind, I wouldn’t have enough time to even sleep. The only reason I sealed your Jianlong Clan is because you shouldn’t have participated in that ambush!”

“We know of our sin.” Ancestor Tu quickly bowed again. Their clan was persuaded by the Divine Beast Realm back then and became involved in that great war.

The result was easily imagined. Empress Hong Tian massacred the battlefield while the Brave Tiger Legion trampled over the Divine Beast Realm. One Godking was massacred after another. That battlefield was a scene of carnage where rivers of blood turned into an ocean.

Eventually, these imperial lineages who allied themselves with the beast realm lost completely, resulting in the pleading of the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor. They were forgiven at that time, but all were sealed with a blood oath. None of them came out into the world afterward.

“Forget it.” Li Qiye nodded: “Your Jianlong Clan in recent years has been sensible with your reclusion. I can forgive the Alchemy Kingdom and the Beastmaster Citadel, so why not your Jianlong Clan as well? Bring the blood oath here, I shall pardon your clan.”

“We are grateful for Your Excellency’s benevolence. Our Jianlong Clan will go to hell and back at your command!” Ancestor Tu quickly prostrated in exultation. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their Jianlong Clan.

Eventually, Li Qiye waved his sleeve slightly and said: “All of you can leave now. Let Mei Aonan come see me.”

Ancestor Tu was startled after hearing this and hastily responded: “Your Excellency, my child has no sense of propriety. I hope that you won’t pay it any mind. I will take her back and re-educate her well.”

“It’s okay, Tu Xuan, I won’t make things difficult for her. Let her come in.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Ancestor Tu couldn’t do anything else. He gently sighed and left with the other ancestors.

After a while, Mei Aonan came in. However, prior to her entrance, Ancestor Tu warned her time and time again to not do anything foolish, lest she involves the Jianlong Clan and becomes a sinner of the clan.

She only stood there after arriving. She opened her mouth several times but chose to stay quiet in the end.

She wanted to challenge Li Qiye in the past, but after witnessing Li Qiye’s invincibility, she felt despair. Four Immortal Physiques and thirteen palaces; what was she going to use to fight against these things? Thus, she was at a loss for what to do right now. She couldn’t act arrogant before Li Qiye since her confidence had been completely shaken.

“I know you want to challenge me.” Li Qiye smiled: “I have also promised your master to give you a chance. But now, a fight between us won’t be very fair. There is still a long path ahead of you. Wait until you are truly prepared in the future, it still wouldn’t be too late to challenge me then.”

“I understand.” The once bullish Mei Aonan spoke without any confidence. She knew that she was not a match for him at the moment.

Li Qiye noticed her appearance and gently shook his head: “There’s no need to be so down. Just accept the reality that all geniuses living in the same generation as me are doomed to this tragedy.”

His words were very arrogant, but Mei Aonan didn’t feel that he was being outrageous at all. She could only bitterly smile in response.

“I know your talents are incredible, but with regard to the dao heart, you are not a match for your big brother.” Li Qiye continued: “Determination, ambition, and zeal are all good characteristics. However, you are not as accepting as your brother. It is fine to compete for the Heaven’s Will, but there is no need to force yourself to do so. Follow your heart and the dao during your cultivation — this is something you require…”

“... If you push yourself into a dead end, then you will walk down a very narrow path in the future. Think of it this way, success is fine while failure is also acceptable. Just be true to your desires! If you treat the competition for the Heaven’s Will as binding chains, then it will become your biggest obstacle as you vie for the peak. In the future, not to mention challenging me, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to compete with your brother.” Li Qiye sincerely commented. This made Mei Aonan quite surprised.

She looked at him in a strange manner after realizing that he was lending her a hand: “Why are you helping me?”

“A life of invincibility can be a bit lonely.” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “If there won’t be anyone who challenges me in this world, wouldn’t it be too sad? Although you are not as brave as Jian Wushuang and not as brilliant as Jingxian, what you have is ambition. A heart that reaches for a future of greatness.”

“Are you trying to recruit me?” Mei Aonan was not a fool, so she asked for further clarification.

“It can’t be considered recruitment.” Li Qiye said: “I spent a great deal of thought on Wushuang and Jingxian. To tell the truth, I’m tired of personally grooming people. If you are willing, I would rather let you do as you please and develop on your own! You can act as my nemesis or work under me. I just want to see how far you can go.” He paused for a moment before continuing: “Also, I have seen your brother and I personally hold him in even higher regards. He has a clear and free dao heart. Unfortunately, he has no ambition and I’m sure he wouldn’t be interested in fighting against the world and sweeping through the eight plains. However, you are different, you will be a great general! This has been proven by your praisable execution with the Imperial Edge.”

Mei Aonan asked: “Why should I work for you?”

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “It’s entirely up to you. I won’t force you at all, I am simply giving you a chance.”

“You have the Beastmaster Citadel, the Jian Clan, and even my Jianlong Clan — isn’t this enough?” Mei Aonan stared at him. She was at a loss when it came to his intent and ambition!

For any genius, having these three behemoths under them should have been more than enough to make them proud and satisfied.

“That is a different matter. As long as they don’t oppose me, I am more than happy to have as many generals as possible. Of course, I would also be happy to stomp down on those who want to oppose me.” Li Qiye revealed a faint smile.

Mei Aonan slowly uttered: “Is that a threat?”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “If, say, I wanted to threaten you, then you wouldn’t be standing here right now. I don’t mind if you want to challenge and compete against me for the Heaven’s Will, just remember one thing well — once you embark on the journey for the Heaven’s Will against me, think well about your ultimate fate. If it is a gentlemen’s battle, I’m sure the results won’t be too bad. However, if you want to go all out regardless of the means, then I have to remind you, those who have chosen to do so against me all had very ugly ends.”

Mei Aonan looked at him and began to contemplate. After a long while, she still carried a royal aura and slowly asked: “Killing, conquering, and recruiting others… have you never considered friendship in your life?”

“Friendship?” Li Qiye smiled: “Should I befriend someone like you? Do you understand me? Do you know of my thoughts? Can you shoulder the long and torturous years with me? … No! That is why I will befriend people, just not you.”

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