Chapter 907: Crystallized Sea Sect’s Destruction

Chapter 907: Crystallized Sea Sect’s Destruction

“Boom!” Right when everyone was still paralyzed by Li Qiye’s great blood energy, a thunderous blast resounded in the deepest recesses of the blue sky.

This sound was not particularly loud. However, numerous people in the Stone Medicine World were shaken as if their souls had left their bodies under its ringing.

Even a Godking felt this reverberation in their heart. An instinctive fear overwhelmed them after hearing this sinking sound. Many powerful ancestors looked towards the sky and the heavens. However, very few were able to see it clearly. There was a divine prestige that couldn’t be sensed by any. In short, that place was able to suppress everything in this world; it was above all else.

“The fury of the high heavens!” An ancestor eventually found a clue and murmured: “This is the fury of the heavens in the legends. When the heavens is enraged, it will send down its wrath in the form of a Heavenly Punishment!”

Even the strongest would not act carelessly before such a scene. This was because fewer than few people were able to see the wrath of the heavens. Those who managed to see it with their own eyes would absolutely develop a fear of it.

Some extraordinary grand characters took deep breaths. Just how heaven-defying was Li Qiye to be able to incite the anger of the heavens? However, he used his blood energy to break the Life Reduction, so it would be rather strange if this didn’t bring down the heaven’s wrath.

Li Qiye lifted his head to stare at the heavens while standing in the same spot. However, the wrath of the heavens did not descend.

Li Qiye smirked and snorted. He no longer cared for the heavens and gathered his blood energy like a withered tree giving birth to its branches.

His aged look disappeared as his blood energy returned, letting him assume the appearance of a young man again. At this time, his blood energy was countless times stronger compared to before the Life Reduction.

Li Qiye still looked ordinary at this moment, but when he flexed his blood energy, it gave the sensation that it was able to push away mountains and flip over seas. There seemed to be a dragon hidden inside his small frame!

“Zzz—” The four Inner Physiques in his body became blindingly bright. They emitted an unstoppable divine aura and their power soared exponentially.

Waves of laws were exuded from his physiques just like a peacock spreading its tail. Absolute speed, absolute power, absolute weight, and absolute purification! With his great momentum, Li Qiye was opening a whole new domain in this world. It was vast and obscure like the inception of a new world. A sun and moon rose as the celestials hovered around him. New life was created…

At this moment, each of the four physiques gave off the feeling that they had an absolute domain!

“Immortal Physiques at half completion, and four of them at that!” Someone murmured at this scene: “Virtuous Paragons can only prostrate before him now. Who can stop him and his physiques at half completion besides God-Monarchs and Godkings? Perhaps even an eternal existence would not have the strength to do so!”

Half completion was a common term for cultivators. In fact, Immortal Physiques essentially had no changes. However, on a certain level, they became more powerful and laid out a foundation for invincibility in the future.

Half completion was not the breakthrough of a realm for Immortal Physiques. It was just that prior to Life Reduction, Immortal Physiques were considered minor completion and afterward, they would be at half completion.

Surpassing the Life Reduction was the same as gaining a second life for cultivators with sufficient blood energy. Outside of those with already feeble blood energies, the majority of the people who could surpass their Life Reduction would have even stronger blood energies afterward.

Thus, cultivators thought that it was best to defeat this tribulation as early as possible. Of course, one had to be powerful enough for this to work!

For Immortal Physique users, if they could defeat the tribulation without suffering any setbacks, then their physique would be considered half completion due to their augmented blood energy.

Even though the physiques themselves were still the same, the rise in blood energy made them much more powerful, perhaps even several times so.

Most importantly, only Immortal Physique users who had surpassed their Life Reduction and obtained half completion would become invincible in the future. Because this achievement meant that the user was still young, their energy would be like a rising sun and would allow for them to cultivate their physique much more easily. This would render the physique’s potential limitless, allowing them to go even further in the future to exert the true strength of their physique!

Cultivators had this particular understanding. If one couldn’t reach minor completion before their Life Reduction, then even if they reached grand completion in the future, their physiques would be limited.

Some even said that grand completion physiques without going through the half completion step wouldn’t be perfect Immortal Physiques; they wouldn’t be able to assail Immortal Emperors. Only a perfect physique would be able to assail Immortal Emperors in the future!

This theory was widely accepted by the old sages. Because of this, everyone who cultivated Immortal Physiques paid great attention to the half completion level. Thus, people divided Immortal Physiques into minor, half, and grand completion!

But for Li Qiye, half completion wasn’t even a consideration for his Immortal Physiques. For him, everything was as smooth as a flowing river. He had already laid down a strong foundation. More importantly, he cultivated the physique laws from the Physique Scripture itself.

His smooth process assured that he would at least be at minor completion before the onset of Life Reduction. Otherwise, one wouldn’t show up.

Countless people were envious of his four half completion Immortal Physiques. This would allow him to sweep through absolutely everything. Talents and aptitudes were all meaningless before four Immortal Physiques!

Li Qiye withdrew his physiques and took a look around. He eventually sat back in his chariot and commanded: “It’s all over now. Let us go.”

The treefather made a path while the rest of the group was quiet. The madam took the reins and the four bronze stallions pulled the chariot across the sky. It quickly disappeared into the horizon under everyone’s gaze.

Only silence could be used to describe the feelings of the onlookers. In just three short days, so many shocking events had occurred. First was the destruction of the Stony Edge Kingdom, then came the end of the Heavenhoof Ravine. Both of them were imperial lineages. The ravine even had two emperors, but it was still annihilated in the end!

The entire Stone Medicine World fell into tranquility in the face of this brilliant battle record. Many people were lamenting the fact that there was no one else comparable to him among the younger generation at this moment.

Just think about it, Ye Qingcheng spent a countless amount of effort in planning back then to earn the moniker of number one. He had fought ancestors and defeated his competition before. His battle record was quite exemplary as well.

However, his most noteworthy fight was nothing compared to Li Qiye. It was one thing when Li Qiye chose to remain idle, but when he made his move, it resulted in the destruction of imperial lineages!

And when people thought that this turmoil was finally over, a piece of earth-shattering news came from the Alchemy Realm. The Crystallized Sea Sect had been destroyed!

This news spread from the Alchemy Realm across the entire world in the shortest time possible. Many were dumbfounded after hearing this. A third imperial lineage had been destroyed. This world was changing too quickly.

Soon after, the great powers managed to find more information. It turned out that the Beastmaster Citadel, the Jian Clan, and the Jianlong Clan suddenly rose up. In just one night, the three imperial lineages sent out their armies and trampled the sea sect with haste. Before anyone found out about it, the shocking battle had already ended!

The great powers quivered after receiving this news. Everyone knew that these behemoths chose to stay away from the rest of the world. However, they mobilized in just one night to destroy the sea sect. This development left everyone with trepidation.

Many ancestors understood the reason why and murmured: “Li Qiye...”

This thought left them with cold chills. The Jianlong Clan, the Beastmaster Citadel, and the Jian Clan… all of these monsters were willing to work for Li Qiye. Wasn’t this a bit too frightening?

Why did these monsters that had been reclusive for generations come out for Li Qiye? Anyone who came up with the real reason would be scared out of their wits.

To the dismay of the world’s inhabitants, three imperial lineages had been destroyed in just three short days. Countless great powers recalled their traveling disciples and closed their sects.

Many great ancestors told their disciples: “Everyone who meets Li Qiye must back down. Offenders shall be expelled from the sect. If you offend Li Qiye, then cut off your head and beg for forgiveness, do not involve the sect!”

These great powers were scared of out their minds since they were nothing compared to imperial lineages like the ravine!

Thus, in order to steer clear of Li Qiye’s conquest of this generation, these great powers chose to close their doors and recall their disciples. They didn’t want to bring about a catastrophe upon themselves!

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