Chapter 904: Stealing The Creation Of The Land

Chapter 904: Stealing The Creation Of The Land

While the immortal medicines were searching for the secret treasure trove, Li Qiye controlled his Death Chapter and recalled the death energy. “Boom!” The divine beasts tore the sky apart and instantly disappeared. They went back from whence they came, the ancestral graves.

The shocked and envious crowd didn’t know where Li Qiye found so many divine beasts after seeing this scene. This was still an extraordinary event, even if they were only skeletons.

What was even more frightening was that Li Qiye cultivated this type of sect-destroying merit law. He had no need to do anything. Just think about it, he could summon so many divine beasts like that at his whim. This was more than enough to destroy an imperial lineage whenever he wanted.

Li Qiye told the treefather after sending away the beasts: “There is still room for Treefather to grow. Compared to other Godkings, your advantage is huge. Although you chose the path of the grand era, there is still great potential in your future.”

“Young Noble is right. Without going out into the world, one wouldn’t be able to understand the immensity of the heaven and earth. In the past, I was trapped in a lone corner and my vision was limited. My current peak and new enlightenment are all thanks to you.” The treefather nodded.

In the current world, the majority of those at the Godking level from previous generations were old. Some were even on the verge of death, thus it was difficult for them to break through.

It was different for the treefather. Cutting off his main root was the same as starting all over again. He managed to leave Allpine Mountain. Even though this meant that he had lost his eternal life, he would be able to go very far in this generation since his blood energy was plentiful! In this regard, the treefather had an absolute advantage against the Godkings that were sealed for countless years.

In the past, the treefather back at the mountain had no ambition. He was content to stay in one place, thus his dao heart reached its limit. But now, coming out with the will to compete in the world let him break through the restrictions that chained his dao mind, especially with the recent battles.

His future potential was incredible due to his blood energy. In the future, if he couldn’t become an Immortal Emperor Assailant, he would still be at the highest peak of Godkings!

At the same time, his battle prowess increased quite a bit as well thanks to having the Coiling Dragon Banner now. If he could work well with his banner, then it wouldn’t be a problem at all for his battle power to increase by one or two levels.

“Rumble!” The earth cracked. The immortal medicines broke the underground seals and threw out a huge treasury.

With its appearance came a flood of immortal energy that filled the air; clearly, there were many great treasures inside. This secret treasury was much better than the Stony Edge Kingdom’s.

For an imperial lineage, a regular treasury was the storage for treasures and merit laws. As for their secret treasuries, these were the stores left behind by their ancestors. Moreover, it was not easy for future generations to open this secret treasury!

When a sect wished to open their secret treasury, this meant that the sect had clearly declined and needed the help of the treasury for revitalization. Of course, this was the intent and purpose of these secret treasuries in the first place.

“We found it!” The immortal medicines were very excited since they knew they would gain some good stuff from it as well.

People’s eyes reddened from greed. The sects were full of greed for the secret treasury of an imperial lineage that had two emperors. There were definitely incredible treasures inside that would allow someone to easily establish their own sect. The materials within could erect a gigantic dynasty!

“Well done.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled. With a blaring sound, he stored the treasury inside his fate palace then told the medicines: “Everyone, come back for now.”

The medicines went back into the palace. They began to discuss moving from the alchemy field to the sacred ground while the opposite was true for the Yang Vine.

This was because the two places complemented each other. It wasn’t only good for the medicines but also beneficial for the two locations themselves.

Li Qiye stomped on the ancestral ground of the ravine. After some measuring, he finally went to stand at the top of a peak.

“Open for me!” He screamed while his thirteen palaces soared to the sky. They began to line up to form something. At this time, they seemed to be above the high heavens.

He opened a palace and the Terra’s Root jumped out then quickly embedded itself into the ravine’s ancestral ground. [1. Chapter 364. I had to look back too.]

“Boom!” A heavenly waterfall surged upward. No, this was not a waterfall, it was liquified worldly energy gushing out like a spring. The opened fate palace devoured this endless source of worldly energy.

Using the Terra’s Root, Li Qiye frantically pulled away the infinite worldly energy from this earth into his palace!

Many big shots went silent after seeing this. The ravine had occupied this land for millions of years. There was a reason why its progenitor, Immortal Emperor Qilin, chose this place to establish his sect.

There was a vast ocean-like amount of worldly energy beneath this land. Some even said that the great vein underground connected straight to the Beast Vein, one of the three ancestral veins!

The sect stood strong for one generation after another, monopolizing the wondrous natural essences here. Countless people coveted this land, but no one dared to do anything to the ravine.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” This region shook under Li Qiye’s constant suction. The ancestral ground became dried up and began to crack; it no longer bore the same pristine and rich worldly energy as before.

At the same time, Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces continued to change with this new influx of worldly energy. Suddenly, they disappeared and turned into nothingness.

“What’s going on?” Someone murmured when they saw the disappearance of the palaces.

Even a Godking like the treefather or peerless geniuses like the brother and sister duo from the Jianlong Clan, Long Jingxian, and Jian Wushuang held their breaths while watching things play out.

“Four palaces to form a domain, eight to form a kingdom, twelve to form the heavens, then what will thirteen palaces turn into?” Even the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor back in the depths of the Alchemy Kingdom was full of curiosity.

The transformations of the palaces were known to all cultivators. The only exception was the thirteenth!

Since time immemorial, no one in this world knew or believed in the existence of a thirteenth palace. It was common knowledge that twelve was the limit.

But today, Li Qiye — with his palaces — broke common sense. Thus, many were curious to see what the thirteen palaces would turn into.

This was about to be an unprecedented event, a new common sense, a new system all built by Li Qiye! In the future, the limit of cultivators would no longer be twelve since Li Qiye had a thirteenth palace!

The vast emptiness blotted out this entire area. Eventually, a figure emerged amidst this nothingness. It was Li Qiye! Time stopped and myriad laws stood still when he made his appearance. All the stars and celestials in the sky lost their brilliance.

At this time, Li Qiye was not an Immortal Emperor, he was above one. He stood above the high heavens as if he had already rose to prominence before the primal chaos. It was as if he had already crossed over time itself.

Inside the vast emptiness, there were faint scenes of Li Qiye opening a world. He created the sun and moon and gave birth to all things; he was the creator himself.

Because of him, the world was born. Because of him, all things existed. Because of him, there was life…

As he stood proudly in the center of everything, all things came into existence because of him. As he loomed in the core, all things faltered for his sake. He was the world, he was myriad existences…

There was no way to describe this feeling at this time.

“Is that Li Qiye?” Jian Wushuang murmured while looking at the Li Qiye in the vast expanse.

“I don’t know.” Even the treefather couldn’t see through it. He gently shook his head and added: “It might be him or a future self or just a rendition created by the thirteen palaces!”

“Nirvana Heavens!” Li Qiye gently sighed inside the emptiness. His sigh became an eternal mantra, an everlasting melody. [1. We discussed this name a bit in the secret chat for WW translators. A raw translation would be My True Heaven or Personal Heaven. However, this is also a Buddhist phrase, meaning reaching a state of no worries, escaping from life and death. Nirvana fits the Buddhist meaning perfectly. This is Li Qiye’s ascension, his heavens. Some other names were Sovereign Heavens, Personal Heavens, Exclusive Heavens. Etvolare did point out that Nirvana Heavens is a bit redundant, but it makes a nice juxtaposition with the ultimate goal of the novel.]

Nirvana Heavens! This title laid out everything for the thirteen palaces. From now on, there will be another law in this world. Thirteen palaces to form the Nirvana Heavens!

Finally, the vast emptiness disappeared along with the tyrannical Li Qiye. The ancestral ground of the ravine once again appeared before the world while the real Li Qiye was standing on the same peak.

“Crakkk!” The ancestral ground had many cracks. It was withered with its rivers dried up and mountains broken. Only a dead silence loomed over this land.

Li Qiye put away the Terra’s Root, ending his devouring process before insipidly saying: “I shall leave behind a little bit of worldly energy for the citizens of this land!”

He did not drain the underground worldly energy completely and instead left behind a majority of it. The citizens within the ravine’s territory would be unaffected.

However, future cultivators or descendants from the ravine would never be able to create a new sect or revive the ravine on this land.

“From now on, Heavenhoof is no more!” A person murmured after seeing the complete collapse of the ancestral ground.

Everyone knew that as long as there were survivors, people from the ravine could still revive the sect. However, Li Qiye had sucked the worldly energy from this ancestral ground, rendering the task impossible. The absence of worldly energy meant the absence of everything!

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