Chapter 902: Destruction Of The Heavenhoof Ravine

Chapter 902: Destruction Of The Heavenhoof Ravine

The death energy from the chapter sealed the entire world. This terrifying energy turned the surrounding millions of miles into a hell, the energy refusing to disperse.

The death god, Li Qiye, was now the ruler of the entire world!

“Just what is this merit law?” All the big shots were shaking at the sight of this all-engulfing energy. Many ancestors that had been sealed for many years still couldn’t recognize this law!

Even Jian Wushuang was startled to see the huge amount of death energy. She was the first to be exposed to this technique. However, his energy back then was not as powerful as it was now. It was of an unimaginable level that could blot out the sky in the blink of an eye!

Of course, she didn’t know that after falling into the Beast Realm, Li Qiye had killed his way out. Through that baptism of blood, he gathered a huge amount of deathly energy in his Death Seal.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Just when everyone was wondering what technique he was cultivating, the entire world suddenly quaked!

“Owwwrr!” The howling of beasts filled the sky, causing all existences to tremble. Terrifying auras of divine beasts suddenly surged and loomed over the entire world.

“Bang!” The sky quickly collapsed. From this crack, one divine beast after another rushed out.

Golden Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Kun Peng, Ninehead Demon, Gluttonous Fiend… all of these mythical creatures heeded Li Qiye’s summon!

“Oh god, is this real? Are divine beasts actually invading our world?!” Even Virtuous Paragons fell flat to the ground from fear. Their sudden appearance frightened countless powerful characters out of their minds!

In the legends, a single matured Golden Dragon could oppose an Immortal Emperor. Now, all of these different legendary beasts appeared all at once. Even if an Immortal Emperor was here, they still wouldn’t be able to fight such a force! This number of divine beasts could destroy the entire Stone Medicine World in an instant!

An existence of the Godking level saw through them and murmured: “No, no, these aren’t living divine beasts. They are only corpses that have been dead for who knows how many years. They no longer have any traces of divinity either.”

“Boom!” These creatures came flying. It didn’t matter whether they were alive or mere corpses, at this second, they seemed to have been reborn and unleashed their strongest power.

When these creatures arrived, the three giant beasts that wanted to destroy the chariot were scared out of their minds. They were called Demon Forefathers, but compared to real divine beasts, they were not even worthy of being called juniors.

Demons had an instinctive fear of divine beasts. If it was just one skeleton, then perhaps they could give it a good fight! However, the sheer amount of beasts destroyed even the tiniest dregs of their courage. They wanted to flee but were surrounded by these beasts in an instant!

Not to mention them, even three Godkings would quake in fear after being trapped by this battalion of beasts. These were legendary existences; after all, a single matured Golden Dragon was already able to fight an Immortal Emperor for some time!

“Aooo—” They had no other choice and howled as they prepared themselves. Cornered beasts will still fight! They lunged themselves at these immortal beasts.

Li Qiye only smiled as the death chapter continued to move and transform. The immortal beasts all cried out as well to kill these three beasts.

Keep in mind that a phoenix alone was able to kill a God-Monarch back at the Alchemy Kingdom. With so many leading creatures like Golden Dragons, Phoenixes, and Kun Pengs, even a Godking would be massacred.

“Ooooo—” The three gigantic beasts screamed as a horrifying tearing sound echoed in the sky! All three were ripped apart as their blood spurted from their bodies. No matter how they struggled, it was all for naught.

Anyone, even Godkings, would shiver and break out in a cold sweat after seeing three powerful creatures being torn apart like this.

Jian Wushuang was speechless after seeing this. She had almost grown accustomed to Li Qiye’s heaven-defying nature. Ye Qingcheng’s so-called incredible means were only child's play compared to him!

“What a shame that they aren’t living immortal beasts. Otherwise, riding one would be even more awe-inspiring.” Long Jingxian, on the other hand, was full of regrets despite her excitement at seeing these wondrous creatures.

These summoned beasts were the skeletons inside the ancestral graves of the Divine Beast Realm. The last time Li Qiye went there, he imprinted the Death Chaper into them, allowing him to summon this many of them in an instant.

“Rawr!” After killing the three beasts, these immortal creatures headed straight for the ravine’s ancestral ground. Such a force was unstoppable; even Godkings had no choice but to accept their deaths!

“What, is there any justice in this world? Li Qiye doesn’t need to do anything himself, he can already massacre an imperial lineage. He is only using the ravine for entertainment or a little exercise!” Any sect or powerful existence would find this whole string of events utterly terrifying!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A supreme formation like the three emperors formation couldn’t withstand the assault of so many beasts either. It broke apart in just a moment.

“No…” Under the attack of the divine beasts and the treefather, the two Godkings from the ravine were murdered. They couldn't accept this defeat even at the very last moment since they believed that with the emperor formation, they could kill even a Godking. They would have never expected this result.

“Screechh!” Next was the miserable scream of the Three-legged Golden Crow. It was torn apart by the divine beasts as well. Its endless refined sunfire splashed everywhere until eventually returning to the sun.

The imperial formation, two Godkings, and the Golden Crow were all annihilated. This left the surviving disciples of the ravine in a state of despair!

At this moment in a far away location in the Stone Medicine World, a particular altar could be found. Someone was chanting an incantation to call back the imperial weapons.

If anyone could see the people on the altar, they would definitely be surprised. One was Ravine Master Miao and the other was the famous Scorpion God, an ex-general of Immortal Emperor Jin She.

Back at Bi’an City, the old scorpion was very wily. He noticed that the situation wasn’t looking optimistic and was the first to escape without any regard for his reputation. Because of his actions, he was the only one who left the city alive!

“Ommm—” After receiving the summons, the two true treasures and seven life treasures wanted to escape!

However, the divine beasts quickly trapped these nine weapons. Li Qiye came out from his chariot and stood before them.

“Boom!” The two true treasures wanted to open a supreme domain. Two majestic shadows emerged from the weapons. At the same time, the seven life treasures also erupted with bright lights. The imperial aura emitting from these seven weapons made the two shadows even more terrifying.

At this time, the entire world trembled. This powerful might seemed ready to crush the entire world at any time. People stood with bated breaths while watching this unraveling battle.

However, Li Qiye remained carefree before such might.

“Boom!” His thousand hands appeared along with the thirteen palaces. They controlled his wondrous weapons that included the yin yang mirror, the mountain bell, the pentagate, and the green lamp… Every single one of them exuded an aura that would frighten anyone!

Many people stared at this scene in palpitation. They wondered if this battle was going to crush the entire world or not.

“If you spirits want to fight, I’ll be happy to oblige!” Li Qiye smiled at the two majestic shadows: “I’ll give you two choices right now. One, this true treasure shall obediently stay behind for me; you will unlock your heavenly seal and obey me forever! Two, I’ll destroy all of you indiscriminately, even if it means that I won’t get a single weapon! If you all don’t believe me, just try me!”

Having said that, he pointed at one of the two true treasures. He wanted to forcibly keep this one since he viewed it with high regard!

The two majestic shadows were flashing inside this tight encirclement.

Many people drew deep breaths when they saw Li Qiye threatening these existences that others worshiped as deities. However, after having thought about it, hadn’t Li Qiye also threatened the Coiling Dragon Banner three days ago? In the end, it quietly surrendered.

This only stunned the crowd and solidified their opinion on just how Li Qiye was too heaven-defying and scary!

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