Chapter 901: Three Emperors Formation

Chapter 901: Three Emperors Formation

Once this huge skeleton emerged, it emitted a venerable aura as if it had come from the ancient past. During that untraceable era, it dominated over the nine heavens and ten earths.

“Pop. Pop. Pop.” A series of little noises rang out after the elders of the Golden Crow Tribe finished chanting their spell. Their bodies fell apart and turned into blood. These drops of Longevity Blood soared towards the huge skeleton like a river.

“Screchh!” After gaining the huge amount of longevity blood, the bird’s cry echoed across the nine firmaments. The moment it spread its wings, endless refined sunfire poured down.

“Screchhh!” With another cry, it opened its mouth, causing the world to howl. The sun was dragged down from the deepest recesses of the sky and its endless sunfire cascaded into the bird’s vicious beaks.

The world turned dark during the entire process. It seemed that this bird was about to swallow the sun whole.

“Boom!” A blast echoed across myriad realms. After swallowing a sufficient amount of sunfire, the bird’s body was covered in towering flames that burned the sky. This gigantic skeleton had turned into a dazzling fire bird with three legs. It posed in the sky as if it was the real True God of the sun!

“Three-legged Golden Crow!” Many existences in the Stone Medicine World were shocked after seeing this creature.

One ancestor mumbled: “There were rumors about the Golden Crow Tribe’s progenitor obtaining the complete skeleton of a golden crow. Moreover, it had maintained its divinity. It seems like this is indeed the truth.”

The Golden Crow Tribe was known as the descendants of a divine beast, the Golden Crow. They claimed to have its bloodline running through their veins. Naturally, many were skeptical of this claim. However, after seeing this Golden Crow today, some felt that this was quite plausible.

“Boom!” The Three-legged Golden Crow descended to the ancestral ground. Universal laws expanded and the imperial foundation emerged from right beneath its feet. The moment this foundation floated upward, countless Immortal Emperor laws wove together to form a grand formation. Everything became illusory as a new world was beginning to form.

“Boom!” The formation sealed this area and locked the treefather inside.

The two Godkings immediately rushed into the formation as well after seeing this new development. They took their respective positions alongside the Golden Crow.

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, the two imperial true treasures took their positions with other imperial weapons rushing in as well. Something incredible happened next; two true treasures and seven life treasures in the formation empowered this endless domain. They seemed to be turning into unbeatable generals to guard the formation.

“Kill him!” The two Godkings and the Golden Crow used the foundation of the ravine to empower this incredible formation. One weapon after another quickly surrounded the treefather. They no longer seemed to be mere weapons and instead resembled powerful Godkings or even stronger existences.

“Die!” The treefather tempestuously evaded all of these attacks while his Golden Dragon flew around to weaken the formation. However, with the imperial foundation as the base and the imperial weapons as the outline, he couldn’t do anything to the formation and was trapped inside. Waves of powerful attacks continued to assault him like a storm, continuously forcing him back.

“The mythical three emperors formation!” A knowledgeable ancestor couldn’t help but murmur: “An emperor from the ravine created this formation with a focus on three emperors and their weapons presiding over it. I didn’t expect this to be real.”

This formation was the most powerful weapon of the ravine. Although it never cultivated a third emperor, it had a substitute in the form of the Three-legged Golden Crow to take this emperor’s spot.

With that, the two Godkings and the Golden Crow worked together to trap the treefather inside the imperial formation.

“Break for me!” The treefather was at a disadvantage under the formation’s suppression. This made him quite furious. Although he had the dragon banner, he couldn’t unleash an ultimate attack with it.

He quickly transformed and revealed his true form. A huge pine tree anchored itself in the middle of the world. When its old roots pierced into the ground, an endless amount of worldly energy shot up and was absorbed by the treefather. This made him even more powerful, capable of bursting out of the sky.

“Aooo—” The golden dragon from the banner coiled itself around the ancient pine. As the tree grew bigger, so did the beast.

“Rumble!” The quaking from the continuous growth shook the formation. It was definitely not able to suppress the treefather any longer and was about to break from his gigantic body.

“So powerful!” Anyone would gasp to see the formation failing to trap the treefather.

As an enlightened pine tree, he was able to take root in the ancestral ground of the ravine, using its energy to empower himself.

One Godking from the ravine loudly screamed: “Open the divine ground!”

The lucky surviving ancestors from the ravine immediately began to chant. Their blood energy erupted and formed a huge imperial lock. With a clanking sound, the lock was opened.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A sealed ground in the depths of the ancestral ground was opened and appeared before everyone. A dazzling radiance shot up and strings of tangible rays cut through the sky.

This place was full of wondrous energy. There was an old vine in the center of the place. It emitted a golden light as if it was cast from pure gold. Moreover, there were flowing red rays throughout its body as if flames were running within it.

A calabash had also been growing from it for a very long time. It could ripen at any moment as it emitted waves of thunderous noises. It was clear from its appearance that this wasn’t something ordinary.

This vine root lazily spread across this land while three gigantic beasts could be found below. All of them emitted frightening and archaic auras, as if they had been sealed here for many years.

“This is…” Many people were startled to see this. Some ancient ancestors immediately stood up to stare at this place.

“Yang Vine!” Li Qiye’s gaze also turned serious while he looked at this old vine from his chariot.

“Demon Forefather, please protect our sect and slay our enemies!” One of the ancestors who survived heaved a sigh of relief and pleaded.

However, the vine root and the three beasts continued to lie there as if they didn’t hear the request.

Eventually, the rest of the ancestors looked at each other and noticed that the treefather was becoming more and more powerful. They finally made a firm decision.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Their bodies shattered and their longevity blood rushed to this wondrous location.

The three beasts opened their mouths to swallow the longevity blood, then they stood up at the same time.

“Rawwrrr!” Their roar shattered the world as they all leaped in unison. They didn’t bother looking at the treefather in the formation, but it was clear that their target was Li Qiye riding his chariot!

The surrounding thousands of miles shook from their leap. Their terrifying beastly auras engulfed the entire Beast Realm. The nearby creatures all felt their auras and were stricken with fear. They prostrated on the ground as if their ancestors had come out!

While these three beasts went for Li Qiye, the lazy vine also moved and all of the endless worldly energy in this place was suddenly trapped. The Allpine Treefather could no longer absorb the energy from below the ravine!

“What is going on?” Many people were surprised to see the three beasts and the vine root. They had never heard of these things before.

Inside the Beastmaster Citadel, one ancestor took a look at the area and spoke: “There is an unproven legend. It states that after Immortal Emperor Jin She obtained the Heaven’s Will, he had gone to a wondrous place inhabited by an immortal vine and three Demon Forefathers. He asked them to come to the ravine, and in exchange, he would use the ravine’s energy from their land to groom them. As payment, they must help the ravine if a calamity were to befall the sect.”

“Boom! Boom!” The three beasts wanted to destroy the chariot first and commenced their assault. However, the four divine beasts protecting the chariot blocked any possible damage in a brief moment.

“Should we go out and fight?!” The moment she saw these three beasts, Long Jingxian was excited and ready for battle.

Li Qiye stood up and said: “No need, it’s time to end this!” With that, a death energy appeared. The Death Chapter rushed to the sky as his terrifying aura engulfed the world. It was as if he was a Death God from the land of death — able to reap the lives of the endless eras.

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