Chapter 897: Soul Annihilation

Chapter 897: Soul Annihilation

However, the wise sages didn’t stop there. They even imprinted all the merit laws from the kingdom into Ye Qingcheng’s stone body. From then on, whenever their disciples cultivated, their blood energy would also gestate Ye Qingcheng.

Everything they had done culminated in today’s tragedy. Ye Qingcheng absorbed these seals into his body, allowing him to gather the longevity blood of all the disciples in the kingdom. At the same time, he managed to absorb all the worldly energy as well.

The wise sages never expected this bitter result to come from their painstaking efforts in trying to give their kingdom an invincible Immortal Emperor!

“... How cruel! First he sacrificed his citizens, now he sacrificed his entire sect!” Anyone who saw this couldn’t help but shiver. Even those who had seen many things in their life would be horrified by Ye Qingcheng’s ruthless means.

“It is over for the Stony Edge Kingdom!” An ancestor murmured after seeing this: “The entire kingdom has been sacrificed. They have brought this upon themselves!”

“You have understood a few mysteries of the cauldron of life. What a shame that you chose to use it for the wrong purposes.” Li Qiye gently shook his head when he saw this.

“Pop!” In the blink of an eye, endless worldly energy and blood energy filled the Immortal Emperor True Treasure. It became blindingly bright in Ye Qingcheng’s hand!

The true weapon seemed to have opened as a boundless expanse of light soared to the sky. Inside this vast expanse was the source of the weapon’s imperial aura. There was a majestic shadow inside that looked down on the rest of the world. When this shadow stepped out, countless imperial laws hovered around it.

“Rumble!” The power of the weapon surged under Ye Qingcheng’s Heaven’s Will Secret Law, causing the entire world to shake.

“A Heavenly Annihilation…” Anyone would falter at the vast imperial aura engulfing the sky.

“Li Qiye, although you can unleash Heavenly Annihilations as well, you are still lacking compared to me!” Ye Qingcheng became a bit crazy as he laughed: “Heavenly Annihilations might be powerful, but above them is an even stronger attack. Today, I will let you see this attack that stands above Heavenly Annihilations. Your death is assured! Your annihilations cannot stop my attack!”

“Is that so? I’d like to take a look.” Li Qiye sneered. The thousand hands technique appeared. At this time, Li Qiye was controlling the pentagate, the Declivity-Mountain Bell, the Yin Yang Immortal Refining Mirror… all of these unstoppable weapons emerged.

“Even if you have more imperial weapons, it would still be useless!” Ye Qingcheng shouted like a madman. His Heaven’s Will Secret Law was at its peak state; a Heaven's Will seemed to be emerging from the firmament. He poured all of the blood energy into the true treasure that was being empowered by the universal laws from the technique.

“Imperial soul, let us unleash the strongest attack in this world!” Ye Qingcheng cried: “Soul Annihilation!”

“A Soul Annihilation!” Those who knew what this “Soul Annihilation” was uncontrollably quivered once in horror.

“Boom!” At this second, a terrifying phenomenon emerged from the true treasure. The Soul Annihilation was about to begin!

“Zzz!” However, at this crucial moment, the shadow inside the endless imperial aura actually escaped the control of Ye Qingcheng’s secret law. In the blink of an eye, a gigantic palm came crashing down from the vast expanse.

“No…” Ye Qingcheng was horrified. He no longer paid attention to killing Li Qiye at this moment and moved his annihilation to stop this palm instead.

But it was too late. The majestic shadow’s palm reached out, causing the annihilation to stop. It mercilessly ground Ye Qingcheng’s body.

“Impossible…” Ye Qingcheng screamed. His body was crushed to a pulp under the gigantic palm as his blood splattered everywhere.

“Buzzz!” After he became nothing more than a bloody mess, the entire annihilation dissipated, leaving only the true treasure floating on the spot.

Such a sudden development stunned everyone observing the situation through their heavenly mirrors. No one expected that the Imperial Soul would destroy Ye Qingcheng!

Eventually, this majestic shadow looked at Li Qiye as if it wanted to make a move against him.

“Very well, I also want to see the power of a Soul Annihilation.” Li Qiye used his thousand hands to prepare each of his own weapons. They started to display their radiance as well.

“Boom!” However, the fight did not break out. The majestic shadow carried the weapon and instantly traversed through this world, disappearing into the horizon. From then on, no one ever saw the Stony Edge Kingdom’s true treasure again!

The scene became quiet all at once. Who would have thought that Ye Qingcheng would sacrifice the entire kingdom to wake the Imperial Soul to unleash a Soul Annihilation only to end with his own demise?

“Soul Annihilation? Does this attack really exist?” Someone asked an ancestor in his sect.

The ancestor replied: “It exists in legends. In order to unleash this attack, one requires the recognition of the weapon’s Imperial Soul. At the same time, they have to be powerful enough to awaken it in addition to having sufficient strength to unleash a Heavenly Annihilation. The final step is to combine this spirit and the Heaven’s Will Secret Law to muster the invincible attack! Rumor has it that outside of Immortal Emperors, anyone else would find it extremely difficult to use this attack!”

Many juniors began to wonder. A Heavenly Annihilation was frightening enough, so just how powerful would a Soul Annihilation be?

There was no life left in this desolate land. Li Qiye went to the kingdom, but he wasn’t the sole reason for its destruction, its fate was sealed by Ye Qingcheng!

“Go, find the secret treasury of the kingdom for me.” Li Qiye quietly issued a command as he opened his fate palace.

The Soldier Tree flew out from the palace and quickly went underground. With a series of explosions, the tree threw a gigantic mountain out from the ground. This huge mountain was buried beneath the earth and was now dragged out.

“Recall.” Li Qiye opened the palace and took the entire mountain inside. This was the secret treasury of the kingdom with millions of years of accumulated treasures. He’d take his time to open this treasury later.

“A secret treasury.” Many people were drooling to see such a thing. It was definitely incredible since it came from an imperial lineage.

Unfortunately, no one dared to make a move; they could only watch Li Qiye take possession of it.

“What a regretful end to this great land...” Li Qiye glanced at the distance and gently shook his head before declaring with a voice that echoed to the nine layers of the sky: “Heavenhoof Ravine, I will give you three days. Surrender or oppose me to the end and wait for me to trample your ancestral ground!”

With that, he turned around and left.

Everyone heard him clearly and quickly looked over at those next to them.

“The butcher’s blade has been raised…” A great character emotionally commented. Li Qiye had just destroyed the Stony Edge Kingdom and now he was raising his butcher’s blade against the ravine!

Many sects were praising their own fortune for not opposing Li Qiye. Some sect masters were drenched in cold sweat at this thought. This was because when the beastworld was opened, Ye Qingcheng sent people to persuade many great powers to form an alliance to reinstate the agreement. However, these sect masters rejected the lobbying effort.

Thinking back to it, some of these masters became quite startled. They were quite tempted back then, but because of their distrust of Ye Qingcheng, they decided to reject him and stay uninvolved in the war at Bi’an City. This allowed them to escape this disaster unscathed!

Li Qiye returned to the beastworld. Everyone else was present. Li Qiye handed the Coiling Dragon Banner to the treefather: “Treefather, your future path will be arduous, so take your time understanding this banner. In the future godslaying war, I hope that you will become unstoppable! This banner is not just a simple Immortal Emperor True Treasure.”

The treefather immediately bowed towards Li Qiye: “I will remember Young Noble’s words. The direction of your gaze shall be where I point my battle banner!”

“Very good, keep working hard.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly. His eyes then fell on Mei Aoxue, the Dragon-Tiger Monarch, and the Jian Clan Master.

Li Qiye spoke to Mei Aoxue: “Your ancestor asked the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor to tell me that your clan wishes to work for me. Very well, go back and tell your ancestors to destroy the Crystallized Sea Sect for me!”

Mei Aoxue didn’t say anything. He slightly bowed and immediately left.

“Your Beastmaster Citadel will go with the Jian Clan and the Jian Long Clan to destroy the sea sect!” Li Qiye commanded the monarch and the Jian Clan Master.

The two happily bowed. Right when the monarch was about to leave, Li Qiye called for him and said: “Monarch, regardless of your initial intentions for leaving your daughter with me, she will stay behind. She has a natural Immortal Fate, so it would be unfortunate to leave her at your citadel. I will have a use for her in the future. Out of consideration for how much trouble your citadel went through to groom a disciple with an Immortal Fate, you may bring your blood oath to me next time, I shall make an exception and forgive your citadel!”

“Thank you, Young Noble!” The monarch was ecstatic after hearing this. This was the best news their citadel could receive!

“Hmph, I’m not selling myself to you!” Long Jingxian was very unhappy after the monarch left.

Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “Little girl, staying at the citadel is a waste of your great talents. I will need you for many important things in the future. You and Wushuang are my trusted generals, so I will need the both of you to slay immortals and gods later on!”

“Are there really immortals?” The unhappy Long Jingxian began to beam with high spirits right after hearing this.

Li Qiye only smiled and did not answer the question.

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