Chapter 896: The Surrendering Of A True Treasure

Chapter 896: The Surrendering Of A True Treasure

This martial aura caused any and all lineages to be overwhelmed with fear. They all felt that even if their sects were more powerful, it would only take an instant for this legion to stamp them out!

The earth-rending assault of this spire was akin to the rise of an unstoppable legion with its unbeatable soldiers capable of slaying true gods and massacring devils. Even the legion of an Immortal Emperor would have to give way!

“Open!” The godchild screamed and unleashed an ultimate attack with his Coiling Dragon Banner to stop the bronze spire.

“Clank!” The whole world shook under this impact. Even the golden dragon couldn’t stop this spire. It pierced through the dragon and disregarded the distance gained by the escaping godchild; it still nailed him to the ground.

“Hong Tian didn’t kill you in the past, but you won’t be able to escape death this time even if you have nine lives!” Li Qiye coldly stared at the godchild who was nailed to the ground.

“I, I refuse to accept this…” The godchild furiously screamed his last breath before his legs stopped their futile struggling. His final destination was the yellow river. [1. Fancy way to say death.]

The Heavenly Eagle Godchild was killed while nailed to the ground, but his eyes remained open. He hadn't given up even at the moment of his death. He first lost completely to Hong Tian, but his Divine Beast Realm chose to conspire with the sects of the Stone Medicine World to kill the empress. They didn’t expect to bring about an even crueler fate as an invincible legion swept through their world.

After millions of years, he once again showed himself in this world after fusing with the bones of a Heavenly Eagle. He wanted to show his might and compete for the Heaven’s Will, but he didn’t expect to meet the invincible legion again and die to the legendary dark hand. How could he die without resentment after these continuous defeats, this string of terrible luck?

“The remnants of that year should disappear from this world!” With a ferocious glare, Li Qiye threw the spire in his hand and instantly shattered the void.

“No…” In a faraway place at the Divine Valley, more unwilling screams resounded. Before the screams could finish, the Brave Tiger’s Temporal Spire descended from the sky and massacred everything. This spire turned the entire valley into a terrifying black hole. All the ancestors of the beast realm who were hiding here were completely annihilated!

“This Brave Tiger Legion is eternal… After millions of years, they still continue to exist!” The oldest ancestor of the Jianlong Clan fell back into his seat after seeing this shocking scene. He paled and was lost in thought at this moment.

“Ancestor, what is the Brave Tiger Legion?” A junior asked after calming down.

The ancestor struggled to compose himself and bitterly smiled: “A legion stronger than that of any Immortal Emperor! Among the Dark Crow’s four legions, the Brave Tiger is the fiercest!”

A junior had never heard of this before and curiously asked: “Dark Crow’s four legions, what is that?”

“Don’t pry any further.” The ancestor calmed down and gently shook his head: “It is best to remain oblivious to a few forbidden matters. That taboo existence does not want people to find out! Just remember, never oppose Li Qiye, just give way!”

The juniors in the Jianlong Clan all shivered after hearing their oldest ancestor’s words.

“Xshhh!” After the godchild was killed, the Coiling Dragon Banner on the ground suddenly started to spin and jumped into the sky like a true dragon.

“That is a good weapon.” Li Qiye casually pointed the bronze spire and stopped the banner from escaping. The tip of the spire was equivalent to the threat of an endless legion sealing this entire world; it rendered the banner completely immobile.

Countless people held their breaths after seeing this. This Coiling Dragon Banner was not a simple true treasure. It had an extraordinary origin as well.

“Imperial weapons with their own spirits are incredible.” Even a great character from an imperial lineage murmured after seeing the banner trying to escape again.

The banner let out a draconic howl in the face of Li Qiye’s spire. A gigantic golden dragon coiled around the world.

It was endlessly long with a body seemingly cast from gold that radiated a golden glow. When its eyes swept by the crowd, it gave the illusion that it was not a weapon but a real divine beast, a legendary golden dragon!

“Magnificent, to be able to show your true form even without a user.” Li Qiye smiled with his spire still pointed at the banner: “I present two choices to you. Surrender or face destruction! I haven’t destroyed a weapon of your level in a long time, so if you want to experience a taste of the destruction that fell on the beast realm’s other true treasure in the past, I can help you!”

“This, this is too domineering.” Many people were astounded at Li Qiye threatening a true treasure. But then, they thought about how Li Qiye destroyed a life treasure not long ago and forced three others to surrender. It was not too surprising for him to do the same to a true treasure.

The golden dragon occupying the sky with its flashing brilliance seemed to be hesitating!

“Hurry up and decide, my patience is wearing thin. To me, a true treasure is not much. Surrender quickly or else my spire will end your dragon banner.” Li Qiye lowered his voice. Each word felt like lightning bolts striking the hearts of all listeners.

“Rwarr!” The golden dragon disappeared and the banner took its place. With a clanking sound, the Heaven’s Will Lock was unsealed and the banner fell into Li Qiye’s hand.

“My god, this is too heaven-defying. Even an Immortal Emperor True Treasure is scared of him!” People were at a loss for words. Even Godkings couldn’t threaten true treasures, but now, the banner directly surrendered. This was too bizarre.

“This is so ridiculous, how can this be happening…?” A shocked elder from the Jianlong Clan didn’t dare to believe his own eyes.

The oldest ancestor from the clan sighed and explained: “Of course the Coiling Dragon Banner would be afraid. In the past, it witnessed the other true treasure from the beast realm being torn into pieces. The spirit from the weapon was annihilated shortly after. Any true treasure would be horrified after seeing such a scene, unless their master was still in this world to back them up!”

“Destroying the spirit inside? Even an imperial soul can be destroyed?!” The elder was aghast upon hearing this.

Immortal Emperor True Treasures would have their own intelligent spirits after millions of years of gestation. Some called these spirits deities while others referred to them as imperial souls!

“Clank, clank, clank!” At this time, the Brave Tiger’s Temporal Spire turned back into waves of universal laws and dispersed.

The army behind him disappeared as well. At the same time, countless coffins inside the bronze citadel lost their lights, becoming silent once more.

Li Qiye’s ordinary appearance returned. He looked at Ye Qingcheng and slowly said: “Time to end all of this. It is a shame that you chose to embark on the path of evil. The Stony Edge Kingdom brought this upon itself. After millions of years of cultivation… not only did they fail to utilize your true form as a Luminous Mirrorstone, they made you choose the path of evil. How disappointing!”

As a Luminous Mirrorstone that escaped from Bi’an City, Ye Qingcheng could have become a peerless wisdom master who was capable of understanding the heavens above and peering through the nine hells below as well as reading the past and future.

Unfortunately, the elders of the kingdom did not cultivate it into such an existence. They stained him with blood energy, causing him to lose sight of his origin!

“Very well, Li Qiye, you are indeed strong and extraordinary!” Ye Qingcheng suffered a heavy blow from this defeat.

“Boom!” However, with Immortal Emperor Shi Feng’s true fate weapon in hand, he screamed: “But you might not be the last one standing!”

Having said that, an endless divine light erupted from his entire body. A terrifying grand momentum emerged from his body. It left behind a print on his dao foundation.

“Open for me!” He howled. In just a moment, his cauldron of life soared to the sky. The grand momentum imprinted itself on top of his dao foundation and entered the cauldron.

“No…” All the ancestors from the Stony Edge Kingdom were terrified and screamed. However, it was all too late.

“Ah…” The disciples who had been lucky enough to survive so far started to simultaneously scream, including even the ancestors.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Both ancestors and the common disciples were all turned into bloody mists. Their longevity blood was quickly swallowed by Ye Qingcheng’s cauldron of life.

This cauldron resembled a horrifying black hole that gobbled up the longevity blood of nearly ten thousand disciples of the sects in the area!

These were the disciples, protectors, elders, and even ancestors who survived. However, all were annihilated at this moment with their longevity blood being consumed by Ye Qingcheng.

“Rumble!” Ye Qingcheng needed far more than just this. His cauldron frantically swallowed all the worldly energies under the great veins below the kingdom. These energies were sucked into the cauldron like a flood!

“Zzzz—” In just a short period of time, this ancestral ground that was once a sacred location suddenly withered with cracks forming everywhere. It turned into a land of the dead in an instant!

For millions of years, the wise sages and even Immortal Emperor Shi Feng from the kingdom imprinted each mountain and river of the kingdom into Ye Qingcheng’s body. They used all of the kingdom’s grand momentum to cultivate him!

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