Chapter 894: Mo Peng

Chapter 894: Mo Peng

The four old men snorted in dissatisfaction at Li Qiye’s claim. Li Qiye glanced over at Ye Qingcheng and said: “Okay, just use all of your abilities before you die so that you won’t pass on with regrets.”

Being held in disdain like this caused Ye Qingcheng’s expression to become quite sour. Until now, he had always been the one to look down on others, not vice versa. He was the number one genius! Even paragons from the previous generation were wary of him, so today’s events left him furious. This disdainful attitude was something he would never allow!

“Li, it is not too late to change your mind. I will give you one last chance to scram from my kingdom and we can pretend as if nothing had happened. Otherwise, this place will be your grave!” Ye Qingcheng gritted his teeth and warned Li Qiye.

The crowd was eagerly waiting for a response as well. Everyone knew just how heaven-defying Li Qiye was. However, Ye Qingcheng was once number one and the Stony Edge Kingdom is an imperial lineage. They all wanted to see what brilliant means the kingdom still had up its sleeves.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled: “Go ahead and do what you want. I am waiting.”

“Begin!” Ye Qingcheng bit his teeth with a heavy expression. He finally made a choice and stomped on the ground.

“Boom!” His body seemed to be merging with the earth. Runes appeared all around his body; they were blessed by Virtuous Paragons, God-Monarchs, and even an Immortal Emperor. These dao runes then quickly rushed into the ground.

“Buzz—” These runes spread across the entire kingdom for endless miles like a huge underground network woven together.

At this time, everyone could feel the power of the entire kingdom concentrating on Ye Qingcheng’s body.

The mortals in the kingdom were astonished and in awe at this scene. Rays of light soared up from the ground, turning the kingdom into a fairyland.

“What is going on?” A few experts were startled to see this.

One ancestor from a great power who knew a bit about the kingdom explained: “Grand momentum. Ye Qingcheng was the defining stone of the kingdom. Generations of sages in the kingdom spent countless efforts and carved the entire momentum of the kingdom into his body. If he is inside the kingdom, he can muster all of its power to become invincible!”

“Pluff!” As Ye Qingcheng was activating the grand momentum of the kingdom, the bodies of the four old men on the altars suddenly shattered. Their longevity blood poured into the ancient altar. After their blood ran dry, they fell to the ground unable to stand back up.

“Rise, Your Majesty Mo Peng!” Ye Qingcheng screamed as his entire body brilliantly glowed. [1. Mo Peng = Evil/Devil Eagle.]

At this moment, a terrifying scene occurred in the kingdom. The rays of light that were shooting out from the ground suddenly pierced through the billions of mortals in the kingdom! These rays seemed to act like a suction device. After stabbing the mortals, they instantly drained their blood away.

“Ahhh!” Screams resounded left and right across the kingdom. Countless mortals were killed right away in every single county and city, every inch of this vast territory. All of them turned into desiccated corpses.

“You can’t!” Some ancestors of the kingdom finally reacted in time and realized what Ye Qingcheng wanted to do. However, it was all too late because he had already sucked all the blood from the kingdom’s citizens.

“This is too cruel!” One ancestor was furious. This was not part of the initial battle plan.

“Ancestor, His Majesty Devil Eagle cannot reach an invincible state without enough fresh blood! If we can kill our enemy today, we can start everything over again!” Ye Qingcheng emotionlessly spoke.

“Clank—” The old altar opened and revealed a pitch-black cave. “Crashhh—” Ye Qingcheng pushed all the blood from the kingdom’s mortals into the cave’s entrance!

“This is…” Many big shots saw the corpses littering the kingdom. This prosperous region suddenly became a land of death, causing many people to be creeped out!

“How cruel and ruthless…” Even older people who had experienced countless turmoils in their lives were dumbfounded. No one expected Ye Qingcheng to resort to such an extreme and vicious method — sacrificing his entire country!

“I’m afraid no one has ever done such a thing before!” A great ancestor felt cold inside.

For millions of years, murders were all too common between cultivators. It could even be said that this was a daily occurrence between sects.

Numerous sects had been destroyed by their enemies, but these wars between cultivators rarely involved mortals.

Even during a sect's destruction, the mortals would remain untouched. A sect would never sacrifice their own citizens. This was an action that would be condemned for eternity.

However, Ye Qingcheng chose to sacrifice his sect's billions of citizens. Such a cold-blooded and heinous action left everyone enraged.

“The Stony Edge Kingdom did this to themselves!” Someone murmured: “Leaving the fate of the entire nation to one person — this is the same as pushing it into an abyss without any chance of redemption!”

The big shots who were watching this scene asked themselves whether they were capable of such cruelty, and they found themselves unwilling to sacrifice their citizens in this manner.

“One might be able to survive an act of god, but no one can survive a self-brought calamity!” Li Qiye shook his head after seeing this.

Ye Qingcheng coldly jeered: “The victor becomes king while the losers are turned into bandits, don’t pretend to be merciful here. Those who died at your hands number in the hundreds of thousands! Speaking merciful words lasting for ages is a privilege that only belongs to the victors!”

“A Luminous Mirrorstone turning into such a devil spawn… What have the wise sages of the Stony Edge Kingdom taught you?” Li Qiye sneered: “That’s right, those who died in my hands are too many to count. However, I have never sacrificed mortals before. This is not something the strong should do. Only someone who feels inferior and has a cruel soul would commit such an act!”

Ye Qingcheng wildly laughed and shouted: “Hahaahaa, Li Qiye, you can keep shedding your crocodile tears since you won’t have another chance anyway.”

The ancestors of the kingdom were all quiet. Although they had planned to summon Mo Peng, they didn’t want to sacrifice the entire kingdom. However, the situation had escalated to this level already and they couldn’t turn back. They had to go all the way or be destroyed!

“Hahaha… this is the taste…” An ominous voice appeared from the cave within the ancient altar.

“Boom!” An eldritch flame shot to the sky in an instant, causing the entire world to quake. A shadow rushed out right as this flame reached its zenith.

“Pop!” This shadow was extremely fast and quickly broke through to the upper level of the firmament.

It then spread a pair of terrifying devil wings, giving birth to an endless evil flame. This shadow flew around in the sky with its wings, creating explosions everywhere. Stars were destroyed in the sky, causing the entire world to tremble.

“What is that…” Seeing the wings shattering the stars in the sky left everyone aghast. Even the Godkings who were watching everything play out were startled to see this. This was definitely a horrifying existence.

“Boom!” This shadow instantly descended onto a mountain from the upper level of the sky with an overbearing aura.

“I have returned!” The shadow crazily laughed while standing above this mountain. Endless eldritch flames rose again with deafening blasts. These flames then turned into ominous laws as if this person had come from the domain of devils!

People finally saw the shadow’s face at this moment. This was a very handsome young man; his age betrayed the expectations of the crowd.

Behind him were many bony outgrowths that seemed to be crafted from the legendary immortal bonesteel. They were extremely sharp and dripped down a sacred grand dao. Although these grand dao were as thin as silk, they encompassed the power of three thousand minor worlds!

These bone spurs behind him came together to form a pair of skeletal wings that emitted evil flames. It was clear that this was a pair of devil wings.

“Who summoned me!” The winged devil looked around for a bit in an imperious manner. The slightest action from him could suppress the heavens.

Ye Qingcheng respectfully said right away: “Your Majesty Mo Peng, it was this junior who summoned you. I used the blood of a billion citizens to trade for your invincibility. I beseech you to kill my enemies!”

The big shots around the world watched with bated breaths. Ye Qingcheng’s ruthless actions were to summon this kind of creature. He was indeed ambitious and cruel enough.

“Hahaha, brat, you did a good job to summon me. Even if an Immortal Emperor comes, I can still assail them for you!” The winged creature guffawed.

Even though it uttered such arrogant words, many people maintained their silence. Even Godkings had serious expressions right now; they didn’t dare to look down on this thing.

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