Chapter 892: Destroying Imperial Weapon

Chapter 892: Destroying Imperial Weapon

Pentadao Timeless Seal — this was the ultimate defense of the Heaven Sealing Pentagate. This move was definitely not weaker than a Heavenly Annihilation from an Immortal Emperor True Treasure. If anything, it was likely to be stronger. Keep in mind that in an archaic age, this technique had sealed an entire world! [1. World here is vague, don’t know if it is a domain or an actual world like the nine worlds.]

“...” Even the treefather was shocked to see this level of sealing as he murmured: “Who could escape such a seal?”

As the Pentadao Timeless Seal approached, the four imperial weapons crazily slammed into the walls even harder. They could feel the danger, but they couldn’t even break through the initial layer, let alone the ultimate defense from the pentadao technique. They were simply ants futilely trying to push down a tree.

Li Qiye glanced at the four weapons and chuckled: “I’ll give all of you one chance. Unlock your imperial seal and I will spare you!”

The four weapons paused for a moment but chose to ignore Li Qiye and continued on slamming into the pentagate. Although life treasures were not as spirited as true treasures, they were still gestated by the auras of emperors, so they still had a certain degree of intelligence.

“Fine, you chose to give this chance up!” Li Qiye smiled. With that, the World Seal changed again. It took the shape of a cauldron with a stately aura. This was another treasure from the Alchemy Kingdom, the Brightflame Imperial Cauldron!

“Clank!” The cauldron opened and poured down the most terrifying and overbearing flame in this world, a flame capable of burning down myriad realms and their gods and devils. Even the strongest beings would be burned to ashes by this flame.

“Oh god, this is the legendary Karmic Flame!” A great power’s ancestor paled and fell flat to the ground: “Legend states that even a single spark of this flame could burn down a great power!”

Although the ancient battlefield was sealed by both the pentagate and the Pentadao Timeless Seal, everyone outside could feel this terrifying flame. Even the Allpine Treefather blinked in the face of this flame.

“This is the cauldron’s Heavenly Annihilation, Karmic Imperial Flame, the most tyrannical fire in this world!” Even Old Eight’s expression blanched before this attack.

This attack was created by Immortal Emperor Zhuo Huo from bringing together the strongest karmic flames in this world. He then used the Heaven’s Will to refine them, culminating in its final form. This flame could incinerate all things!

At this time, Li Qiye had sealed one of the four imperial weapons. The Karmic Flame came crashing down and engulfed this weapon in an instant and madly burned it up.

Even an imperial weapon couldn’t withstand the destructive properties of this flame. It took on a crimson red hue before liquefying. Although it still maintained its form, it couldn’t last much longer.

“Boom!” In this instant, the weapon exuded an endless imperial power. Before destruction, the imperial aura within awakened. A shadow emerged as if an Immortal Emperor had arrived in person.

“The imperial aura won’t do either!” Li Qiye shouted.

“Boom!” The Declivity-Mountain Bell was in his hand. A scintillating light bloomed as Li Qiye unleashed the Resplendent Break in conjunction with the bell.

The bell released an invincible strike. It could only be stronger than a Heavenly Annihilation, not weaker!

This majestic mountain came flying, causing the nine skies to tremble. On top of this divine mountain was a supreme Buddha. As the mountain came crushing down, the Buddha on top performed an offensive mudra that could destroy millions of demons in an instant!

Divine Mount Meru — this was the ultimate attack of the Declivity Mountain Bell, an attack much more terrifying than a Heavenly Annihilation performed by Li Qiye’s World Seal. [2. Mount Meru is a sacred mountain in Buddhist cosmology. It is the center of the universe.]

“Oh god, this is another true Heavenly Annihilation!” Even those distant to the ancient battlefield could feel this terrifying attack and were scared out of their minds.

“This doesn’t make any sense, how can he unleash Heavenly Annihilations so easily?” Even someone as confident as Mei Aonan was aghast at Li Qiye’s ease of using these ultimate attacks!

Her brother, Mei Aoxue, remained aloof and quiet. Although one couldn’t tell anything from his expression, his eyes narrowed a bit! He was a heaven’s proud son and had the Jade Dragon Whip. However, it was very difficult for him to unleash Heavenly Annihilations while it was as easy as eating a meal for Li Qiye!

“Bang!” Even the imperial aura within couldn’t withstand this Heavenly Annihilation and instantly shattered. The weapon was already having a hard time holding out against the scorching flame, so after being struck by the bell, it broke right away.

“Buzz!” The World Seal turned into a black light that engulfed everything. The shattered imperial weapon was instantly devoured!

Extinguish — this was the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar’s ultimate attack. Everything would be rendered into nonexistence after this attack came out!

Eventually, the black light disappeared and strands of ashes fell onto the ground. An imperial weapon was completely destroyed before everyone. They became completely speechless.

Meanwhile, the remaining three weapons no longer slammed into the pentagate. They floated there and didn’t dare to move. Li Qiye made a good example of the fate of that destroyed weapon earlier!

“This is your last chance. Either be destroyed like that weapon earlier or unlock your imperial seals and let me do as I please!” Li Qiye insipidly said: “Of course, feel free to struggle and attack. I don’t mind. Not to mention that you all won’t be able to unleash Imperial Massacres, even if you were able to, you still won’t be able to escape the fate of being destroyed by Heavenly Annihilations!”

Life treasures were weaker after all. Imperial Massacres couldn’t compare to Heavenly Annihilations in power!

“Click, click, click…” Three unlocking sounds appeared. The life treasures finally surrendered and released their imperial seals. They meekly fell into Li Qiye’s hands just like that.

At the same time, the Crystallized Sea Sect, the Stony Edge Kingdom, and the Heavenhoof Ravine became dismayed after the imperial seals were gone. Their imperial weapons had been lost!

“So dominating…” Even ancestors felt their legs giving in before this scene. Godkings themselves would find it difficult to force imperial weapons into submission.

However, Li Qiye was able to force them to obediently give up their seals and surrender!

“God, I would kill myself before becoming enemies with this type of monster!” Peoples' expressions completely changed how they looked at Li Qiye; now, their eyes would always contain nervousness.

Earlier, killing the Stone-Dragon God and the others deterred the majority of the crowd. But now, forcing three imperial weapons to surrender scared them witless.

Even the proud brother and sister, Mei Aonan and Mei Aoxue, looked at Li Qiye as if they were looking at a ghost. Mei Aonan had total confidence in challenging Li Qiye in the past, but now, her confidence was shaken!

“Is Smelly Qiye still a human?” Long Jingxian was at a loss for words as well. She had always been proud and wouldn’t even give Ye Qingcheng a second glance, but now, she wasn’t in the mood to do anything.

Jian Wushuang, on the other hand, was as cold as always. She only wondered if there was anything this devilish person couldn’t accomplish.

Li Qiye took the three weapons and told the treefather: “Treefather is disadvantaged due to the lack of a weapon. You can use this imperial weapon for now, I’ll find you a better one if there is an opportunity later.” With that, he handed one to the treefather.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” The treefather calmly accepted it. A Godking like him wouldn’t be overly excited to accept an imperial weapon.

This gesture shocked quite a lot of people. To give an imperial weapon away so easily and to say that it was only temporary until he found a better one… How tyrannical was this kind of tone?

“There are two left here, do the two of you want to take them?” Li Qiye thought highly of the treefather as his current general, but he held young prospects like Jian Wushuang in high regard as well!

Jian Wushuang looked at the weapons for a bit, but she shook her head gently. There was no need to pick. Li Qiye had already given her the best weapon. Although she was conceited, she had a sense of propriety after being trained by Li Qiye.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Long Jingxian felt that all treasures were the same, even an imperial weapon. She looked at the Dragon-Tiger Monarch and said: “Dad, does our citadel want another imperial weapon?”

The monarch quickly stepped forward and bowed towards Li Qiye: “To be able to work for Young Noble is the blessing of three lifetimes. One shouldn’t get a reward if it is undeserved. We do not dare to accept this imperial weapon since Young Noble has already rewarded us.”

The monarch knew better than that. In his eyes, as long as Li Qiye allowed them to work for him, one imperial weapon was nothing.

Li Qiye gently nodded and said: “Very good, Monarch has a good eye.”

The monarch became happy after hearing this. Although Li Qiye didn’t give direct approval, his words carried a different meaning for the future of the citadel. The monarch quickly bowed again in appreciation.

“Your luck is not bad.” Li Qiye told the four-eyed basilisk afterward: “So be it, pick between these two imperial weapons!”

“Thank you, Boss!” The basilisk was ecstatic and bowed continuously. He went forward and picked one out of the two!

This made many people envious; someone like the basilisk actually obtained an imperial weapon! However, they could only sigh in secrecy. Back then, when Li Qiye asked for someone to kill the Stone-Dragon God’s group, no one else dared to do it. Only the basilisk stepped up to the challenge. This was indicative of his courage!

As for the last weapon, Li Qiye left it to Madam Zi Yan. She was his driver and he would definitely not mistreat her. Moreover, he had always been fond of her.

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