Chapter 890: Coiling Dragon Banner

Chapter 890: Coiling Dragon Banner

The banner — in the form of a golden dragon — lunged straight at Li Qiye. This seemingly living dragon was armed with an invincible imperial aura that was capable of tearing apart the heaven and earth.

“Seize it!” Li Qiye shouted and opened his bamboo basket, then he aimed it at the golden dragon. The opening of the basket signaled the arrival of a heavenly power; myriad existences prostrated before it. Even a stronger existence would be captured indefinitely!

“Heavenly Annihilation, Immortal Plucking!” Li Qiye unleashed another annihilation, causing many people to quiver. Some directly fell to the ground under its pressure.

“Aoo—” However, this golden dragon seemed to have its own lifeforce; it was full of intelligence and spirit. The moment the basket opened, it seemed to know that danger was swiftly approaching. It roared and instantly broke through the void to escape. The old man who was making way for Ye Qingcheng was shocked to see the dragon run. This was the weapon passed down by their ancestors, yet it ran away without hesitation!

Ye Qingcheng ran out of Bi’an City, but the old man holding the rear still hadn’t made it out. “Raaaar!” A beast roar resounded out of nowhere. Amidst all the action, this roar suppressed all living beings. It seemed to come from a prehistoric age, the cry of the king of beasts.

The stone statue of the Bi’an on top of the mansion suddenly came to life. “Pop!” With a huge blast, its four heavy feet came crashing down on the old man.

This ox demon with three legs was a Godking. The moment he saw the Bi’an coming, he let out a shout to derive a supreme emperor law in an attempt to block this attack.

However, the Bi’an cried again. The gates of the master mansion opened and an endless energy flooded out. It was as if there were countless Bi’an inside that were all awakening at once. The stone Bi’an suddenly became the god of all Bi’an and borrowed this vast energy to crush the old man beneath its claws!

Even this Godking with incredible emperor laws was exterminated after being trampled by the Bi’an. All of his dao were destroyed.

“Ah…” No matter how this old man struggled in this short period of time, no matter what kind of unstoppable merit law he used to attack the beast, he was still ultimately torn into pieces by the Bi’an. His bits of flesh spattered everywhere as he eventually died to its might.

A Godking that was alive and well just now was torn into pieces — this shocking scene scared the wits out of everyone present.

Prior to this, they assumed that the Bi’an on top of the master mansion was only a carved statue, a work of art. No one thought that it was a living creature.

But now, this Bi’an thoroughly slew a Godking, causing many people to shiver in fear. This existence was too terrifying! Some broke out in cold sweat while others were secretly praising their own fortune for not messing with this statue earlier. Otherwise, they could have been torn into pieces by it as well.

After making short work of this Godking, the Bi’an stared at everyone as a divine beast would. Its stone eyes actually lit up, causing many people to lose their minds.

It currently resembled a supreme divine beast looking over its territory. Those who were hit by its glance didn’t even dare to breathe out loud.

“Return!” Li Qiye shouted. The immortal rod was in his hand already; he was the one controlling this Bi’an.

After hearing his command, the Bi’an jumped back to the roof of the master mansion and reverted into a statue. At the same time, the gates closed once more while the vast energy from before disappeared as well.

After a long time, someone finally calmed down and murmured while looking at the master mansion’s closed gates: “Just what is inside…?”

It was the endless energy from the master mansion that allowed the Bi’an to kill a Godking in an instant! This made people curious about the things inside the mansion. Just what was inside that could make the Bi’an become so terrifying?

However, when the doors were opened, no one dared to use the opportunity to rush inside. Even a Godking was killed, so who would dare to act recklessly? Now, whenever people nervously stared at the Bi’an statue, they felt that its eyes were still fixated on them like before.

Li Qiye put away the immortal rod. Long Jingxian was surprised to see him so calm with no intention of chasing Ye Qingcheng: “Ey, come on, Ye Qingcheng fled already.”

Li Qiye smilingly said: “There’s no need to rush. A monk can run but a temple can’t escape. It won’t be difficult to kill him later, so let him live the next couple of days in fear. We’ll deal with him after settling some matters here.”

Having said that, he opened the bamboo basket and gently shook it. In the blink of an eye, countless bodies fell onto the battlefield, issuing thumping sounds each time a body hit the earth. These were all experts from the alliance that he captured earlier. All of them had been killed, including Taiyang Wang and the Crystallized Sea Prime Saint!

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing these corpses piling into mountains. This was a massacre… annihilating an army with just one move!

“Buzz.” The basket opened again as three more fell down. The Stone-Dragon God, the Imperial Grandchild, and the Unbreakable Emperor were all hanging there while completely immobilized.

However, they were at least alive compared to the others! Nevertheless, their fate was up for others to decide after being struck by Immortal Plucking. Even people more powerful than them couldn’t escape this fate.

“This Heavenly Annihilation is extraordinary!” The Allpine Treefather himself was amazed by the Dragon Subduing Basket’s power.

The Dragon Subduing Basket was the true fate weapon of the first emperor of the Alchemy Kingdom, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu. The emperor had an alchemy root, thus he was both an Alchemy Emperor and an Immortal Emperor. His true fate weapon was unorthodox since it took the form of a bamboo basket. It was believed to be able to even contain true dragons and phoenixes!

Li Qiye looked at the three hanging there and asked with a smile: “Do you know why I haven’t killed you three yet?”

“I am unkillable, you will never break my crystal physique!” The Unbreakable Emperor screamed with indignation.

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely responded: “Oh? Do I need to break your physique? I just need to sit here and wait for your crystal physique to go away. Unless you can use it forever, you are merely a fish on the chopping platter, waiting for me to do as I please!”

The emperor seemed to have a bun stuffed in his throat after hearing this retort; he couldn’t find anything to say.

“Do as you please. If you are so capable, then give me a swift death.” The Stone-Dragon God, on the other hand, did not struggle needlessly. He knew that everything was decided the moment he was captured by the Immortal Plucking Annihilation.

“Mmm, at least you are someone that has the courage to face death.” Li Qiye nodded: “Don’t worry, I’ll execute all of you so that the people in the Stone Medicine World will know the fate of those who oppose me!”

The three had very unsightly expressions. They were unstoppable powerhouses in their respective generations, but they had now been caught alive by a junior!

They were hanging there as Li Qiye wanted to make a lesson out of them in front of the crowd. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was just quietly sitting there in the sky.

When all the experts near Bi’an City saw the three of them, they felt a bit suffocated. The Imperial Grandchild, the Stone-Dragon God, and the Unbreakable Emperor — any of these existences would be able to make the world tremble. But today, they were on display for Li Qiye to show to the world.

As time passed, the Unbreakable Emperor’s crystal physique finally disappeared. He couldn’t use it again. In fact, outside of Immortal Emperor Jing Yu, no one in the later generations could use it continuously. In fact, it was only a legend that the emperor himself could use it continuously!

“Very well, it’s time to begin.” Li Qiye came down from the sky and glanced at the group with a smile: “Who will be the executioner?”

Momentarily, the crowd glanced at each other back and forth. Many people were silent. Existences like the treefather wouldn’t do such a thing, so this was left to the juniors. However, the younger generation didn’t have many people who would dare to execute these three. This was the same as inciting a blood feud against the sea sect and the Stony Edge Kingdom!

“Me!” Long Jingxian was the first to jump down. This girl would dare to do anything; she was more than ready as she rubbed her palms together.

The crowd was speechless after seeing this, thinking that this girl was too wild.

“There’s no need for you to do this. Making a girl be an executioner is too much of a waste.” Li Qiye shook his head and rejected her offer.

Long Jingxian snorted and snappily retorted: “Hmph, what’s the big deal, I won’t do it then. I didn’t want to anyway.”

The three prisoners almost vomited blood from anger. They were all great existences, yet they had to suffer this humiliation!

“Haha, I’ll do it!” Someone else eventually came out. It was the four-eyed basilisk who decided to join the fun.

His sister, Venerable Basilisk, immediately glared at his advance. Decapitating these three before so many people was the same as declaring war against their sects.

However, the four-eyed basilisk mustered newfound courage out of nowhere and purposely ignored his sister.

“Gutsy, I do appreciate courageous people.” Li Qiye looked at the basilisk and nodded with a smile: “Okay, go ahead!”

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