Chapter 883: Scorpion God

Chapter 883: Scorpion God

“Old Eight, I’m afraid today will be your funeral!” Taiyang Wang loudly laughed after seeing the arrival of the Scorpion God.

This time, the ravine, the sea sect, and even Ye Qingcheng came prepared with powerful cards. They wanted to deal with all of their enemies in one swoop then swallow the Bi’an Beastworld entirely!

“Die!” Old Eight uttered a loud cry and pulled the string of his bow all the way back. A murderous aura filled the sky alongside a surging imperial power as he unleashed an arrow straight towards the Scorpion God.

Anyone else would be trembling in fear against an existence like the Scorpion God. However, Old Eight was a domineering man that would even fight against someone this powerful.

The Scorpion God didn’t dare to block an arrow from the Osseous Bow. The Golden Serpent Shield in his hand emitted a blinding imperial light as vast as a sea. Inside this sea of light, a huge golden serpent leaped into the sky.

“Boom!” Even the sky shattered. However, this serpent inside the shield was able to block the arrow.

“I would have instantly ran if it was Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian firing the bow. Unfortunately, your cultivation is too shallow. Even a more vicious weapon cannot exert its true power in your hands.” The scorpion sneered and pounced towards Old Eight without using any techniques.

He slammed his shield with lightning speed; this was a strike capable of shattering myriad realms, and it headed straight towards Old Eight.

Old Eight shot out countless arrows in response as his own murderous imperial aura erupted. “Boom!” Nevertheless, not even his strongest arrow was able to stop the impact of the golden shield. He was smashed flying while spurting blood. The sounds of bones breaking were very crisp.

The Osseous Bow was indeed unbeatable. However, Old Eight and the Scorpion God had too big of a gap in cultivation, especially when the scorpion had the Golden Serpent Shield as well. Under such circumstances, Old Eight could only accept the beating.

If it wasn’t for the bow’s protection, he might have been killed on the spot.

The Scorpion God’s toughness alarmed both the Dragon-Tiger Monarch and the Jian Clan Master. Old Eight was not his match even with the Osseous Bow.

“Go, lend Old Eight a hand.” At this moment, Mei Aoxue who was fighting against the thirty-six Royal Ancestors cried out.

Upon his call, a popping noise resounded. One person stepped into the ancient battlefield; his pace caused the entire place to shake! However, it would be a mistake to think that this vibration was due to the person’s enormous size.

The newcomer was an old man as thin as a bamboo pole. It seemed that even a gust of wind could blow him away.

The truth was that in terms of looks and aura, this old man was not eye-catching at all.

Right when the scorpion was attempting to finish off Old Eight with his shield, this thin old man instantly blocked his path. He took out a war horn and blew on it, creating a sound that echoed across this domain.

A loud tiger’s roar rang out as a White Tiger landed from the sky. This White Tiger slowly entered the battlefield and became one with the old man. At this point, the tiger resembled a living Divine Beast, worshiped by all of its peers. Even the mountains trembled before its terrifying aura that permeated the battlefield.

The White Tiger raised its fangs to the sky and ferociously assaulted the incoming shield from the scorpion.

“Boom!” A huge explosion resulted from their impact that shook the entire battlefield. Normally, even an eternal existence would be killed from one attack from the Golden Serpent Shield.

However, the White Tiger managed to block this attack. Nevertheless, it still staggered backward from the blow.

“Eat this!” Old Eight jumped into the sky in an instant while gathering energy in his Osseous Bow. The deities shivered before the incoming arrow. With its utmost tyrannical might, this arrow went straight for the scorpion.

The scorpion wouldn’t take an arrow from the Osseous Bow lightly. It used the shield for protection. Meanwhile, the White Tiger pounced into the air then lunged towards the scorpion with its claws.

In just a moment, Old Eight and the White Tiger worked together to fight against the scorpion, causing the space around them to molder. The Scorpion God was indeed a general below Immortal Emperor Jin She. However, he was not the strongest one; in fact, he wasn’t even a Godking!

Alas, one couldn’t underestimate him because of this tiny detail. He fought by himself against Old Eight and the White Tiger. Although these two were very powerful, they were still at a disadvantage; a prolonged fight would result in their defeat.

“I know who he is.” A Demon King from the Stone Realm finally murmured after seeing the skinny old man that had turned into a White Tiger: “His name is Shou Hu, an enlightened white tiger with an innate bloodline from the Tiger God. He is friends with the ancestors from the Jianlong Clan!” [1. Shou Hu = skinny/lean tiger. I don’t know if this is his name or his title, but translating it to English seems silly, especially when the narrative is using White Tiger already.]

Without Old Eight, Taiyang Wang and the prime saint were able to sweep through the ranks, causing the stench of blood to fill the air amidst their unstoppable rampage.

“Together!” Jian Wushuang shouted towards Long Jingxian and they instantly closed the distance. The two of them stood back to back.

“Okay, watch the greatest technique in all the eons created by yours truly!” Long Jingxian was extremely arrogant and let out a complacent and kingdom-toppling smile.

“Boom!” With a series of explosions, her palaces emerged one after another and pierced into the sky. In the blink of an eye, they connected together to form their own world!

“Eleven palaces…” Many people exclaimed in astonishment after seeing her palaces.

“Oh god, eleven palaces. A rare occurrence throughout all the ages, but there are two cases right here!” Even the most arrogant genius shouted after seeing this newly formed domain.

Mei Aonan, with her eleven palaces, had already rendered the younger generation breathless. Even Ye Qingcheng was not her match, and now, a no-named girl like Long Jingxian also had eleven. How could anyone else live on while having to share the same generation as these two?

In fact, Long Jingxian was more than talented enough to have twelve palaces since her Immortal Fate was without equal. Unfortunately, she played around too much and didn’t focus on cultivation in her youth. Otherwise, forming twelve palaces would not have been a challenge to her!

“Her palaces are different from ours.” A big shot from the previous generation was astounded after taking a good look at the palaces.

The palaces of cultivators were divided into one master palace and many servant palaces. However, there was no such distinction for Long Jingxian’s palaces. All of them were completely identical!

What was even more terrifying was that her palaces instantly turned into a vast world with endless immortal energy, a world that resembled a land of immortals — a holy paradise.

“We can’t let her live!” Even the Stone-Dragon God Li Fanming, standing next to Ye Qingcheng, was dumbfounded before this terrifying scene concocted by Long Jingxian.

Ye Qingcheng’s expression also turned extremely unsightly. Mei Aonan alone was already a great rival, but now, this Long Jingxian came out of nowhere with eleven palaces too. His position as number one was becoming tenuous!

In a flash, Jian Wushuang prepared her archery formation. She turned into an endless sea of arrows. With a series of buzzes, the Nine Words True Bow created a law made from the entire nine word mantra, “Celestial soldiers and fighters, descend and arrange yourselves in front of me”.

This full mantra formed a complete universal law to craft all of her divine arrows, each embedded with the mantra’s full power.

At the same time, Long Jingxian controlled this sea of arrows. The two working together caused even the blue sky and the yellow spring to be overshadowed by the divine bow.

“‘Immortal’ mastering the universe, ‘Archery’ dao at the apex. Omni-Extermination!” Long Jingxian’s crisp laughter resounded like a bell. With another buzz, the divine bow turned into a full moon with an arrow readied. [1. This is virtually impossible to translate word for word, but each of these phrases is four characters each. The first is based on Long Jingxian’s name, Xian = Immortal. The second is based on Jian Wushuang’s name, Jian = Archery. These are phrases we have seen before when Li Qiye told Jian Wushuang to be diligent and focus only on archery. However, I prolonged the meanings of the four words in English for it to make sense back then. Here is the condensed version for the battle chant.]

“Apex Archery. Omni-Extermination. ‘Formation’ Arrow!” She cried out again and finally unleashed this arrow straight at their enemies. [2. I shortened Archery Dao at the apex one more time for this chant. Remember that one Chinese character = one syllable while English words have multiple. Keeping the full length just sounds weird/long in battle.]

This arrow descended and quickly turned into a formation that created a rain of arrows. In the blink of an eye, more than one thousand experts from the alliance were massacred. Even Heavenly Kings from the imperial lineages couldn’t stop this onslaught with their emperor laws.

This was an arrow crafted by all nine words, so it was countless times stronger than Jian Wushuang’s old “Formation” arrow. Even peak Heavenly Kings would be instantly killed with no chance to escape.

“Immortal mastering the universe, archery dao at the apex. Omni-Extermination.” This was the invincible art they created inside the divine temple. They were trapped in a trial back then with no way out. On the brink of life and death, Long Jingxian’s Immortal Fate suddenly lit up to create this peerless art.

It utilized Jian Wushuang’s archery as the foundation and Long Jingxian’s Immortal Fate as the dao source with the Nine Word True Bows as the outline. These three together created an untouchable weapon on the battlefield!

More than one thousand experts of the three imperial lineages were instantly killed. Such tyrannical might left everyone aghast!

“Kill them!” Taiyang Wang and the prime saint were confounded after seeing this. This type of technique was too terrifying.

Next, three paragons crossed the sky, making their way towards the two girls. They channeled their emperor laws with billowing auras.

“Apex Archery. Omni-Extermination. ‘Soldier’ Arrow!” Another arrow was created with all nine words.

This “Soldier” arrow gathered not only the worldly energy nearby, but also the power of the dao from myriad realms. All of this energy came together at once.

“Boom!” The arrow shattered laws and time itself and even the emperor laws from the three Virtuous Paragons.

“Apex Archery. Omni-Extermination. ‘All’ Arrow!” Another combination attack happened with Long Jingxian giving the order while Jian Wushuang fired the arrow.

“Ahh…” After three shrill screams, three paragons were killed on the spot. They didn’t even see where this arrow came from! The “All” arrow was already invisible and silent. Under this invincible art, the arrow instantly killed three paragons. One of them was even an eternal existence!

Such a scene frightened people to the point where their expressions became twisted. This archery was too domineering.

“Emperor laws without the heavenly dao are all crippled arts!” Long Jingxian uttered an outrageous statement after killing three paragons with one arrow, shocking the crowd.

This statement was unbelievable. Emperor laws, in the eyes of the masses, were already invincible arts, but now, Long Jingxian treated them with contempt.

However, there was logic to her words. Emperor laws unleashed by Immortal Emperors were completely different. They were significantly weaker when used by Immortal Emperors before their ascension.

Before ascension, if a young emperor could enter his own heavenly dao to create a peerless technique, then this law would become an emperor law for future generations. They also had supreme power by borrowing the power of the heavenly dao. The peerless technique naturally was in perfect harmony and resonated with the emperor’s own heavenly dao. This was the reason why emperor laws were so powerful in the hands of their respective Immortal Emperors.

Thus, to be completely accurate, emperor laws were only truly invincible when used by their Immortal Emperors. Future descendants could not replicate their power. Even if someone had perfected the art with a flawless interpretation, they still couldn’t reach the same level of profoundness and invincibility as the Immortal Emperor in the past!

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