Chapter 88: Void Imperfection Immortal Physique (2)

Li Qiye smiled and said: “If my instruction between the connection of two Physique merit laws possesses a problem, then there wouldn’t be any perfect Physique merit law in this world! This merit law absolutely can merge with the Pure Jade Saint Merit Law you are currently cultivating. This Physique law is the ultimate progenitor of all Void Imperfection Merit Laws!”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Li Shuangyan was in astonishment. This was the same as him admitting a particular matter, causing Li Shuangyan to bewilderedly stare at Li Qiye. She hesitated for a moment before finally asking: “This Physique merit law…”

“Correct, this Physique merit law originated from the Physique Scripture.” Li Qiye interrupted her conjecture, looked into her eyes, and said: “But, this is only for you to know, understand?”

Li Shuangyan gently nodded her head, still in amazed. She stared at Li Qiye while exclaiming: “But, I-I heard that the Physique Scripture had not come into being for more than one million years! I also never heard of anyone ever possessing the Heavenly Scripture!”

The Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures and the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures — these were the supreme existences of this world. To cultivators, there was nothing in this world more valuable than the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures and the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures.

However, since the beginning of time, no one had heard of anyone possessing a Scripture from the Nine Scriptures and a Treasure from the Nine Treasures!

They both never revealed themselves in this world, so many cultivators thought that their existences were only mere fabrications, that this world essentially did not have such things.

“Why is it strange?” Li Qiye revealed a nonchalant and amusing smile: "After the Desolace Expansion Era, the Physique Scripture had never appeared in this mortal world!”

After he obtained the Physique Scripture, it was immediately hidden. From the past till now, people who have actually seen the Physique Scripture were very few.

Li Shuangyan stared at Li Qiye. Finally, she didn’t know what to say. If Li Qiye didn’t personally pass down the Void Imperfection Physique to her, if Li Qiye didn’t personally say that he possessed the Physique Scripture, she would never ever believe that a fourteen-year-old boy would be the owner of the Physique Scripture. The whole world would think that he was boasting.

Finally, Li Qiye asked: “Any other questions?”

Li Shuangyan hesitated for a moment before asking: “My Life Law and Fate Law, are there any defects?”

As a genius, asking a young boy much younger than her for advice — if others saw this, it would be an unexplainable matter.

In reality, when Li Shuangyan saw Li Qiye teaching Nan Huairen’s crowd, she was not without temptation; she too wanted to ask Li Qiye for help. However, due to her pride and her inability to let it go, she was not able to ask him until the moment she swore with her True Fate. This shortened the distance between her and Li Qiye, so she was able to open her mouth for advice.

Li Qiye glanced at her and replied: “Regarding the Fate Law, your cultivation of the “Phoenix Bearing Method” has nothing to be critical about. This was a merit law passed down by your Progenitor, but it was not created by him. Don’t always think about Emperor merit laws; in reality, there are times when Emperor merit laws are not the perfect choice…

“The Phoenix Bearing Method was obtained by your Progenitor from an ancient heritage. It was created by an immortal sage from the Demon Race with an extremely old beginning. It was formed during the Desolate Era, and it perfected during the Desolate Expansion Era. In reality, during the Desolate Expansion Era, many grand unfathomable characters appeared; they studied the Phoenix Bearing Method, but they couldn’t perfect it. All the way till later, your Progenitor was fatefully fortunate, and he obtained the completed Phoenix Bearing Method.”

Regarding this matter, Li Qiye kept on speaking. Outside of the late Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon, no one else knew more than him. That year, when Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon was still calling himself Nine Saint Heavenly Demon, he was without a sect. Frankly speaking, the former past of Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon was a wild chicken. Later on, he fatefully found the Phoenix Bearing Method, and it allowed him to become an unbeatable Virtuous Paragon that had swept through that generation. He could be considered the peak of Virtuous Paragons!”

Li Qiye continued: “As for your Life Law, the “Swan Cloud Method”, even though it is not a top Life Law of this world and there is indeed quite a distance between it and an Immortal Emperor Life Law, since you practice the Phoenix Bearing Method, you must choose the Swan Cloud Method. This method was created by your Progenitor because he studied the Phoenix Bearing Method his whole life. Then, he created the Swan Cloud Method Life Law that was the most suitable to go with the Phoenix Bearing Method.”

Hearing the smooth explanation of Li Qiye regarding her own methods, Li Shuangyan was dumbfounded with her mouth open. Because she practiced these two, she formally knew the origins and circumstances of them. In reality, regarding these two methods, the disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate didn’t necessarily know so many things; thus, Li Qiye was able to continue on with a full understanding of it.

This caused Li Shuangyan to be suspicious, prompting her question: “You really aren’t a disciple of our Nine Saint Demon Gate?”

A disciple from a different sect understanding the highest methods from her Nine Saint Demon Gate like this — if this got out, then even the elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate wouldn’t believe it.

Regarding such words from Li Shuangyan, Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “Merit laws and the Life Law are without problems to you. The truth is that you lack a Fate Protecting Killing Technique. However, your Dao foundation is based on the Phoenix Bearing Method and the Swan Cloud Method; a Fate Protecting Killing Method, you will have an opportunity to learn at any time.”

Here, he looked at Li Shuangyan and stated: “I know that your Nine Saint Demon Gate has several Grand Killing techniques, but they are not fitting for you. Plus, you clearly put your focus on formations, so you have no way of cultivating these Grand Killing techniques to their true annihilating realms! As for the formations of your sect, they really aren’t so good, ah!”

Li Shuangyan was a little unconvinced with Li Qiye’s words. Her Nine Saint Demon Gate had several grand formation techniques.

“You don’t need to be convinced.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The moment I saw your formation, I immediately knew what formations the Nine Saint Demon Gate considers as grand formations. It was simply a small insignificant corner from the Formation Ancestor. You all definitely obtained a small and incomplete manual from the Formation Ancestor; however, your grand formations were not even one part out of ten of the Formation Ancestor’s heritage.

Li Qiye’s words left Li Shuangyan feeling dejected. The grand formations of the Nine Saint Demon Gate were renowned in the Grand Middle Territory, but, in the mouth of Li Qiye, they were not enough to reach the apex. She wanted to refute; however, Li Qiye revealed the entire origin of their formations, so she became helpless.

“You are adept in the Phoenix Bearing Method, not in the killing ways, so you are weak in your offensive capability. Regarding this, when comparing your talents to your battle prowess, a little gap indeed exists. Since you like formations, given the chance, I will find some Grand Killing formations for you that would be more suitable to your taste.” Li Qiye finally came up with this conclusion.

Li Shuangyan wanted to say something, but then she stopped. Li Qiye glanced at her and spoke: “I know you have a corner of the Immortal Emperor Slaying Formation, but you need to listen to my words; don’t go completing it! It would be a waste of your talents! This corner of your Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation is pitifully incomplete. To expend your energy on this matter would be a waste of your sweat and blood. I admit that you are a genius, but if you want to use this corner of the formation to understand the true profoundness... To be blunt, you don’t have the qualifications! First, expend your effort on the Dao of cultivation.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but ask: “The Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation, is it still passed down to future generations?”

Unwittingly, she had considered the little boy in front of her as an all-knowing existence.

“Well…” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled, dragging on his answer.

Seeing Li Qiye’s intentional teasing, Li Shuangyan snappily glared at him and said: “Don’t act mysterious, hurry up and say it.”

Again, her tone was unwittingly a little coquettish, unlike her normal cold as icy countenance; it was a very rare sight.

Li Qiye finally stared at her while answering: “Don’t focus your thoughts on the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation. Even if you have the complete version, you don’t have the strength to understand it! As for the complete formation, in the future, there will absolutely be an opportunity.”

Here, Li Qiye quietly sighed in lamentation. The Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation — such a distant memory, such unbearable memories.

Seeing Li Qiye’s expression, Li Shuangyan didn’t dare to ask anymore. Even though she didn’t know the story, she could guess that there was a hidden past that no one else knew about.

Obtaining Li Qiye’s instruction, Li Shuangyan began to cultivate the Void Imperfection Physique. During this time, she finally realized what was a supreme Immortal Physique and what was an ultimate Immortal Physique! It was no wonder why Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the Pure Jade Saint Merit Law; it was not comparable to this supreme Physique!

What made Li Shuangyan emotional was that because Li Qiye taught her the mysteriousness of the Immortal Physique, if she still wasn’t able to complete it, then she would be the dumbest person in this world. So, to her, completing the physique was only a matter of time! Li Shuangyan had ten parts confidence in successfully achieving the Void Imperfection Physique!

Meanwhile, after Li Qiye had cultivated for a month, he called for Nan Huairen: “We will go to the Ancient Land to see the Ancient Land’s situation for a little bit.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s command, Nan Huairen immediately obeyed: “My master had been to the Ancient Land a couple of times; I will invite him to lead the way.”

What was called the Ancient Land was the Ancient Land of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. In reality, the ancestral land of the current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was only a tiny corner of its ancestral land that year.

That year, the ancestral land of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were several hundreds of thousand miles long. After the sudden changes on top of the decline of the sect, it caused the ancestral land of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect of today to be reduced to a few main peaks.

Li Qiye wanted to return to the Ancient Land. Even though the five elders didn’t know what he wanted to do, they all agreed.

Besides Protector Mo, Nan Huairen and Li Shuangyan also followed him.

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