Chapter 879: Imperial Osseous Bow

Chapter 879: Imperial Osseous Bow

The most daunting part about this old man was the sun behind him. It seemed to be incredibly tangible, seemingly cast from crimson flame metal. This sun poured down liquid refined flames. Just one drop from this stream could burn through the earth.

“Golden Crow’s Taiyang Wang…” An ancestor from the Beast Realm greatly changed his expression and murmured after seeing this old man: “He is known as the Grand Golden Crow God-Monarch!” [1. Taiyang Wang = Sun-Monarch if we were to translate his name, but it wouldn’t make sense to have his name translated considering that he has a similar title.]

The name Taiyang Wang shocked many people because this person was famed for being a monster several generations ago. It was rumored that he enjoyed grilling and eating the opponents he had killed.

The stories told that after reaching peak Virtuous Paragon, he gave himself the title of God-Monarch. Of course, this status was not accepted by other God-Monarchs or Immortal Emperors. He simply considered himself as one.

Outside of Taiyang Wang, there were eight virtuous paragons and several thousand experts. Everyone understood that they were here to avenge the Golden Crow Prince.

This posturing from the ravine left everyone cold. They realized just how terrifying it was to offend the ravine since their experts were capable of easily slaughtering a great power!

Taiyang Wang sneered when his eyes fell upon Jian Wushuang: “You are that little Jian girl, right? Heh, our child died because of you, so you should be buried along with him!”

“Only a turkey, there’s no need to boast here. Old Crow, do you dare to try one of my arrows? Don’t run away like a coward again.” An old man came out from the Jian Clan’s camp, completely looking down on Taiyang Wang.

One couldn’t see this old man earlier since more than one thousand experts from the Jian Clan had arrived. However, the moment this old man stepped out, everyone trembled.

He was tall with an austere bearing and sculpted features. The thing that made people tremble was not his aura, but the long bow behind him.

It was as white as the moon, as if crafted from ivory. This simple bow alone emitted a terrifyingly murderous aura that engulfed the sky. Even a Godfiend would shiver before this bow.

The ancestors present were all astonished by this murderous aura and were quickly forced to take several steps back.

“Old Eight from the Jian Clan and the Imperial Osseous Bow!” The ancestors from the Alchemy Realm were in awe as they looked at the bow. [1. This is one of the things that has no equivalent in English since we don’t refer to people like this. He should be the 8th oldest member of the Jian Clan’s main branch. The thing is, old here doesn’t necessarily mean old, it is just part of the title. Even a kid can be “Old Five” if he is fifth in line.]

“Old Eight…” Taiyang Wang scowled after seeing this old man. He was particularly annoyed.

“Old Eight is known as the Jian Clan’s number one archer, right?” Someone whispered after hearing his moniker: “He is the guy that wreaked havoc on the ravine before?”

“Hush…” A friend immediately gestured: “Be quiet or else the ravine will make short work of you.”

Because of their previous feud, the expressions of many people from the ravine, including the eight paragons, turned unsightly after seeing this old man known as the Jian Clan’s Old Eight.

Originally, when Old Eight’s archery reached mastery in the past, someone from the ravine mocked him and said that their Jian Clan’s archery was only a side path. Old Eight was infuriated by that comment and brought the Osseous Bow to the ravine with great momentum. No one was able to deter his path at that time. A great character from the Golden Crow Tribe couldn’t even block a single arrow from him and was killed on the spot.

In his wrath, Old Eight ran amok inside the ravine. His archery was powerful, but the Osseous Bow in his hand was even more amazing.

Eventually, the ravine summoned an Immortal Emperor True Treasure and finally managed to expel Old Eight from the ravine.

Because of this, the ravine and the Jian Clan almost broke all pretenses of cordiality and became mortal enemies. In the end, ancestors from both sides mediated with each other to quell this conflict.

So now, how could the elders from the ravine be happy to see the Jian’s Old Eight again?

“The Osseous Bow, as powerful as an Immortal Emperor True Treasure. It should be called the most vicious weapon.” Anyone would shiver before this bow.

The Jian Clan’s progenitor, Immortal Emperor Diyi Ji, was known by everyone as the greatest archer without peer. Although he did not use archery to prove his dao and become an Immortal Emperor, no one denied his unbeatable dao of archery.

This was especially true after he became an Immortal Emperor. Legends state that he took out a bone from his body to create the most vicious weapon in this world. The Osseous Bow was then brought into existence and was comparable to other true treasures!

It was known as the most vicious weapon, but this was not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, it was surely among the ten deadliest weapons in this world!

Many people didn't fear the Jian Clan’s true treasure, but they were scared of the Osseous Bow. This weapon was just too cruel. Any arrow released from this bow would result in mass murder. This weapon had killed far too many people.

“Hahaha, Old Eight, do you really think you can turn the tides by bringing out the Osseous Bow?” Taiyang Wang sneered: “Take it easy now, your Jian Clan is much weaker than my ravine. Opposing us would only result in potential genocide.”

No one dared to make a sound inside Bi’an City with the current situation playing out. Many even withdrew because they knew something was about to happen.

“Since when has the ravine become an existence capable of ordering the entire Stone Medicine World?” Before Old Eight could become angry, a voice carrying a hint of a scholarly temperament appeared.

Another group arrived at this time. Their numbers were great and all of them created their own phenomena accompanied by roars of dragons and phoenixes.

“The Dragon-Tiger Monarch of the Beastmaster Citadel!” The startled masses blinked their eyes with a sense of foreboding after seeing the speaker. The situation escalated to a whole new level with the addition of this group.

The monarch brought a huge group of experts from the citadel as if they were about to take a stroll through Bi’an City.

The numerous imperial lineages springing up like mushrooms left everyone astounded. No one would believe that this was just a coincidence.

The Beastmaster Citadel was a name that could scare many people. One sect with two emperors that was even older than the ravine. Although it had been reclusive for a very long time, no one ever recklessly dared to provoke them!

The citadel and the ravine were the most powerful imperial lineages in the Beast Realm. Since the citadel kept to itself, the ravine became the leader of the Beast Realm. However, it was difficult to tell which was stronger.

“Hahaha, Dragon-Tiger brat, isn’t your citadel known for not bothering with the world? What now, you all can’t sit still due to the beastworld’s appearance and want to break your ancestral teachings?” Taiyang Wang snorted after seeing the monarch.

Everyone knew that the Beastmaster Citadel, the Alchemy Kingdom, and the Jianlong Clan kept low profiles, so now, the emergence of the citadel bewildered everyone.

The Dragon-Tiger Monarch calmly smiled: “We do not dare to violate our ancestral teachings, but we heard that your ravine wants revenge against Young Noble Li so our citadel is here to lend him a hand.”

“Besides, even though we choose not to come into being, us old bones from the citadel will consider coming out if anyone dares to bully my baby girl!” The monarch lovingly patted Long Jingxian’s shoulder at this time.

After hearing this, everyone finally realized Long Jingxian’s identity. So she was the golden daughter of the citadel, no wonder why she had no one in her sight!

At the same time, the monarch’s words made everyone jump on the inside. The citadel had been quiet for a very long time and no one knew how many ancestors they had left. If these ancestors that had been hidden for countless years suddenly came into being, it would mark an incredibly terrifying occasion!

“Haha, since when did your citadel become someone else’s dogs?” Taiyang Wang snorted: “A lineage with two emperors actually came here to be a junior’s servants? Don’t you feel that you are throwing away your ancestors’ face?”

The monarch didn’t mind this mockery at all. He smiled: “People have different aspirations. If Young Noble Li requires our strength, then our entire citadel will be happy to assist him!”

This statement took many people by surprise. Just what was the Beastmaster Citadel? A dual emperor lineage with unfathomable strength wanted to show its loyalty to Li Qiye? How unbelievable was this?

No one would believe this if they didn’t personally hear these words coming out of the monarch’s mouth.

Even Ye Qingcheng standing on top of the master mansion became serious. His extremely profound eyes slightly shifted upon hearing this.

Who wouldn’t be happy to have the allegiance from a sect with two emperors? It was the same as growing wings on a tiger.

Ye Qingcheng spent a tremendous amount of effort yet he still couldn’t get a lineage with two emperors to work for him; this wasn’t an easy matter. He spent many hours of planning to create this current situation that led the citadel here. However, the monarch revealed their intention to work under Li Qiye. This greatly displeased Ye Qingcheng!

No imperial lineage would easily help an outsider! However, the monarch carried great credence as the citadel master. No one would suspect his claim.

This greatly confused the crowd. Just what kind of charisma did Li Qiye have to convince the Beastmaster Citadel to pledge allegiance? The crowd couldn’t figure out the reason for this development!

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